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Theophilus Evans (February 1693 – 11 September 1767) was a Welsh clergyman and historian.


Evans' father was from Pen-y-wenallt and he was christened in the church in Llandygwydd in Cardiganshire in 1693.[1]

Evans served curacies in Brecknockshire and incumbencies in both counties. He is best known for his work Drych y Prif Oesoedd (Mirror of the Early Centuries) (1716; revised ed. 1740) where with some literary talent but with an absence of critical method (mixing history with legend) he endeavours to justify the independent origins of British Christianity.[2] Evans was supported by Sackville Gwynne, the squire of Glanbrân. In 1727, Evans became the private chaplain of Marmaduke Gwynne, Sackville's heir, but they eventually parted because of Gwynne's support for Howell Harris and the Methodist cause.[3]


  • Drych y Prif Oesoedd (1716)
  • A History of Modern Enthusiasm (1752)


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