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The Chocolate Game is a game often played at children's parties. Sometimes the game is referred to as "Dog's Dinner" or "Chocolate Boggle".


Items neededEdit

Setting up the gameEdit

The bar of chocolate is kept in its original foil and paper wrapper and/or it is wrapped with several layers of wrapping paper. The participants sit or stand in a circle around the wrapped chocolate bar. The chocolate bar can be placed on a plate for hygiene and also to make the game harder, funnier and therefore last longer.


Each participant rolls the die in turn. As the die continues around the circle, a player who rolls a six shouts "SIX!". They then have to dress up by putting on the items of clothing before attempting to eat the chocolate bar using the knife and fork.

The die throws continue around the circle while everyone is entertained by watching the fun in the center. When another player gets a six, they shout "SIX!". The one in the center has to stop and it is the turn of the new player to try and eat the chocolate.

The object of the game is to eat the whole chocolate bar according to one of these variants

  1. Every bite a winner. The bar of chocolate is eaten square by square until there is nothing left. A square of chocolate must be cut off from the bar with the knife and fork and the fork is used to lift the chocolate to the mouth of the player without the fork touching his mouth or lips so that there are "no germs" for the next player.
  2. Last bite wins. The same as the previous variant but the person eating the last square is the winner and gets a prize.
  3. First bite wins. The person who eats the first square is the winner and gets a prize. The prize is the whole bar of chocolate which they can eat with their hands, share with friends, take home, etc.