Time Unveiling Truth (Tiepolo)

Time Unveiling Truth is a painting (c. 1745–1750) by the Italian painter Tiepolo. It is now on display in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston in Boston, Massachusetts.[1] Father Time is shown on a chariot with a scythe uncovering the body of a female figure of Truth.

Time Unveiling Truth
Time Unveiling Truth - Tiepolo - MFA Boston.jpg
ArtistGiovanni Battista Tiepolo
Yearc. 1745–1750
MediumOil on canvas
Dimensions231.1 cm × 167 cm (91.0 in × 66 in)
LocationMuseum of Fine Arts, Boston


Acquired in Venice by Louis Auguste in 1865, Baron de Schwiter, Vienna; May 3, 1886, Willy Blumenthal, Paris; November 29, 1935, Léon Cotnareanu; December 14, 1960. Sold by Rudolph J. Heinemann to the Museum of Fine Arts Boston for $210,000, December 13, 1961.

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