Thiên Trường Stadium

Thiên Trường Stadium (Vietnamese: Sân vận động Thiên Trường, literally Heaven's Place Stadium or Champs-Élysées Stadium), previously known as Chùa Cuối Stadium (Last Temple Stadium), is a multi-use stadium in Nam Định, Vietnam.[1]

Sân vận động Thiên Trường
LocationNam Định, Vietnam
Nam Định F.C.

It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home stadium of Nam Định F.C.. The stadium holds 30,000 people. Thiên Trường Stadium is located on Đặng Xuân Thiều street, Nam Định city opposite the provincial People's Committee and the Committee of Nam Định. Nearby is Vị Hoàng lake, with a large natural grass field 115 metres by 72 metres, just behind the Mỹ Đình National Stadium. Sports experts have commented positively about beauty and artistic quality of this landscape work. Moreover, the stadium has been considered as "Theatre of Dreams" by the press. In 2003, Thiên Trường Stadium was one of many venues to participate in organizing 2003 Southeast Asian Games, the female football matches were also held here. The national football teams and the Olympics have chosen Thiên Trường for international matches. Thiên Trường Stadium is one of the best on the scale of the level 2 cities. The stadium has 20 doors, four stages divided into A, B, C and D. Each stage A, B has seats for 7,000 people, the stage C and D each has 3000 seats. There are four rooms for athletes, four rooms for the coach, three rooms for health care, VIP rooms, and cafeteria area. Grass on the field is of a pure, fine cultivar imported from Thailand, in accordance with the climate in Vietnam.

The whole project has investment budget (including additional) according to the Decision of the People's Committee of Nam Dinh province about VND 74 billion. Later, the settlement was about 70.5 billion VND. Thus, this is the only project that has not exceeded the approved investment budget. [2]


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Coordinates: 20°26′09″N 106°10′48″E / 20.4358°N 106.1800°E / 20.4358; 106.1800