This Is Television is a 1960 Australian television documentary which appeared as an episode of The General Motors Hour.[1] It included behind the scenes look at the following:[2][3]

"This Is Television"
The General Motors Hour episode
Sydney Morning Herald 25 Jul 1960
Episode no.Season 1
Episode 2
Directed byRod Kinnear
Written byGraham Freudenberg
Presented byHarry Dearth
Produced byGraham Freudenberg
Original air dateJune 25, 1960 (1960-06-25)
Running time60 mins
Guest appearance
Eric Pearce
Episode chronology
← Previous
"The Grey Nurse Said Nothing"
Next →
"Thunder on Sycamore Street"

Advertisements for General Motors Holden appear throughout.

The documentary is hosted by radio and television presenter Harry Dearth and narrated by Melbourne newsreader Eric Pearce.[3]



The Australian Woman's Weekly said it had "a tight script, well delivered, and gave a clear and interesting picture of what goes on."[4]


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