The Voice (franchise)

The Voice is an international reality television singing competition franchise. It is based on the reality singing competition The Voice of Holland, which was originally created by Dutch producer John de Mol and Dutch singer Roel van Velzen. Many other countries adapted the format and began airing their own versions starting in 2010. It has become a rival to the Idols franchise, Rising Star and The X Factor. Up until 2020, the franchise was owned by Talpa Network. The current owner is ITV Studios.

The Voice
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Created byJohn de Mol
Roel van Velzen
Original workThe Voice of Holland
OwnerTalpa Media (until 2019)
ITV Studios (2019–present)
Films and television
Television seriesThe Voice (see international versions)
The Voice Kids
The Voice Teens
The Voice Senior
The Voice Rap
The Voice All Stars
The Voice Generations
Original musicThis is The Voice (theme song) composed by Martijn Schimmer
First aired17 September 2010; 11 years ago (2010-09-17)
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Talpa's John de Mol Jr., creator of Big Brother, first created The Voice concept with Dutch singer Roel van Velzen. Erland Galjaard, a Dutch program director, asked John de Mol about whether he could come up with a format that went a step further than The X Factor. De Mol then came up with the idea of Blind Audition. He wanted the show's image to be about the focus on singing quality alone, so the coaches must be top artists in the music industry. The rotating chairs concept was invented by Roel van Velzen. It would also be the first talent show in which social media was actively involved.[1]

On 17 September 2010, The Voice of Holland began to air on RTL 4 with Angela Groothuizen, Roel van Velzen, Nick & Simon, and Jeroen van der Boom as the mentor-judges (dubbed as "coaches") of the show.[2] The show proved to be an instant success in the Netherlands.[3][4]

The format was later sold to different countries, in many cases replacing a previous Endemol music contest format, Operation Triumph / Star Academy.

Original formatEdit

The show's format features five stages of competition: producers' auditions, blind auditions, battle rounds, knockouts (since 2012), and live performance shows.

Blind auditionsEdit

Contestants are aspiring singers drawn from public auditions, which are not broadcast and active recruitment. Unlike Idols and The X Factor, the producers pick fewer contestants (usually from 100, up to 200 contestants), which are deemed "the best artists", to perform in the broadcast auditions.[1] The first televised stage is the blind auditions, in which the four coaches, all noteworthy recording artists, listen to the contestants in chairs facing away from the stage so as to avoid seeing them. If a coach likes what they hear from that contestant, they press a button to rotate their chairs to signify that they are interested in working with that contestant. If more than one coach presses their button, the contestant chooses the coach he or she wants to work with. The blind auditions end when each coach has a set number of contestants to work with. Coaches will dedicate themselves to developing their singers mentally, musically and in some cases physically, giving them advice, and sharing the secrets of their success.


The contestants who successfully pass the blind auditions proceed to the battle rounds, where the coaches put two or sometimes three of their own team members against each other to sing the same song together in front of a studio audience. After the vocal face-off, the coach must choose only one to advance. If no specific winner can be identified, either the competition turns to a game of fate via a coin toss, or the coach may combine them into a duo throughout the rest of the competition. In rare cases the coach can also choose to advance neither one (As seen in season eight of The Voice of Holland). In some versions, there are steals where opposing coaches can steal a contestant who was voted off by their own coach by pressing their button. As in the blind auditions, if more than one coach presses their button, the contestant chooses which coach they want. Each coach has a set number of steals, usually one or two (raised to three in the seventh season of The Voice Brasil).


The knockout round was introduced in 2012, and is implemented in some versions. The winners of the battle rounds proceed to this round (dubbed Super-battle round/Sing-off in some versions).

As in the battle rounds, coaches put members (usually 2/3/4, rarely 6 or 10) of their own team members to compete against each other. This time, the contestants choose their own song to perform individually while the other watches and waits. After that, the coach chooses one to advance while the other is sent home. At the end of the knockout rounds, the strongest members of each coach's roster proceed to the live stage shows. Some versions include steals. Like in the battle round, the opposing coaches can steal a contestant who was voted off by their own coach by pressing their button. Similar to the blind auditions, if more than one coach presses their button, the contestant chooses which coach they want.

Live showsEdit

In the final performance phase of the competition, the top contestants from each team compete against each other during a live broadcast. The television audience vote to save one contestant on each team, leaving the coach to decide on live television who they want to save and who will not move on. In the next round, the public chooses between the two artists left on each team, and the coach also has a vote that weighs equally with the public vote.

Finally, each coach will have his/her best contestant left standing to compete in the finals, singing an original song. From these four or five, one will be named "The Voice"—and will receive the grand prize of a recording contract and a cash prize. Universal Music Group is the general record company associated and affiliated with The Voice format in most countries.

Social media participationEdit

One of the cornerstones of The Voice format is the social media participation via Twitter, Facebook and the specially designed platform "connect". Users are able to log in via their Facebook account and retrieve background information about the show. The platform also offers the possibility to stream the show online as well as to vote, interact with friends and to discuss various topics and questions asked by the producers throughout the show.[5]

Format variationsEdit

Blind audition twistsEdit

No conversations if no turnEdit

Starting from the fifth season of The Voice of Holland,[6] if all the coaches rejected one specific contestant, they would leave the stage straight away, without any conversations with the coaches, and the chairs would remain unturned. The format is currently also used in some other versions such as Glasat na Bulgaria, The Voice of Poland, The Voice South Africa, Lietuvos Balsas, The Voice of Mongolia and most notably, the British version. Other versions that used this format consist in the fifth and eighth season of Vocea României,[7] the fourth to sixth seasons of The Voice Belgique, the sixth season of The Voice of Albania, in the second season of The Voice Afrique, from sixth to eighth season of The Voice: la plus belle voix, from sixth to seventh, and the eleventh season of La Voz Mexico, the eighth season of Holos Krainy, in the third season of The Voice Cesko Slovensko, and The Voice Nigeria.

