Tibetan People's Republic

The Tibetan People's Republic or Bodpa People's Republic, officially known as the Chinese Soviet Central Bodpa Autonomous Government (Tibetan: བོད་པའི་སྡེ་པ, Wylie: bod pa'i sde pa) was a short-lived contingent of the Northwest Chinese Soviet Federation established on May 5, 1936.[1] It was a Tibetan autonomous government under the Chinese Communist Party established by the Chinese Red Army during the Long March to assist local Tibetans in Dawu County, Luhuo County, Yajiang County and Garzê County.

Its main operations were located in the tusi chiefdom of Derge (now Dêgê County). Key people involved with the republic included Spommdav Rdorje, Bkrashis Dbangphyug, and others. The Republic was dissolved along with the Northwest Soviet Federation following the convening of the Chinese 2nd and 4th Army in Garzê County.[2]


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