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Thomas Claxton Fidler

Thomas Claxton Fidler (1841 in Newbury, Berkshire – 29 June 1917[1]) was a British civil engineer, noteworthy for his 1887 book on bridge construction.[2]


As successor to Alfred Ewing, T. Claxton Fidler was appointed in 1891 a professor in the Chair of Engineering & Drawing at University College, Dundee. Ewing's Practical Treatise on Bridge-Construction (1887) went through 5 editions with 3rd ed. 1901, 4th ed. 1909, and paperback 5th ed. 1924. The book was praised for its clarity and thoroughness. He retired as professor emeritus in 1909.[2] In retirement he lived in Ventnor, Isle of Wight.[3]

Fidler was an Invited Speaker of the ICM in 1908 in Rome.[4]


In Olney, Buckinghamshire on 11 March 1873, Fidler married Anne Talbot. The marriage produced several children.

Selected publicationsEdit

  • A practical treatise on bridge-construction. London: C. Griffin & Co. 1887.
  • Calculations in hydraulic engineering. Longmans's Civil Engineering Series. vol. 1, 1898; vol. 2, 1902. London: Longmans, Green, & Co.
  • Civil engineering. London: Methuen. 1905.


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