Tikal Futura

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The Tikal Futura, formally Gran Tikal Futura Torres Sol y Luna is a modern shopping and business complex and hotel in Guatemala City, Guatemala.


It is located at Calzada Roosevelt 22-43, in Zone 11 of the city. At 75 metres, as of 2009 it is the fourth tallest building in Guatemala City. The building covers a floor space of 193,680 m², has 20 floors and was completed in 1997.[1] The building has 2 towers with offices, 12 cinemas, 160 stores, 27 restaurants, parking space for 1500 cars and also the Grand Tikal Futura Hotel.

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Coordinates: 14°37′21″N 90°33′14″W / 14.62250°N 90.55389°W / 14.62250; -90.55389