Block ButtonEdit

The American version introduced a new mechanism in the blind auditions on the fourteenth season: the Block button. When a coach wants to get the specific contestant but does not want another coach to do so, they may press the block button to block them from getting the contestant, and then turn around at the same time. The coach who is blocked will not know until pressing their red button and, after that, they will get the word "blocked", instead of their name in the LED floor. A coach can use the block button once in a season (the number of allowed blocks varies in other versions, which are described below), and only one block is allowed per audition. The Block twist was then applied in:

  • The Voice of Italy season 5, with a slight change: the block buttons only block the coach, and the person who presses the block button only turns around by pressing the main button. It is rather risky because if only the blocked coach turns around, it is considered that no coaches turned for the contestant. This slight change was removed in season 6, where, also, the number of blocks was raised to two for each coach.
  • Giọng hát Việt season 5.[8] Starting on season 6, a coach can turn their chair first, and then press the block button to block another coach.
  • The Voice Brasil season 7, where the blocks are also possible in the battles round.[9] When the coach presses the block button, the non-turned coaches' chair lights turn blue until the blocked coach turns. Starting from season 8, the number of blocks was raised to two for each coach, only in the blinds.
  • La Voz Mexico season 7. In season 8 after it acquired by TV Azteca, although the button is present, coaches were not given any blocks to use, It returned in season 9, with each given two blocks to use. In season 11, the blocks were increase to four per coach.
  • Vocea României season 8.[10]
  • The Voice Kids of Vietnam season 6, which was the first of The Voice Kids. In season 7, the number of blocks was raised to two per coach, and when the blocked coach presses their button to turn, the chair does not turn around. However, the contestants are able to unblock the blocked coach and choose that team. In season 8, block available is reduced from two to one block per coach (as like in season 6).
  • The Voice Portugal season 6.[11] In season 8, they applied the rule of blocking a coach even when they are already turned; also, blocks are increased to two. From season 9, two coaches can be blocked in a single audition.
  • The Voice of Greece season 5, with the number of available blocks being four for each coach.[12]
  • The Voice Belgique season 8.[13] From season 9, block available is increased to two for every coach.
  • The Voice Thailand season 7, with the number of blocks being two per coach. In season 8, the number of blocks was raised to three.[14]
  • Spanish La Voz season 6, with the number of blocks being three for each coach. When the blocked coach presses their button to turn, the chair does not turn around.[15]
  • The Voice: la plus belle voix season 8.[16] In season 11, blocks given to coaches is raised to two.
  • United States' Spanish La Voz season 1. In season 2, the number of blocks was increased to two.[17]
  • Spanish La Voz Kids season 5, with each coach given two blocks to use. When the blocked coach presses their button to turn, the chair does not turn around.[18] In season 7, blocks given to coach raised to three with two coaches can be blocked in single audition.
  • Holos Krainy season 9. Although the block button is present, the "coach name on the LED floor" isn't. Instead, when the blocked coach presses their button to turn, they will see the LED lines towards them staying red (as if they had not turned around). In season 10, the coach's name on the floor was present. In season 11, the block button was removed.[19]
  • La Voix season 7.[20]
  • The Voice van Vlaanderen season 6. In season 7, the block button was removed.
  • The Voice India season 3.[21]
  • Glasat na Bulgaria season 6. In season 7, when the blocked coach tries to turn around, the chair will not turn. It was removed in season 8, where, also, blocks are increased to two for every coach.
  • The Voice ישראל season 5.[22]
  • French The Voice Kids season 6.[23]
  • Lietuvos balsas season 7.
  • The Voice Indonesia season 4.[24]
  • The Voice – أحلى صوت season 5.[25]
  • O Ses Türkiye season 9.[26] The coaches have unlimited blocks to use. 2 coaches can be blocked at the same audition, and can be used even after the performance of the contestant.
  • The Voice Hrvatska season 3.[27]
  • Filipino's The Voice Teens season 2, which was the first of The Voice Teens. The number of available blocks is two for each coach.[28]
  • Belgium-Flanders' The Voice Kids season 5, with two blocks for each coach.[29]
  • The Voice Australia season 9.[30] The number of available blocks is two for each coach, and it also has a slight difference. The coach who wants to use the block and the coach who is being blocked have to turn before any block can be used.[31] From season 11, block button can be used even after the contestant's performance.
  • The Voice of Korea season 3.
  • The Voice Kids Thailand season 7.
  • The Voice of Poland season 11, with two blocks for each coach, and two coaches can be blocked in one audition. "Block" button can be used even after a contestant's performance.
  • The Voice UK season 10.[32]
  • Italian The Voice Senior season 1, which was the first of The Voice Senior.
  • Spanish La Voz Senior season 2 and when the blocked coach presses their button to turn, the chair does not turn around.
  • Portuguese The Voice Kids season 2, with two blocks per coach, and coaches can block another one after they have turned around.
  • O Ses Türkiye RAP season 1.
  • The Voice Kids Indonesia season 4, with two blocks for each coach.
  • The Voice საქართველო season 4.
  • La Voz Peru season 4, with the number of available blocks being three for each coach.[33]
  • Peruvian La Voz Senior season 1, with the number of blocks being three for each coach. Two coaches can be blocked in one audition.
  • The Voice of Holland season 12. Coaches can block another coach after they have turned around.
  • The Voice of Finland season 11.Coaches press the block button first and then the main button for the block to be valid.
  • Peruvian La Voz Kids season 4.
  • Lietuvos Balsas. Kartos season 1, which is the first of The Voice Generations.
  • The Voice of Mongolia season 3. With each coach given two blocks to use. Coaches turn their chair first, and press the block button.
  • La Voz Argentina season 4.With three blocks given per coach. Coaches press the block button and turn their chair.
  • The Voice All Stars Thailand season 1, which is the first of The Voice All Stars.
  • La Voz Kids Colombia season 6. With three blocks given per coach, and when the blocked coach presses their button to turn, the chair does not turn around.

