The Wedding (1944 film)

The Wedding (Russian: Свадьба, romanizedSvadba) is a 1944 Soviet comedy film directed by Isidor Annensky.[1]

The Wedding
Художник постановщик и костюмы Семён Мандель
Directed byIsidor Annensky
Written byIsidor Annensky
StarringErast Garin
Zoya Fyodorova
Alexey Gribov
Faina Ranevskaya
Sergey Martinson
Music byValery Zhelobinsky
CinematographyYuri Ekelchik
Release date
July 14, 1944 (1944-07-14)[1]
Running time
64 min
Country Soviet Union

The film, created by the eponymous vaudeville of Anton Chekhov, the stories of The Wedding with General, Before the wedding, the novel in two parts of the Marriage of convenience skit Bride and papa is a caustic satire on the mores of the middle class philistine pre-revolutionary Russia.[1]


The burgess Zhigalov family who have a marriageable daughter Dasha, learn to their horror that the official Aplombov (Erast Garin) who dined with them every day and established himself as a groom, is not going to marry her at all. With great difficulty Dasha's father manages to persuade the ambitious groom to propose. The groom agrees, putting the condition of compulsory attendance of the General at the wedding.

And then finally the wedding takes place. At the festive moment the chief guest has arrived—the General. A scandal erupts at the peak of merriment when it became clear that the General is not really General, but only the captain of the second rank (lieutenant colonel). The wedding is ruined.


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