The Way We Were (2014 TV series)

The Way We Were (Chinese: 16個夏天; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Cha̍p-la̍k Ê Hā-thiⁿ) also known as 16 Summers, is a 2014 Taiwanese romance drama produced by Ruby Lin and Lisa Tan[1] and directed by Fu-Hsiang Hsu (許富翔; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Khó͘ Hù-siông). It stars Lin, Weber Yang, Ann Hsu, Melvin Sia and Jason Tsou (鄒承恩; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Chau Sêng-un) as five friends who met in college in late-1990s Taipei. The series narrates a love and friendship story that spans 16 years, from the summer of 1998 to 2014. It is set against major events that occurred in Taiwan during the 16 summers, such as the 729 blackout, 921 earthquake, SARS and the Financial crisis of 2007–08.[2]

The Way We Were
Also known as16 Summers
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese16個夏天
Simplified Chinese16个夏天
Literal meaning16 Summers
Written byZheng-Zhe Du
Directed byFu-Hsiang Hsu
Opening theme"Langman Lai Xi"
Ending theme"Yihou Bie Zuo Pengyou"
Country of originTaiwan
Original languagesMandarin
No. of episodes16
Executive producerWang Zhuan Ren
ProducersRuby Lin
Lisa Tan
Production locationsTaiwan, Shanghai
Running time90 minutes (per episode)
Original release
Public Television Service
Release19 July (2014-07-19) –
1 November 2014 (2014-11-01)

According to online statistics collected by the website, it was the most popular Taiwanese idol dramas in 2014.[3] Another website ranked it the second most popular Taiwanese drama of 2014, after In a Good Way[4] (which began broadcasting in 2013 and was therefore not included in's ranking). Google ranked it the second most-searched TV series in Taiwan in 2014, after the Korean drama Empress Ki.[5]

At the 50th Golden Bell Awards, the series won three out of seven nominations, including Best Television Series, Best Director, and Best Supporting Actress for Ann Hsu.[6][7]

Synopsis edit

While in college, Jia-Ni Tang (Ruby Lin) falls in love with her schoolmate and neighbour, Wei-De Fang (Weber Yang), after she agrees with Wei-De's idea of an eye for an eye, when she catches her boyfriend cheating with another girl. However, broader events intervene in their romance: during the historic 1999 Jiji earthquake in Taiwan, Jia Ni's friend Jun-Jie Wang (Melvin Sia) becomes crippled in one leg. Out of obligation and compassion, Jia-Ni decides to marry Jun-Jie. When Jia Ni and Wei-De run into each other again in 2008, she is a married woman and he is about to walk down the aisle. They are still in love but part as friends. But when fate brings the two back together at another wedding in 2013, will they make the same decision?

Cast edit

Main cast edit

Supporting cast edit

  • Queenie Tai as Ge Qing
  • Ke Shu Qin as Linda
  • Dylan Kuo as Jiang Da-wei (cameo) [8]
  • Akio Chen as Wei-De's Father
  • Lu Hsueh-Feng as Jia-Ni's Mother
  • Lo Pei-An as Jia-Ni's Father
  • Pang Yong Zhi as Tang Jia-Xing (Jia-Ni's brother)
  • Albee Liu as Jia-Ni's sister-in-law
  • Tao Chuan-Cheng as Jun-Jie's Father
  • He Ai Yun as Jun-Jie's Mother
  • Chen Shi-Rong as Guo-Qing's Mother
  • Gao Ting Yu as Xiao Yao (Jia-Ni's co-worker)
  • Yu Jin as Ah Tai (Ding Guo-Qing's brother)
  • Kelly Mi as Wei-De's Mother
  • Lu Ying Rong as Xiao Mei
  • Hank Wu as Jian Zhong
  • Liu Sai Yang as Jiang Hua
  • Lai Li Hua as Chen Li
  • Yang Qing as Shu Ling
  • Zhang Xi En as Luo Xiao Jun
  • Shan Cheng-Ju as Jin Ge
  • Renzo Liu as Liang Ge
  • Yao Mi as Bao Bao
  • Eric Chou as pop singer
  • Pauline Lan & TOLAKU as themselves (cameo)

Soundtrack edit

The Way We Were Original Soundtrack (16個夏天 電視原聲帶) was released on September 24, 2014 by various artists under Sony Music Entertainment (Taiwan) Ltd. It contains 15 songs, in which of them are instrumental versions of some songs.

Type Title Singer(s) Lyricist Songwriter
Opening Song "Lang Man Lai Xi"
(浪漫來襲; "Romantic Attack")
Elva Hsiao Hsu Shih-Chen Peter Mansson
Vicky Karagiorgos
Ending Song "Yi Hou Bie Zuo Peng You"
(以後别做朋友; "Don't Be Friends From Now On")[9]
Eric Chou Wu Yi-wei Eric Chou
Insert Songs "Ru Guo Bi Ci"
(如果彼此; "If Each Other")
Ai Yi-liang Jopo Chou Justin Cho
"Wo Bu Zhi Dao Ai Shi Shen Me"
(我不知道愛是什麼; "I Don't Know What Love Is")
Ai Yi-liang Jin Guisheng
"Ai Zou Diao"
(愛走掉; "Gone Is Love")
Hu Xia Ho Chi-hung Eric Chou
1990s Songs featured in the drama [10] "Ai Ni Deng Yu Ai Zi Ji"
(愛你等於愛自己; "Loving You Is Loving Me")
Wang Leehom Lin Xi James Gicho
Pontus Söderqvist
"Gong Zhuan Zi Zhuan"
(公轉自轉; "Revolution")
Wang Leehom Yao Chien Samuel Waermö
"Bubai de Lianren"
(不敗的戀人; "Unbeatable Lover")
Vivian Hsu Sugar Lee Tao Zongci
"Ni de Dianhua"
(你的電話; "Your Phone Call")
Pauline Lan
Chang Kuo-hsi