Mute ButtonEdit

The sixth season of The Voice Kids of Vietnam had a new feature called "Mute button". As its name implies, the muted coach will not be allowed to speak, but they can still do all the kind of body language to convince the contestant to join their team. The Mute only adds excitement to the program, as contestants can still pick the muted coach. Each coach has only one Mute per audition.[34] It was shortly removed in seventh season then returned in the eighth season.

Wildcard Round / The Comeback StageEdit

The Wildcard round was introduced in the first two seasons of The Voice of Holland, wherein the selected failed contestants of the blind auditions were screened and would perform via radio program Radio 538. Some coaches will select if they want that contestant on their team to compete in the battles, but it was abandoned in the later seasons. It was reintroduced in the 15th season of the U.S. version where it is now called as "The Comeback Stage". On it, a fifth coach will mentor six contestants that failed to make a team in the blind auditions, and they will compete against each other in a digital companion series, with the winner securing a spot in the Top 13.[35] Later, it was removed on the seventeenth season. This was acquired in the ninth season of The Voice of Germany, in the fourth season of The Voice Indonesia, in the second season of La Voz USA, in the seventh season of La Voz,[36] in the tenth season of The Voice of Finland, in the seventh season of The Voice van Vlaanderen, in the third season of La Voz Argentina, in the tenth season of The Voice Brasil, in the twelfth season of The Voice of Holland, in the eleventh season of The Voice: la plus belle voix the twelfth season of Holos Krainy and in the third season of The Voice Chile


The sixth season of Giọng hát Việt introduced The Switch. Coaches with a full team could press the Switch button to swap one contestant with another contestant that expressed interest in the coach. Each coach only has one Switch during the course of the Blind auditions. The Special coach was also introduced this season, a role that shares similarities with the U.S. version's Comeback Stage coach. Instead of turning away from the stage as usual, the special coach's chair stay towards the stage during all performances, allowing him/her to know how the contestants look like, he/she has the ability to choose unlimited contestants, unlike other coaches, and his/her selection button is still valid even when the contestant has finished his/her performance. However, the special coach can only select contestant that were not chosen by three other coaches.

No limitEdit

In season ten of The Voice of Australia (which is later removed in Season 11 which coaches can only have 12 artists), the judges had an no limit on the number of contestants they could turn for during the blind auditions.[37] This follows coach, Guy Sebastian, "breaking the rules" in season nine by turning for Wolf Winters after his team was already full.[38] However in order to balance out numbers, a following round (held straight after the blind auditions) called The Cut was introduced, where the judges hold a private callback session with their team to battle for five spots in the Knockout Rounds.[39] Each judge groups their team by specific themes and tasks each artist to perform their rendition of a chosen song before finalising their team.[39] This rule was also applied in the eighth season of Glasat na Bulgaria, where coaches can have unlimited contestants on their team. However, at the end of Blind Auditions, the coaches have to cut down to 14 contestants to the next round. This also applied in the second season of The Voice Dominicana

Battle PassEdit

The eleventh season of The Voice of Australia introduced the "Battle pass". In this twist, coaches will have a new additional silver button, in addition to the four ones which coaches can press to send automatically the contestant to the battle rounds. Each coach could only press the button once in the entire blind auditions.

Battles twistsEdit

The seventh season of The Voice of Holland features non stop steal, which means that steals during the battle rounds follow a hot-seat procedure: a coach may replace his or her stolen contestant as many times as he or she likes until the end of the battles. This feature also applies in the seventh season of The Voice of Poland, the seventh season of Vocea României, fifth season of The Voice van Vlaanderen,[40] the fifth season of The Voice Portugal, the seventh season of Holos Krainy, the sixth season of The Voice: la plus belle voix, the fourth season of The Voice Ahla Sawt, the fifth season of The Voice ישראל, the sixth season of Giọng hát Việt and the ninth season of The Voice of Germany (dubbed "Steal Room").

Another format was introduced in the fourth season of La Voz Kids España.[41] The remaining contestants that was saved by the coaches will proceed to the fast-paced Battle Rounds wherein the supercoach will decide who will proceed to the live semi-finals.

The fifth season of Giọng hát Việt features no-elimination, which is used only once throughout the battles when a coach does not want to eliminate one of two their contestants and wants to keep them in the next round. A coach has to ask and gets consent from both contestants. After getting consent, two contestants were retained and would become a duo (they were not a solo-contestant), combined together throughout the rest of the competition; if a coach does not get consent, they must choose only one to advance to the knockouts as the original format.[42]

Knockouts twistsEdit

The third season of The Voice South Africa introduced a new way to conduct the Knockout round: After each contestant's solo performance, the respective coach will have to decide whether they are in the Safe Zone (which means qualified for the Battles) or the Danger Zone (at risk of elimination). Each coach can only send three contestants to the Safe Zone but also have two steals across the round. After all members from one team have concluded their performances, the coach will save a number of artists from the Danger Zone to move on to the Battles. Contestants who are sent to the Danger Zone but not chosen by their coach or get stolen by another coach will be eliminated. However, audience can also vote for the artist in the Danger Zone by televoting.[43] This rule was then applied in the eighth season of The Voice: la plus belle voix, where six artists will be chosen for the Safe Zone, but public's vote is not included. Also, in the third season of The Voice Nigeria.

Live shows twistsEdit

The cross-battle was introduced in the semi-final round of the fourth season of The Voice of Holland.[44] In this round, two contestants from two different teams compete against each other and the public vote determines who will advance. This also applies from the fifth until the seventh season of The Voice Brasil, from the third until the seventh season of The Voice of Greece, as well as the sixteenth season of The Voice, the second season of La Voz in the United States or also on the tenth season of The Voice, la plus belle voix in France, and also in the eighth season of Glasat na Bulgaria.

