Thomas W. Chittum

Thomas W. Chittum is an American author,[1] military analyst[2] and former mercenary from New Jersey, now living in Washington state.[3] He served in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War.[4] Chittum also fought in the Rhodesian War and the Croatian War of Independence as a mercenary.[5]


Chittum predicts that the United States will soon face Balkanization[3] and a second Civil War based on racial conflicts.[6] He plans to move to upstate New York because it would likely still be a Caucasian-controlled area after the American Southwest effectively becomes part of Mexico by 2020 due to immigration.[7]

Chittum was a speaker at the First Annual Conference on Racial Separatism in 1998, which also featured Jared Taylor, Robert Brock, and Don Black. Those at the conference speculated about looming world and race wars. The now deceased Willis Carto suggested that the United States use funds that he said would otherwise go to Israel to re-settle African-Americans in Africa, and Brock stated that Carto's plan would lead to Africa putting a man on the moon within three years. Brock also advanced the claim that both black and white nationalists needed to be racists in order to keep their identities intact.[8]


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  • The White Duds: The Real Life Teenage Dirty Dozen in Vietnam (2017) ISBN 9781520618258

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