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The Women's Room is a 1980 television film directed by Glenn Jordan and starring Lee Remick, Ted Danson, Colleen Dewhurst and Tovah Feldshuh.[1][2] In spite of Esther Shapiro's (ABC's vice president for miniseries) struggle with the (predominantly male) network to release the film despite its feminist content, "The Women's Room finally aired, and it received a huge 45 share (the highest rated movie on TV that week), prompted a raft of positive mail, and won an Emmy".[3]

The Women's Room
Based onThe Women's Room by Marilyn French
Written byCarol Sobieski
Directed byGlenn Jordan
StarringLee Remick
Ted Danson
Colleen Dewhurst
Tovah Feldshuh
Music byBilly Goldenberg
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
Producer(s)Philip Mandelker (executive producer)
Anna Cottle (producer)
Kip Gowans (producer)
Glenn Jordan (supervising producer)
CinematographyTerry K. Meade
Editor(s)John Wright
Production company(s)Warner Bros. Television
Original networkABC
Original releaseSeptember 14, 1980


A married mother of two leaves her philandering husband and enrolls in graduate school.


Critical receptionEdit

Critic Tom Shales found the film to be annoying and a "stinker."[4] John J. O'Connor found the film to be a successful adaptation of the book and thoroughly enjoyed the movie, stating that "No one will be bored."[5]


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