An All-Star formatEdit

In the eighth and ninth seasons of The Voice Australia, introduced a new twist in the show which a group of former contestants from the past seasons compete also with the new talents. Diana Rouvas and Chris Sebastian from first season of the show was hailed as a grand champion in two consecutive seasons. It was applied in the tenth season of The Voice of Germany as part of their 10th anniversary season special and in the eighth season of The Voice Portugal.

On the other hand, an All-Star edition which is only for the previous candidates, was announced as mentioned by the ITV Studios' for global entertainment President Maarten Meijs last September 2020. TF1 will be the first broadcaster to air the series under of The Voice: la plus belle voix.[45][46] The format was also then applied in The Voice of Finland,[47] The Voice Thailand and The Voice Indonesia.

Non-televised showsEdit

There were non-televised shows as not seen in the various format of the franchise such as The Voice of the Ocean (US) with Princess Cruises,[48] The Voice of the Sea (Italian) with Costa Cruises,[49] The Voice Univa and The Voice Teens Univa (Spanish) with Grupo Telecentro in México.[50]

The Voice around the worldEdit

A combined 556 singers have won The Voice, The Voice Kids, The Voice Teens, The Voice Senior, The Voice All Stars, The Voice Rap and The Voice Generations in 65 countries/regions. Each winner is given a recording contract, a monetary prize, and a title as that nation's "Voice". The first winner was Ben Saunders of The Voice of Holland. The most recent was Pablo Rojas of the Chilean version of The Voice.

