Tiberius Julius Sauromates III

Sauromates III (Greek: Τιβέριος Ἰούλιος Σαυροματης Γ', flourished 3rd century, died 232) was a Roman client king of the Bosporan Kingdom. Like many other late Bosporan kings, Sauromates III is known only from coinage, which means his relationship to the other kings is unknown, as are details of his accession and reign. His coins are known from the period 229–232, meaning that he appears to have co-ruled with Cotys III (r. 228–234),[1] who might have been his father.[2]

Electrum stater of the Bosporan king Sauromates III. Obv.: head of Savromates III, legend: ΒΑCΙΛΕΩC CΑΥΡΟΜΑΤΟΥ. (Rev.: head of Severus ALexander, year ΦΚΖ΄ = 527 = 230/1.) 19 mm, 7,58 g.

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Preceded by King of the Bosporus
229-232 (with Cotys III)
Succeeded by