Eric Chou appears in ep.4, ep.10, ep.14 and ep.16 as a pop singer, performing his song live.[11]

Pauline Lan and the band TOLAKU appear in ep.5 as themselves, performing their song on stage.

Production edit

TVBS launch of its own drama division in 2013, The Way We Were was announced to be the third drama being made by TVBS.[12]

It began filming in Taipei, Taiwan, on 31 March 2014 and ended on 1 July 2014. It reported more than 2 million NTD were spent on 2 days of filming in Shanghai.[13] It first aired in Taiwan on the Public Television Service and TVBS on 19 July 2014. And at same time, it aired in China by online video platform site iQIYI.[14]

Special appearances edit

As her production, Lin invited good friends of her as cameo role or mentioned them by characters. Dylan Kuo guest stars in the earlier episodes, as he said "(I) have to be in Ruby Lin's drama."[15] His character mentioned Peter Ho's name in ep.1 as an in-joke; Ho is a good friend of Kuo and Lin's in real life.[16] In ep.3, Ruby Lin's character watched celebrity Alec Su on TV.[17] It was another in-joke since Lin had been very good friends with Su since 1997, with the media over the years frequently asking them whether they were dating.[18] Lin's own name as well as her claim-to-fame TV series My Fair Princess (1998-1999) are also mentioned in several episodes as in-jokes.

In addition, every episode begins with a short message from a celebrity friend of Lin's on the topic of "farewell", including Kevin Tsai (ep.1), Zhang Ziyi (ep.2), Mark Chao (ep.3), Peter Ho (ep.4), Vivian Hsu (ep.5), Jerry Yan (ep.6), Huang Xiaoming (ep.7), Tony Yang (ep.8), David Tao (ep.9), Patty Hou (ep.10), Huang Bo (ep.11), Shu Qi (ep.12), Cecilia Cheung (ep.13), Richie Jen (ep.14), Rainie Yang (ep.15), and Ethan Juan (ep.16).[19]

DVD release edit

  • December 17, 2014: The Way We Were (DVD) (Taiwan Version) (16個夏天 (DVD)(台灣版)) - Public Television Service Foundation. (TW) - DVD Region 3 - 8 Dics (Ep.1-16)[20]

Accolades edit

Lan Zu-wei, chairman of the 50th Golden Bell Awards jury and film critic, said “The Way We Were” is an outstanding production on the strength of its complete storyline and high artistic and commercial values.[21] The series was praised for using character modeling, transformation of Taiwan's landscape and changes in characters' personalities to show 16 years of changes in the Taiwanese society.[22] “The Way We Were” selected as top ten 2015 Chinese-language TV series by Yazhou Zhoukan (Asia Weekly).[23]

List of awards and nominations
Award Category Nominee Result
The 50th Golden Bell Awards Best Television Series The Way We Were Won
Best Actress Ruby Lin Nominated
Best Actor Weber Yang Nominated
Best Supporting Actress Ann Hsu Won
Best Supporting Actor Melvin Sia Nominated
Best Directing Fu-Hsiang Hsu Won
Best Writing Zheng-Zhe Du Nominated
The 20th Asian Television Awards Best Actress Ruby Lin Nominated
The 8th Straits Film and Television Festival Awards Favorite Taiwanese TV drama Won

Broadcast edit

On 12 August, Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) said The Way We Were is to be broadcast on 13 TV channels in Honduras, Guatemala, Panama, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Paraguay and the Dominican Republic — seven of Taiwan's 22 diplomatic allies — and in Argentina, Colombia and Mexico.[24] It was chosen by the ministry following a strict screening process and will be the second Taiwanese TV series to be aired in Latin America.[25]

Network Country Airing Date Timeslot
PTS   Taiwan July 19, 2014 Saturday 9:00–10:30 pm
TVBS July 19, 2014 Saturday 10:00–11:30 pm
KTSF   United States March 3, 2015 Mon-Fri 9:00–10:00 pm
KSCI March 9, 2015 Mon-Fri noon – 1:00 pm
TVB Chinese Drama   Hong Kong April 4, 2015 Saturday 13:00–14:55
TVB J2 August 30, 2016 Mon-Fri 19:00–20:00
LS Times TV   Canada June, 2015 Mon-Fri 13:00–14:45
Astro Shuang Xing   Malaysia August 5, 2015 Sun-Thurs 16:00–17:00
SDTV   Mainland China March 11, 2016 Mon-Sun 22:00–23:40
VTV3   Vietnam December 12, 2016 Mon-Sun 17:00–19:00
Willax   Peru May 21, 2018 Mon-Fri 5:00 pm

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