Location of The Voice versions:
  With own version of The Voice
  With own version of The Voice Teens
  With own versions of The Voice and The Voice Kids
  With own versions of The Voice, The Voice Kids and The Voice Teens
  With own versions of The Voice, The Voice Kids and The Voice Senior
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  Original version of The Voice Generations
Country/Region Local title Network Winners Coaches Hosts
Afghanistan[51] آواز افغانستان
The Voice of Afghanistan
Tolo TV (1–2)
  • Season 1, 2013: Jawed Yosufi
  • Season 2, 2014: Najibullah Shirzad
  • Aryana Sayeed (1)
  • Qais Ulfat (1–2)
  • Nazir Khara (1–2)
  • Obaid Juenda (1–2)
  • Fereshta Samah (2)
Africa Françafrique The Voice Afrique Francophone VoxAfrica
  • Season 1, 2016–17: Pamela Baketana
  • Season 2, 2017–18: Victoire Biaku
  • Season 3, 2020–21: Lady Shine
The Voice Afrique Francophone Kids[52]
  • Season 1, 2022: New series
  • Willy Dumbo
The Voice of Albania1 Top Channel
  • Ledion Liço (1–6)
  • Marina Vjollca (backstage, 1)
  • Kiara Tito (backstage, 5)
  • Mishel Rrena (backstage, 5)
  • Fjoralba Ponari (backstage, 6)
The Voice Kids
The Voice Angola5 Dstv
  • Season 1, 2015–16: Mariedne Feliciano
  • Dinamene Cruz
  • Weza Solange (backstage)
Arab World The Voice – أحلى صوت
The Voice – Best Voice
  • Season 1, 2012: Mourad Bouriki
  • Season 2, 2013–14: Sattar Saad
  • Season 3, 2015: Nedaa Sharara
  • Season 4, 2018: Dumooa Tahseen
  • Season 5, 2019: Mahdi Ayachi
  • Current
  • Nardine Farag (4–)
  • Yaser Al Sakkaf (backstage, 5–)
  • Former
  • Arwa Goudeh (1)
  • Mohammad Kareem (1–2)
  • Aimée Sayah (2–3)
  • Nadine Njeim (backstage, 1–2)
  • Moamen Nour (backstage, 3)
  • Badr Al Zaidan (backstage, 4)
The Voice Kids – أحلى صوت[54][55]
The Voice Kids – Best Voice
  • Season 1, 2016: Lynn Hayek
  • Season 2, 2017–18: Hamza Labyad
  • Season 3, 2020: Mohamad Islam Rmeih
  • Current
  • Nardine Farag (2–)
  • Badr Al Zaidan (2–)
  • Former
  • Aimée Sayah (1)
  • Moamen Nour (1)
The Voice Senior – أحلى صوت[56]
The Voice Senior – Best Voice
  • Season 1, 2020: Abdou Yaghi
Argentina La Voz Argentina[57][58]
The Voice Argentina18
Armenia[59] Հայաստանի ձայնը
The Voice of Armenia
Armenia TV (1–4)
  • Season 1, 2012–13: Meri "Masha" Mnjoyan
  • Season 2, 2013: Ana Khanchalyan
  • Season 3, 2014: Raisa Avanessian
  • Season 4, 2017: Hayk Ghulyan
Australia The Voice[60][61] Current
Seven Network (10–)
Nine Network (1–9)
The Voice Kids[62] Nine Network (1)
The Voice: Generations30[63]
Seven Network
  • Season 1, 2022: Caitlin & Tim Rizzoli
Azerbaijan[64] Səs Azərbaycan
The Voice of Azerbaijan
itv (2–)24
AzTV (1)
  • Season 1, 2015–16: Emiliya Yaqubova
  • Season 2, 2021–22: Nadir Rustamli
  • Season 3, 2023: Upcoming season
Səs Uşaqlar
The Voice Kids Azerbaijan
  • Season 1, 2020–21: Amina Hajiyeva
  • Leyla Quliyeva
The Voice van Vlaanderen (Dutch)
The Voice of Flanders
The Voice Kids (Dutch)
  • Season 1, 2014: Mentissa Aziza
  • Season 2, 2015–16: Jens Dolleslagers
  • Season 3, 2017: Katarina Pohlodkova
  • Season 4, 2018: Jade De Rijcke
  • Season 5, 2020: Gala Aliaj
  • Season 6, 2022: Karista Khan
  • Current
  • An Lemmens
  • Koen Wauters (6–)
  • Maksim Stojanac (backstage, 6–)
  • Former
  • Kürt Rogiers (backstage, 1–3)
  • Sieg De Doncker (backstage, 4–5)
The Voice Senior[65][66](Dutch)
  • Season 1, 2018: John Leo
  • Season 2, 2020: Roland Van Beeck
The Voice Belgique[67][68](French)
The Voice Belgium
La Une
  • Current
  • Maureen Louys
  • Fanny Jandrain (Blinds & K.O, 10)[69]
  • Former
  • Adrien Devyver (backstage, 1–3)
  • Walid (backstage, 4–6)
  • Cécile Djunga (backstage, 7)
The Voice Kids Belgique[70][71](French)
The Voice Kids Belgium
  • Season 1, 2020: Océana Siciliano
  • Season 2, 2022: Upcoming season
Brazil The Voice Brasil[72] Rede Globo
The Voice Kids[73]
The Voice +
Bulgaria Гласът на България[74]
The Voice of Bulgaria
  • Current
  • Ivan Tishev (8–)
  • Preyah (online backstage, 9–)
  • Former
  • Marten Roberto (1–3)
  • Victoria Terziyska (1; 3, Live shows)
  • Yana Marinova (2, Live shows)
  • Pavell (4–7)
  • Venci Venc' (4–7)
  • Emanuela Ivanova (online backstage, 1–3)
  • Gencho «NJOY» Genchev (TV backstage, 1)
  • Todor Georgiev-Toshey (online backstage, 4–5)
  • Elina Markova (online backstage, 6)
  • Aleksandra Petkanova (online backstage, 7–8)
Cambodia The Voice Cambodia Hang Meas HDTV
  • Chea Vibol (1–2)
  • Chan Keonimol (1–2)
The Voice Kids Cambodia
  • Season 1, 2017: Pich Thai
  • Season 2, 2018: Tep Piseth
  • Season 3, 2022: Upcoming season
  • Current
  • TBA (3–)
  • Former
  • Chea Vibol (1–2)
La Voix3[75][76][77][78][79](French)
The Voice
La Voix Junior (French)
The Voice Junior
  • Season 1, 2016: Charles Kardos
  • Season 2, 2017: Sydney Lallier
