Theodwin of Liège

Theodwin was prince-bishop of Liège from 1048 to 1075.[1]


Originally from Bavaria, Theodwin was named by Henry III to succeed Wazo as bishop of Liège.[1] In 1049 he led the imperial victory over Dirk IV of Frisia. In 1050-1051 he wrote to Henry I of France encouraging him to take firm action against Berengar of Tours.[1]

In 1066, Theodwin ceded city rights to Huy, the oldest such charter to survive from what is now Belgium.[1] On 23 March 1075 Pope Gregory VII wrote to him reproachfully about the lax clerical discipline in his diocese, urging him to leave the Abbey of Saint-Hubert unmolested.[2]

Theodwin died on 23 June 1075 and was buried in the collegiate church at Huy, which he had built, consecrated and endowed with fifteen prebends.[1]


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