This Champagne Mojito Is the Last Thing I Own

This Champagne Mojito Is The Last Thing I Own is a 2008 novel by Irish journalist and author Paul Howard, and the seventh in the Ross O'Carroll-Kelly series.[1][2] It coincided with the beginning of the Post-2008 Irish economic downturn and the release of the first play about Ross, The Last Days of the Celtic Tiger.[3]

This Champagne Mojito Is The Last Thing I Own
AuthorPaul Howard
IllustratorAlan Clarke
Cover artistAlan Clarke
CountryRepublic of Ireland
SeriesRoss O'Carroll-Kelly
Genrecomic novel, satire
Set inDublin, 2006–07
PublisherPenguin Books
Publication date
5 June 2008
Media typePaperback
Preceded byShould Have Got Off at Sydney Parade 
Followed byMr S and the Secrets of Andorra's Box 


The title is a reference to Jonathan Rendall's novel This Bloody Mary (Is the Last Thing I Own). A champagne Mojito is a cocktail made with spearmint, rum, sugar, lime and champagne, which Ross purchases with his last €20.


Ross's father Charles is imprisoned, Ross is forced to work for a living as the economic crash coincides with his father's downfall, and his wife Sorcha leaves him.[4][5]


The book was a bestseller.[6]

This Champagne Mojito Is The Last Thing I Own was nominated for the Popular Fiction award at the Irish Book Awards.[7]


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