Thomas I of Saluzzo

Thomas I (1239–1296) was the fourth Marquess of Saluzzo from 1244 to his death. He was the son of Manfred III and Beatrice of Savoy.[1] He succeeded his father Manfred III. He was also the grandson of Amadeus IV, Count of Savoy.[1]

Tomasso I
Marchese di Saluzzo
Thomas I of Saluzzo as King Arthur.jpg
PredecessorManfredo III
SuccessorManfredo IV
SpouseLuigia di Ceva
IssueManfredo IV
Alice FitzAlan, Countess of Arundel
HouseHouse of Aleramici
FatherManfredo III
MotherBeatrice of Savoy


Under the reign of Thomas, Saluzzo blossomed, achieving a greatness which had eluded his ancestors. He crafted a state the borders of which remained unchanged for over two centuries. He extended the march to include Carmagnola. He was often at odds with Asti and he was a prime enemy of Charles of Anjou and his Italian pretensions. During his tenure, he made Saluzzo a free city, giving it a podestà to govern in his name. He defended his castles and roccaforti (strongholds) vigorously and built many new ones in the cities.

Armando Tallone, Tomaso I Marchese di Saluzzo, 1916

Marriage & issueEdit

He married Luisa of Ceva. They had:


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Thomas I of Saluzzo
Born: 1239 Died: 1296
Preceded by Marquess of Saluzzo
Succeeded by