Chile The Voice Chile Current
Chilevisión (3–)
Canal 13
China (Mandarin) The Voice of China中国好声音
The Voice of China – Best Voice of China
Zhejiang TV
Colombia La Voz Colombia
The Voice Colombia
Caracol Televisión
  • Linda Palma (1–2)
  • Alejandro Palacio (1–2)
  • Carlos Ponce (1)
  • Diego Saenz (backstage, 1–2)
La Voz Kids[80][81][82]
The Voice Kids
La Voz Teens[83]
The Voice Teens
  • Season 1, 2016: Carol Mendoza
La Voz Senior[84][85]
The Voice Senior
Croatia The Voice – Najljepši glas Hrvatske (1–2)
The Voice – The Most Beautiful Voice of Croatia
The Voice Hrvatska[86](3)
The Voice of Croatia
HRT 1 Website
  • Iva Šulentić
  • Ivan Vukušić
Czech Republic & Slovakia Hlas Česko Slovenska (1–2)
The Voice of Czecho Slovakia
The Voice Česko Slovensko[87][88][89](3)
TV Nova
Faroe Islands
Voice – Danmarks største stemme
Voice – The Biggest Voice of Denmark16
TV 2 (1–2)
  • Season 1, 2011–12: Kim Wagner
  • Season 2, 2012: Emilie Paevatalu
  • Morten Resen (1)
  • Felix Smith (2)
  • Sigurd Kongshøj Larsen (backstage, 1)
Voice Junior[90] TV 2 (1–5)
Kanal 5 (6)
  • Season 1, 2014: Melina Neustrup Nielsen
  • Season 2, 2014: Aland Mustafa
  • Season 3, 2015: Isabel
  • Season 4, 2016: Oliver Arndt
  • Season 5, 2017: Dafne Stilund Nielsen
  • Season 6, 2019: Camille Haven Beck
  • Mikkel Kryger (1–5)
  • Emilie Paevatalu (1–2)
  • Amelia Høy (3–4)
  • Stephania Potalivo (5)
  • Ihan Hayder (6)
  • Jacob Riising (6)
Dominican Republic The Voice Dominicana[91] Telesistema 11
Ecuador La Voz Ecuador
The Voice Ecuador
Teleamazonas (1–2)
  • Season 1, 2015: Gustavo Vicuña
  • Season 2, 2016: Antonio Guerrero
  • Carlos Luís Andrade (1–2)
  • Constanza Baez (1)
  • Andrea Hurtado (2)
Finland The Voice of Finland[92] Nelonen
  • Current
  • Heikki Paasonen (5–)
  • Elina Kottonen (backstage, 7–)
  • Sami Kuronen (knockouts, 11–)
  • Former
  • Axl Smith (1–4)
  • Kristiina Komulainen (backstage, 1)
  • Tea Khalifa (backstage, 2)
  • Jenni Alexandrova (backstage, 3–5)
The Voice Kids
  • Season 1, 2013: Molly Rosenström
  • Season 2, 2014: Aino Morko
The Voice of Finland: All-Stars[93][94]29
  • Season 1, 2021: Andrea Brosio
The Voice Senior[95]
  • Season 1, 2022: Jaska Mäkynen
France The Voice – la plus belle voix12[96]
The Voice – The Most Beautiful Voice
The Voice Kids[97]
The Voice : All-Stars[99]29
Georgia Current
The Voice საქართველო[100](3–)
The Voice Georgia
ახალი ქართული ხმა (1–2)
The Voice of Georgia
1tv (4–)
Imedi TV (1–3)
  • Current
  • Ruska Makashvili (4–)
  • Former
  • Duta Skhirtladze (1–3)
  • Anna Imedashvili (1–3)
ახალი საბავშო ხმა
The Voice Kids
Imedi TV (1)
  • Season 1, 2013: Reziko Didebashvili
  • Samory Balde (1)
  • Ruska Makashvili (1)
Germany The Voice of Germany[101][102] ProSieben
The Voice Kids[103] Sat.1
  • Season 1, 2013: Michèle Bircher
  • Season 2, 2014: Danyiom Mesmer
  • Season 3, 2015: Noah-Levi Korth
  • Season 4, 2016: Lukas Janisch
  • Season 5, 2017: Sofie Thomas
  • Season 6, 2018: Anisa Celik
  • Season 7, 2019: Mimi & Josy
  • Season 8, 2020: Lisa-Marie Ramm
  • Season 9, 2021: Egon Werler
  • Season 10, 2022: Georgia Balke
  • Season 11, 2023: Upcoming season
  • Current
  • Thore Schölermann
  • Melissa Khalaj (7–)
  • Keanu Rapp (backstage-online, 9–)
  • Egon Werler (backstage-online, 10–)
  • Former
  • Chantal Janzen (3–4)
  • Debbie Schippers (5–6)
  • Aline von Drateln (backstage, 1)
  • Nela Lee (backstage, 2)
  • Marc van Velzen (backstage-online, 1–3)
  • Noah-Levi Korth (backstage-online, 4)
  • Jonas Ems (backstage-online, 5)
  • Iggi Kelly (backstage-online, 7)
  • Mimi & Josy (backstage-online, 8)
The Voice Senior[104][105] Sat.1
The Voice of Greece4 Current
Skai TV (3–)
Sigma TV (3–)
ANT1 (1–2)
  • Current
  • Giorgos Lianos (6–)
  • Valia Hatzitheodwrou (backstage, 8–)
  • Former
  • Giorgos Liagkas (1–2)
  • Giorgos Kapoutzidis (3–5)
  • Doukissa Nomikou (7)
  • Themis Georgantas (backstage, 1–2)
  • Elena Tsagrinou (backstage, 3)
  • Christina Bompa (backstage, 6)
  • Laura Narjes (backstage, 4–5, 7)
The Voice Kids ANT1
  • 2014–15: Cancelled[106]
Hungary The Voice – Magyarország hangja
The Voice – Voice of Hungary
TV2 (1)
  • Tamás Szabó Kimmel (1)
  • Miklós Bányai (backstage, 1)
Iceland The Voice Ísland
The Voice Iceland
Sjónvarp Símans (1–2)
  • Season 1, 2015: Hjörtur Traustason
  • Season 2, 2016–17: Karitas Harpa Davíðsdóttir
India The Voice India[107][108]21
&TV (1–2)
StarPlus (3)
The Voice India Kids &TV (1–2)
  • Season 1, 2016: Nishtha Sharma
  • Season 2, 2017–18: Manashi Saharia
Indonesia The Voice Indonesia[109][110]23 Current
GTV (3–)[111]
Website Former
Indosiar (1)
RCTI (2)
The Voice Kids Indonesia GTV
  • Current
  • Ananda Omesh
  • Ersa Mayori (backstage, 1–2, 4–)
  • Okky Lukman (guest, 4)
  • Former
  • Kaneishia Yusuf (online, 2)
