Tiberina Republic

The so-called Tiberina Republic (Italian: Repubblica Tiberina) was a revolutionary municipality proclaimed on 4 February 1798, when republicans took power in the city of Perugia. It was an occupation zone that took its name from the river Tiber. A month later, the government of all the Papal States was changed into a republic: the Roman Republic, which Perugia belonged to. Its head was a consul and it used a tricolor similar to the French flag.[2]

Tiberina Republic
Repubblica Tiberina
Flag of Tiberina Republic
Map of Perugia within modern Italy
Map of Perugia within modern Italy
Common languagesItalian
• Consul
Angelo Cocchi[1]
Historical eraFrench Revolutionary Wars
• Proclaimed
4 February 1798
• Disestablished
7 March 1798
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Papal States
Roman Republic (18th century)


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Coordinates: 43°6′44″N 12°23′20″E / 43.11222°N 12.38889°E / 43.11222; 12.38889