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Tikrit South Air Base is a former Iraqi Air Force base in the Kirkuk Governorate of Iraq. It was captured by Coalition forces during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.

Tikrit South Air Base
FOB Remagen
Coordinates34°31′54″N 043°40′50″E / 34.53167°N 43.68056°E / 34.53167; 43.68056 (Tikrit South AB)
Tikrit South AB is located in Iraq
Tikrit South AB
Tikrit South AB
Location of Tikrit South Air Base, Iraq


Tikrit South Air Base was an auxiliary air base for the Iraqi Air Force. It had a 9,100 foot runway, a parking ramp and a few support structures. It attacked by Coalition air forces during Operation Iraqi Freedom with numerous bomb craters visible in the main runway. It was abandoned by the Iraqi Air Force after March 2003.

The United States Army established Forward Operating Base Packhorse at the airfield after March 2003. FOB Packhorse was renamed to FOB Remagen after the 4ID turned the FOB over to the 3rd ID in 2004.

It appears to be active and in use as viewed in current aerial imagery.