  • Dian Ayu Lestari (backstage, 3)
  • Kimberley Fransa (online, 3)
The Voice All Stars GTV
  • Robby Purba
Iran The Voice Persia[112] MBC Persia
  • Season 1, 2022: New series
  • TBA
Ireland The Voice of Ireland RTÉ One (1–5)
Israel The Voice ישראל[113][114]
The Voice Israel
Channel 13
Italy[115] The Voice of Italy11[116][117] Rai 2
Rai HD
The Voice Senior[118] Rai 1
Kazakhstan Current
Qazaqstan дауысы
The Voice of Kazakhstan
Қазақстан Дауысы (1–3)
Голос Казахстана14 (4)
The Voice Kazakhstan
Qazaqstan TV (1–3, 5–)
Perviy Kanal Evraziya (4)
  • Season 1, 2013–14: Shaharizat Seidakhmet
  • Season 2, 2014–15: Bauyrzhan Retbaev
  • Season 3, 2015: Murat Xayrolda
  • Season 4, 2016–17: Dinmuhammed Dauletov
  • Season 5, 2021: Quralay Meyrambek
  • Current
  • Saken Maigaziyev (5–)
  • Alem (5–)
  • Mayra Muhammad (5–)
  • Arapbayeva Marzhan (5–)
  • Former
  • Medeu Arynbaev (1–2)
  • Nurlan Alban (1–3)
  • Almas Kishkenbayev (1–3)
  • Madina Saduakasova (1–3)
  • Rustem Nurzhigit (3)
  • Ali Okapov (4)
  • Eva Becher (4)
  • Nurlan Abdullin (4)
  • Zhanna Orynbasarova (4)
  • Current
  • Galym Kenshilik (5–)
  • Taukel Musilim (5–)
  • Former
  • Azamat Satybaldy (1–3)
  • Chingiz Kapin (4)
Qazaqstan дауысы. Балалар
The Voice of Kazakhstan. Kids
Голос Дети Казахстана14 (1)
The Voice Kids Kazakhstan
Qazaqstan TV (2–)
Perviy Kanal Evraziya (1)
  • Current
  • Dastan Orazbekov (2–)
  • Jubanish Jeksen (2–)
  • Zhanar Dugalova (2–)
  • Arapbayeva Marzhan (2–)7
  • Former
  • Ali Okapov (1)
  • Eva Becher (1)
  • Zhanna Orynbasarova (1)
  • Current
  • Galym Kenshilik (2–)
  • Gulnur Orazymbetova (backstage, 2–)
  • Former
  • Chingiz Kapin (1)
Lithuania Lietuvos Balsas[119]
The Voice of Lithuania
  • Season 1, 2012: Julija Jegorova
  • Season 2, 2013–14: Paulius Bagdanavičius
  • Season 3, 2014–15: Justina Budaitė
  • Season 4, 2015–16: Kotryna Juodzevičiūtė
  • Season 5, 2017–18: Monika Marija Paulauskaitė
  • Season 6, 2018: Gerda Šukytė
  • Season 7, 2020: Evita Cololo
  • Season 8, 2021: Meidė Šlamaitė
  • Season 9, 2022: Upcoming season
  • Current
  • Rolandas Mackevičius (4–)
  • KaYra (backstage, 8–)
  • Former
  • Vytautas Rumšas Jr. (1)
  • Inga Jankauskaitė (2–3)
  • Rolandas Vilkončius (2–3)
  • Jonas Nainys (4)
  • Žygimantas Barysas (backstage, 1)
  • Santa Audickaitė (backstage, 2–3)
  • Šarūnas Kirdeikis (backstage, 2–3)
  • Agnė Juškėnaitė (backstage, 4–5)
  • Ignas Lelys (backstage, 6)
  • Karolina Meschino (backstage, 7)
Lietuvos balsas. Vaikai[120]
The Voice of Lithuania. Kids
  • Season 1, 2019: Milėja Stankevičiūtė
  • Season 2, 2020: Matas Saukantas
  • Season 3, 2021: Džiugas Joneikis
  • Rolandas Mackevičius
  • Karolina Meschino (backstage, 2–)
Lietuvos balsas. Senjorai[121][122]
The Voice of Lithuania. Senior
  • Season 1, 2019: Gedeminas Jepšas
  • Rolandas Mackevičius
  • Karolina Meschino
Lietuvos Balsas. Kartos[123]
The Voice of Lithuania. Generations
  • Season 1, 2022: Hey! Mix
  • Rolandas Mackevičius
  • Ieva Mackevičienė
The Voice – 决战好声[124][125]
The Voice – Battle for the Best Voice
StarHub TV E City (1)
Astro AEC (1)
  • Sky Wu (1)
  • Ding Dang (1)
  • Gary Chaw (1)
  • Hanjin Tan (1)
  • Siow Hui Mei (1)
  • Wong Woon Hong (1)
Malta The Voice Kids25 TVM
  • Season 1, 2022: New series
  • Sarah Bajada
Mexico Current
La Voz (8–)[126]
The Voice
La Voz... México (1–7)[127]
The Voice... Mexico
Azteca Uno (8–)
Las Estrellas (1–7)
La Voz Kids[128][129]
The Voice Kids
Azteca Uno (3–)
Las Estrellas (1–2)
La Voz Senior[130]
The Voice Senior
Azteca Uno[131]
Mongolia The Voice of Mongolia[132] Mongol TV
  • Ankhbayar Ganbold
  • Uuganbayar Enkhbat
Myanmar The Voice Myanmar MRTV-4
  • Tayzar Kyaw
Nepal The Voice of Nepal Current
Himalaya Television (2–)
Kantipur (1)
Kantipur HD
  • Sushil Nepal
  • Oshin Sitaula
The Voice Kids Himalaya Television
  • Season 1, 2021–22: Jenish Upreti
  • Sushil Nepal
Netherlands (Original) The Voice of Holland[133]
The Voice Kids7[135]
  • Season 1, 2012: Fabiënne Bergmans
  • Season 2, 2012–13: Laura van Kaam
  • Season 3, 2013–14: Ayoub Maach
  • Season 4, 2015: Lucas van Roekel
  • Season 5, 2016: Ésmée Schreurs
  • Season 6, 2017: Iris Verhoek
  • Season 7, 2018: Yosina Roemajauw
  • Season 8, 2019: Silver Metz
  • Season 9, 2020: Dax Hovius
  • Season 10, 2021: Emma Kok
  • Season 11, 2022: Suspended[134]
The Voice Senior[136]
Nigeria The Voice Nigeria[137] Africa Magic
The Voice Kids
  • Season 1, TBA: New series
  • TBA
  • TBA
Norway The Voice – Norges beste stemme
The Voice – Norway's Best Voice
  • Season 1, 2012: Martin Halla
  • Season 2, 2013: Knut Marius
  • Season 3, 2015: Yvonne Nordvik Sivertsen
  • Season 4, 2017: Thomas Løseth
  • Season 5, 2019: Maria Engås Halsne
  • Season 6, 2021: Erlend Gunstveit
  • Season 7, 2022: Jørgen Dahl Moe
