The Woman of My Life

The Woman of My Life (French: La Femme de ma vie) is a French film by Régis Wargnier released in 1986.

The Woman of My Life
Directed byRégis Wargnier
Produced byYannick Bernard
Eberhard Junkersdorf
Hans Prescher
Written byCatherine Cohen
Alain Le Henry
StarringChristophe Malavoy
Jane Birkin
Jean-Louis Trintignant
Béatrice Agenin
Music byRomano Musumarra
CinematographyFrançois Catonné
Release date
  • 8 October 1986 (1986-10-08)
Running time
102 minutes


Simon is a famous violinist who became a drunkard. His wife Laura created seven years earlier a classical orchestra of which he was one of the three pillars. After an attack of delirium tremens, he meets Pierre, a former alcoholic, who was able to overcome his habit, and who decides to help Simon. This would change his relationship with Laura, who has always tried in vain to save Simon from his addiction, and is resentful of a stranger's success. She becomes deeply jealous, and unconsciously starts to do everything to get Simon back into alcoholism.



With La Femme de ma vie director Régis Wargnier won the 1987 César Award for Best Debut.


T'en va pas, a duet by Jane Birkin and Elsa Lunghini written for a scene in the film song, was re-recorded in a discography version that would become the first major success of the singer Elsa, who at the time was 13 years old.


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