The Woman from Hell

The Woman from Hell newly renamed as The Woman from Luna[1] was a 1929 American silent film drama produced and distributed by Fox Film Corporation and starring Mary Astor. This film had a Movietone sound track of music and effects.[2] This was Dean Jagger's film debut. it is considered to be Lost.[3]

The Woman from Hell
The Woman From Hell poster.jpg
Film poster
Directed byA. F. Erickson (Adolph Fred "Buddy" Erickson)
Ewing Scott (ass't director)
Produced byWilliam Fox
James Kevin McGuinness
Written byJaime Del Rio (story)
Lois Leeson (story)
Annette Scarborough (adapt.)
George Scarborough (adapt.)
Ray Doyle (writer)
Charles Kenyon (writer)
Malcolm Stuart Boylan (intertitles)
StarringMary Astor
CinematographyConrad Wells
Distributed byFox Film Corporation
Release date
  • April 21, 1929 (1929-04-21)
Running time
58 minutes


Dee Renaud is a girl playing the "Devil" in an amusement concession at a beach resort. Slick Glicks, the barker, promises the yokels that if they're able to catch the "Lady From Hell," she will reward them with a kiss. But when Glicks tries to go beyond kissing, Dee is rescued by Jim Coakley, son of a New England lighthouse keeper. She marries him out of gratitude and they move to his home on an island off the rockbound coast. Dee tries to convince Jim's salty old father, Pat, that she'll be a good and faithful wife. But she's a passionate woman with a bit of the devil in her, and she flirts with Jim's best friend Alf, who invites her to elope to Havana with him. When Pat is incapacitated, however, Dee loyally remains in the lighthouse to operate the beam and avert a shipwreck.


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