There Is Such a Lad

There Is Such a Lad (Russian: Живёт такой парень, romanizedZhivyot takoy paren) is a 1964 Soviet comedy film, directed by Vasily Shukshin.[1] The movie is based on Vasily Shukshin's collection of short stories.

There Is Such a Lad
There Is Such a Lad.jpg
Directed byVasily Shukshin
Written byVasily Shukshin
StarringLeonid Kuravlyov
Lidiya Chaschina
Larisa Burkova
Renita Grigoryeva
Nina Sazonova
CinematographyValeri Ginzburg
Music byPavel Chekalov
Release date
  • 1964 (1964)
Running time
101 minutes
CountrySoviet Union


The movie tells the story of an Altai truck driver Pashka Kolokolnikov (played by Leonid Kuravlyov) - a kind, funny, and outgoing person, who loves life.[2] He is a simpleton with a variety of gross provincial expressions and remarks, who likes to make fun of people and play practical jokes. But it turns out that he can also be a hero, when he prevents the explosion of a gasoline truck by risking his life.[3]


The film won the Lion of Saint Marco prize at the Venice Film Festival in 1964 for Best Children's Film and received an award at the All-Union Film Festival (Leningrad, 1964) for Best Comedy Film ("For the cheerfulness, lyricism and originality").[4]




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