Thomas Chauke

Thomas Hasani "Shinyori" Chauke (born 5 February 1952) is a South African Xitsonga musician.[1] Chauke was granted an honorary doctorate in African languages for the role his music has played in the development of the Xitsonga language.[2]

Dr. Thomas Chauke
Birth nameThomas Hasani Chauke
Also known asShinyori
Born (1952-02-04) 4 February 1952 (age 69)
Saselemani, Limpopo, South Africa
  • Musician
  • singer composer
  • Record Producer
Years active1979–present

Early lifeEdit

Chauke was born in Salema(Saselamani) Village in the Limpopo Province, South Africa. He dropped out of school at primary level (Standard 3/Grade 5) to work at a flower firm in Heidelberg, Gauteng, in 1969. He then moved to Alexandra in 1971, where he fixed swimming pools and tennis courts in neighbouring Sandton. While there he met his uncle, who was into mbaqanga music and played the Tsonga guitar, which he taught Chauke how to play. Chauke traveled back home in 1978 and fixed radio sets. He was already married with a child.[3] Chauke has five wives, 23 children and 12 grandchildren.[4]

Music careerEdit

Chauke started his band with 13 singers from a shebeen in the late 1970s . After a few months, only five remained. They performed at school halls to raise money to go to Johannesburg and realize the recording dream. Chauke signed a contract to record with GRC. Under GRC, the music was branded Nyoresh. He moved to Wea Records, where he got a better deal and changed his music brand from Nyoresh to Shimatsatsa ("a beautiful girl"). In 1981, he recorded his first album called Shimatsatsa no. 1 under the burner name Thomas Chauke and Shinyori Sisters. Now he hands out awards yearly in the category: Dr. Thomas Chauke's Artist of the Year for Munghana Lonene Fm.[5] In the course of his career, Chauke has received one diamond disc, one double gold disc, six platinum disc, 11 double platinum and nine triple platinum discs.[4]

Awards and accomplishmentsEdit

  • Honorary Doctor of Philosophy degree, African languages University of Venda
  • South African Music Awards (SAMA) won 16 awards
  • Munghana-Lonene FM Awards won more than 10 awards
  • Munghana-Lonene FM Awards Special Award
  • MTN SAMA 19 Lifetime Achievement Award 2013
  • In 2014, Munghana Lonene FM introduced new award category, Dr Thomas Chauke Album of the year [6]


With a career spanning over 34 years, he has released over 34 studio albums.

  • Nyoresh
  • Shimatsatsa No. 1 - Shimatsatsa shamina
  • Shimatsatsa No. 2 – Don't Be Surprised
  • Shimatsatsa No. 3 – Bomber Mhlengwe
  • Shimatsatsa No. 4 - Shimatsatsa xa mina
  • Shimatsatsa No. 5 – Shikwamula Mazingi
  • Shimatsatsa No. 6 – Xibamuxa Movha
  • Shimatsatsa No. 7 – Suka Lovha
  • Shimatsatsa No. 8 – Ma jamble Sale
  • Shimatsatsa No. 9 – Humelela M.K
  • Shimatsatsa No. 10 – Jim Na Jack
  • Shimatsatsa No. 11 – Hi Hanya kuvava
  • Shimatsatsa No. 12 – Buku Yi Hibyerile
  • Shimatsatsa No. 13 – Xifumi Na Lazaro
  • Shimatsatsa No. 14 – Suka Davulos
  • Shimatsatsa No. 15 – Kokwani Wa Wun'Wana
  • Shimatsatsa No. 16 – Sodoma Na Gomora
  • Shimatsatsa No. 17 – Bangi situlu
  • Shimatsatsa No. 18 – Mati-Endla (SAMA 1999 Winner)
  • Shimatsatsa No. 19 - I Mutshiveri Muni? (SAMA 2000 Winner)


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