Tiberius Claudius Sacerdos Julianus

Tiberius Claudius Sacerdos Julianus was a Roman senator of the second century. He was suffect consul in the nundinium of November-December AD 100 with Lucius Roscius Aelianus Maecius Celer as his colleague.[1] Julianus is primarily known from inscriptions.

Originally a member of the equestrian class, Julianus held a series of appointments in the imperial service. We only know of his last, as procurator, or governor, in Thracia; Nicolay Sharankov estimates his tenure was between the years 85 and 95.[2] In return for his service, Julianus was adlected into the Senate inter praetorios. Shortly after this he was co-opted into the Arval Brethren. Later he was admitted into the College of Pontiffs between the years 98 and 100, one of the four most prestigious ancient Roman priesthoods.[3]

Our knowledge of his life after his consulate is sketchy. Julianus is mentioned in the Acta Arvalia, the records of the Arval Brethren, in 101 when he served as a magister,[4] but when the Acta Arvalia resume in 105 after a lacuna, his name is missing;[2] it is likely Julianus had died by that year.


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Political offices
Preceded byas suffect consuls Suffect consul of the Roman Empire
with Lucius Roscius Aelianus Maecius Celer
Succeeded byas ordinary consuls