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Thur is a 131-kilometre-long (81 mi) river in north-eastern Switzerland. Its source is near the mountain Säntis in the south-east of the canton of St. Gallen. In this canton it flows through the Toggenburg region and the town Wil. After Wil it flows through the canton of Thurgau and its capital Frauenfeld. The final 19 kilometres (12 mi) of the Thur are in the canton of Zürich. It flows into the river Rhine on the border with Germany, south of Schaffhausen.

Thur im Toggenburg.JPG
Thur in Toggenburg
Country Switzerland
Physical characteristics
Main source Canton of St. Gallen, Switzerland
River mouth Rhine
Length 131 km (81 mi)
Basin features
Basin size 1,696 km2 (655 sq mi)

Coordinates: 47°35′34″N 8°35′25″E / 47.59278°N 8.59028°E / 47.59278; 8.59028