Theater Erfurt

The Theater Erfurt is a German municipal theatre located in Erfurt, the capital of Thuringia. The main stage is in a new building in the Brühlervorstadt [de], completed in 2003. The theatre offers musical theatre and concerts, played by the Philharmonisches Orchester Erfurt [de]. Ballet and plays are offered by guest performances. The company organizes the annual open air festival DomStufen. The theatre's current Generalintendant, Guy Montavon [de], has held the post since 2002.

Theater Erfurt
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The new theatre
General information
LocationErfurt, Thuringia, Germany
Opened2003 (2003)


The main venue is in a new house, Großes Haus. The large hall seats 840 visitors, a Studio 200 visitors, which can be reduces as Salon im Studio for events for up to 100 people. The courtyard holds the stage Theatrium. Events can also be held in the rehearsal hall for the orchestra. The festival DomStufen takes place on the Cathedral Square [de], seating up to 2000 spectators. The company also holds events at the town hall [de] and the Thomaskirche [de].


Montavon has initiated a program of one premiere per season, including:

Title Composer Date
Bachs letzte Oper [de] Stanley Walden 21 December 2002
Luther [de] Peter Aderhold 14 September 2003
Cuba libre [de] Cong Su 19 March 2005
Death Knocks [de] Christian Jost 6 May 2005
Waiting for the Barbarians Philip Glass 10 September 2005
Wut [de] Andrea Lorenzo Scartazzini 9 September 2006
Mariana Pineda [de] Flavio Testi 8 September 2007
Martin L. – Das Musical [de] Gisle Kverndokk 5 Juli 2008
Der Richter und sein Henker [de] Franz Hummel 8 November 2008
The Orphan [de] Jeffrey Ching 29 November 2009
Der leuchtende Fluss [de] Johanna Doderer 31 October 2010
Lady Magnesia Mieczysław Weinberg 2 Februar 2012
Der Trank der Unsterblichkeit [de] E. T. A. Hoffmann 28 April 2012
The Wives of the Dead [de] Alois Bröder 2 February 2013
Jedermann – Die Rockoper [de] Wolfgang Böhmer 10 July 2014
Le sang noir [de] François Fayt 29 November 2014


Another focus of the program are revivals of forgotten operas, including:

Title Composer Date
Messidor Alfred Bruneau 2005
Fernand Cortez Gaspare Spontini 2006
Fedra Ildebrando Pizzetti 2008
Das Käthchen von Heilbronn Karl Reinthaler 2009
Nana Manfred Gurlitt 2010
Robin Hood [de] Albert Dietrich [de] 2011
Die Zauberin Peter Tschaikowsky 2011
I Medici Ruggero Leoncavallo 2013
Sigurd Ernest Reyer 2015 (German premiere)

General Music Directors (Generalmusikdirektoren)Edit

In 2014, Joana Mallwitz was the first woman conductor named to the post of Generalmusikdirektorin (GMD) in the institution's history[2] and at the time of her advent to the post, the youngest GMD of a German opera house.[3] She concluded her Erfurt tenure at the close of the 2017-2018 season.[4]



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