Thelma Madrigal

Thelma Madrigal (born Thelma Madrigal Gálvez on December 31, 1983) is a Mexican actress, model and ballerina.

Thelma Madrigal
Thelma Madrigal Gálvez

(1983-12-31) 31 December 1983 (age 37)
Years active2010–2018 (on indefinite hiatus)


Madrigal began her career in television in 2010, in the telenovela Para volver a amar, Mexican version of the Colombian telenovela El último matrimonio feliz,[1] in this project she played Paola González, and thanks to that she was nominated at the 29th TVyNovelas Awards of 2011 in the category Best Female Revelation.[1]

For the year 2011, the producer Luis de Llano Macedo chose her as a youth protagonist in the telenovela Esperanza del corazón,[1] there she played Lisa, a young dancer who helps her mother to get ahead and fight for love and achieve her dreams.[1] The following year she is nominated at the 30th TVyNovelas Awards of 2012 in the category Best Young Lead Actress.[1]

In that same year, she played Nisa Casteló in the telenovela La mujer del Vendaval, Mexican version of the Venezuelan telenovela Un esposo para Estela.[2] And also she participated in an episode of the Mexican series Como dice el dicho.[2] A year later she was nominated again at the 32nd TVyNovelas Awards in the category Best Young Lead Actress for her role of Nisa Casteló.[2]

In 2013, producer Ignacio Sada Madero chose her as the youth protagonist of Por siempre mi amor, adaptation of the 1989 telenovela by Abel Santacruz entitled Mi segunda madre.[2] In 2014, she obtained her first role as a villain, in the telenovela La sombra del pasado, where she shared credits mostly with Pablo Lyle, and Michelle Renaud.[3] She was subsequently nominated again as Best Young Lead actress at the 34th TVyNovelas Awards of 2016.[4]

In 2015, she obtained his first role as the protagonist in the telenovela Corazón que miente, which started production in the same year, and subsequently premiered in 2016.[5] In that project she shared mostly credits again with Pablo Lyle, with whom he had previously worked in Por siempre mi amor, and La sombra del pasado.[6]

In films the actress has only participated in two, The Last Death in 2011,[2] and Fish Bones in 2018.[7]

Although her last project was in 2018,[8] she since 2016 has not participated again in other television projects such as series or telenovelas.[8] She recently confirmed that she moved to Colombia,[8] where she currently lives with his family, and that she would be away from Mexican television for a long period unless it is a project carried out between Colombia and Mexico.[8]


Television roles and films performance
Year Title Roles Notes
2010–2011 Para volver a amar Paola González
2011 La última muerte Lizzy Wilkins Film
2011–2012 Esperanza del corazón Lisa Duprís Landa / Mónica
2012 Como dice el dicho Lucy Episode: "Ahora es cuando chile verde"
2012–2013 La mujer del Vendaval Nisa Casteló
2013–2014 Por siempre mi amor Aranza Main cast; 122 episodes
2014–2015 La sombra del pasado Valeria
2016 Corazón que miente Mariela Main role; 70 episodes
2018 Fish Bones Friend #1 Film; cameo


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