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Thornwood Primary School[3] is the primary school which serves the local area. The building also houses Thornwood Nursery Class and Rosepark Learning Centre, which had changed its name at early April 2010, to GDSS (General Dyslexic Social Services)which is a special needs school. All of these services are operated by Glasgow City Council's Education Services[4].

Thornwood Primary is one of four primary schools associated with Hyndland Secondary School, and is part of the Hyndland New Learning Community. Thornwood Primary School associates Hyndland Secondary School, alongside Broomhill Primary School, Whiteinch Primary School and Hyndland Primary School. All of those four schools are close to Thornwood, but mainly Thornwood Primary School, as it is the closest. Even though hyndland primary shares the same name.


There is a park in front/across Thornwood Primary School, which has been refurbished, with an AstroTurf pitch, a separate fenced playground which includes a climbing frame with a slide above it, a tire swing, two baby swings, a roundabout and some benches. Further over in the Park, there is a picnic area with good benches and tables. Moreover, the place has many grassy hills and green surroundings.[5] The park is also close to shops and a police station. There is also a park called Victoria Park nearby and Neasby Park, but they are more over to the side of Broomhill. There is also a Broomhill Shopping Centre in Broomhill.

Thornwood is located in Partick.



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