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Anatilde Jane de Paula Diaz (born 14 November 1972), better known as Tilde de Paula and also Tilde de Paula Eby, is a Chile-born Swedish journalist, author, television presenter and host of many of TV4s flagship programs.[1] She has hosted many popular television shows such as the Nobel Prize, Polar Music Prize and live televised cancer fundraising events, and is since 1997 one of the hosts of Sweden's number one morning show Nyhetsmorgon.[1]

Tilde de Paula
Tilde de Paula Eby in August 2013.jpg
De Paula in 2013
Born Anatilde Jane de Paula Diaz
(1972-11-14) 14 November 1972 (age 45)
Occupation Television presenter
Years active 1997-present
Spouse(s) Thomas Eby (2012–present); 1 child


Early lifeEdit

Tilde de Paula was born in 1972 in Chile. Her father was a Brazilian politician who had to flee Brazil after receiving death threats.[2] In Cuba he met Tildes mother and the two moved to Chile. However, after the military coup in 1973 they had to flee the country again, and with the help of the diplomat Harald Edelstam and the Swedish embassy the couple moved to Sweden.[2][3]

Before she became a television presenter Tilde de Paula studied journalism at Södra Vätterbygdens folkhögskola.[4]


Since 2005 Tilde has been the host of the Polar Music Prize. She presented the election special Nyhetsmorgon – valflyget in September 2006 along with Lasse Bengtsson. In 2008 de Paula presented "Spårlöst" where she helped people to find their lost relatives and families.[5] In 2009 she hosted Kändisdjungeln along with David Hellenius.[6] In 2012 Tilde de Paula started hosting Nyhetsmorgon, Sweden's permier morning show on TV4.[7] Since 2012 she has also been hosting the shows Swedish bake off, Swedish bake off junior and Celebrity Swedish bake off.[8] Since 2014 she has also hosted the gala Tillsammans mot cancer.[9] During Christmas Eve 2013, de Paula was the Christmas host for TV4s Christmas broadcasts.[10] She presents the celebrity dance show Let's Dance 2017.[11]


In 2006 Tilde de Paula co-authored the book Plastmammor, gummipappor och bonusbarn with Birgitta Klang published by Bokförlaget DN.[6] Plastmammor, gummipappor och bonusbarn is a book for stepmothers and fathers who need advice on how to tackle the situation they are facing.

In 2015 Tilde wrote the Swedish best selling book Tiden läker inga sår where she for the first time tells the story of her past and how her ancestors have influenced her life. The story begins five generations back in Tenerife 1867 and continues to Cuba, the US and Chile before ending up in Sweden today.[12] The clear connections between the story of the book and today's refugee situation has led Tilde to travel all over Sweden to hold lectures on the topic.

Other MediaEdit

In the late 90s early 2000 Tilde hosted the radio show Äntligen Fredag on the radio channel Mix Megapol.[13]

In 2016 Tilde started hosting Läkarpodden where she, together with Dr Mikael Sandström, discuss the latest advances in medicine and healthcare, share their own experiences, kill myths and answer your questions about anything related to medicine.[14]


She has won several awards for her work in television. In 2007 she won Aftonbladets television award for Best female television presenter of the year.

She has also been announced as Sweden's best female television presenter by the paper Se & Hör.[6] In 2015 she won the award Kristallen for reality show of the year with the show Swedish bake off.[15]

In 2016 Tilde won the Kristallen award for best Swedish female host of the year.[16]

Celebrity interviewsEdit

Personal lifeEdit

In November 2012 Tilde de Paula married musician Thomas Eby, lead vocals of Calle Real and percussionist of Hoffmaestro. Together the couple has one son and she has three children from previous relationships.[17]


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