  • Season 8, 2023: Upcoming season
Peru La Voz Peru[138][139][140][141]
The Voice Peru
Latina Television
La Voz Kids
The Voice Kids
La Voz Senior
The Voice Senior
La Voz Generations[142]
The Voice Generations
  • Season 1, 2022: New series
  • TBA
  • TBA
Philippines The Voice of the Philippines[143][144] ABS-CBN
Kapamilya Channel
The Voice Kids[145]
The Voice Teens
Poland The Voice of Poland[148] TVP2
The Voice Kids
The Voice Senior[149]
Portugal Current
The Voice Portugal (2–)
A Voz de Portugal (1)
The Voice of Portugal
The Voice Kids
The Voice Gerações
The Voice Generations
  • Season 1, 2022: Current season
Vocea României[150]10
The Voice of Romania
Pro TV
Pro TV Chișinău
  • Current
  • Pavel Bartoș
  • Former
  • Roxana Ionescu (1)
  • Nicoleta Luciu (2–3)
  • Vlad Roșca (backstage, 1–3)
  • Oana Tache (backstage, 4–5)
  • Lili Sandu (backstage, 6–7)
  • Irina Fodor (backstage, 8)
  • Laura Giurcanu (backstage, 8)
Vocea României Junior
The Voice of Romania Junior
Russia Голос14
The Voice
Channel One
Голос. Дети14
The Voice Kids
Голос. 60+[151][152]
The Voice 60+
South Africa[137] The Voice South Africa[153][154][155] M-Net9
  • Season 1, 2016: Richard Stirton
  • Season 2, 2017: Craig Lucas
  • Season 3, 2019: Tasché Burger
  • Lungile Radu (1–2)
  • Anele Mdoda (3)
  • Stacey Norman (backstage, 1–2)
South Korea The Voice of Korea[156] Mnet9
The Voice Kids
  • Season 1, 2013: Kim Myung-ju
La Voz13[157][158][159][160]
The Voice
Antena 3[161][162] (6–)
Telecinco (1–5)
La Voz Kids
The Voice Kids
Antena 3[161] (5–)
Telecinco (1–4)
La Voz Senior[163][164]
The Voice Senior
Antena 3[161]
Sri Lanka The Voice Teens Sri Lanka[165]25 Sirasa TV
  • Season 1, 2020: Hashen Dulanjana[166]
  • Season 2, 2022: Pranirsha Thiyagaraja
The Voice Sri Lanka
  • Season 1, 2020–21: Harith Wijeratne
  • Season 2, 2022–23: Upcoming season
  • Dinithi Walgamage (1, Blind Auditions)
  • Kingsly Rathnayake (1, Battles)
  • Sumiran Gunasekara (1, Knockouts onwards)
Sweden The Voice Sverige
The Voice Sweden
TV4 (1)
  • Season 1, 2012: Ulf Nilsson
The Voice of Switzerland[167] SRF 1 (1–2)
3+ (3)
  • Season 1, 2013: Nicole Bernegger
  • Season 2, 2014: Tiziana Gulino
  • Season 3, 2020: Remo Forrer
Thailand The Voice เสียงจริงตัวจริง[168]
The Voice Thailand
PPTV36 (7–)
Channel 3 (1–6)
3 HD (1–6)
True4U (1–6)
  • Current
  • Songsit Roongnophakunsri
  • Former
  • Rinlanee Sripen (backstage, 2–6)
The Voice Kids[169] Current
PPTV36 (6–)
Channel 3 (1–5)
3 HD (1–5)
True4U (1–5)
  • Current
  • Songsit Roongnophakunsri
  • Sawitree Sutthichanon (6–)
  • Former
  • Rinlanee Sripen (1–5)
The Voice Senior[170][171] PPTV36
  • Season 1, 2019: Sanae Damkham
  • Season 2, 2020: Ah Fort
  • Songsit Roongnophakunsri
The Voice All Stars One31
  • Season 1, 2022: Current season
  • Songsit Roongnophakunsri
Turkey O Ses Türkiye[172][173][174]
The Voice Turkey
TV8 (4–)
Show TV (1)
Star TV (2–3)
  • Season 1, 2011–12: Oğuz Berkay Fidan
  • Season 2, 2012–13: Mustafa Bozkurt
  • Season 3, 2013–1427: Hasan Doğru
  • Season 4, 2014–15: Elnur Hüseynov
  • Season 5, 2015–16: Emre Sertkaya
  • Season 6, 2016–17: Dodan Özer
  • Season 7, 2017–18: Lütfiye Özipek
  • Season 8, 2018–19: Ferat Üngür
  • Season 9, 2019–20: Alkan Dalgakıran
  • Season 10, 2021–22: Hasan Koçak
O Ses Çocuklar7[175][176]
The Voice Kids
Star TV (1)
TV8 (2–3)
  • Season 1, 2014: Şahin Kendirci
  • Season 2, 2015: Bade Karakoç
  • Season 3, 2016: Derin Yeğin[177]
  • Jess Molho (1–3)
  • Sinem Yalçinkaya (backstage, 1)
  • Zeynep Dörtkardeşler (backstage, 2–3)
O Ses Türkiye RAP[178]
The Voice Turkey RAP
  • Season 1, 2021: Ekin Koşar
  • Heja
Ukraine Голос країни14
The Voice of Ukraine
  • Current
  • Yuri Gorbunov (5–)
  • Kateryna Osadcha (1–3, 6–)
  • Slava Demin (backstage, 11-)
  • Former
  • Andriy Domans'ky (1–3)
  • Olha Freimut (4–5)
  • Anatoliy Anatolich (backstage, 1–3)
  • Mykyta Dobrynin (backstage, 1–3)
  • Artem Gagarin (backstage, 8)
  • Roma Geniy (backstage, 10)
Голос. Діти14[179]
The Voice Kids
  • Andriy Domansky (1)
  • Kateryna Osadcha (1–5)
  • Yuri Gorbunov (2–5)
United Kingdom The Voice UK[citation needed] Current
ITV (6–)24
BBC One (1–5)
The Voice Kids[180][181] ITV24
United States
and Caribbean countries
The Voice8[182][183](English) NBC
La Voz Kids (Spanish)25
The Voice Kids
La Voz[184][185](Spanish)
The Voice
Uruguay La Voz Uruguay[186]
The Voice Uruguay
Canal 10
  • Season 1, 2022: Oscar Collazo
  • Season 2, 2023: Upcoming season
La Voz Kids[187]
The Voice Kids
  • Season 1, 2023: New series
  • TBA
  • TBA
Vietnam Giọng hát Việt[188]
The Voice of Vietnam
  • Phan Anh (1–3)
  • Nguyên Khang (4)
  • Phí Linh (5–6)
  • Phương Mai (backstage, 1)
  • V.Music band (backstage, 1)
  • Yumi Dương (backstage, 2)
  • Phạm Mỹ Linh (backstage, 3)
  • Tim (backstage, 4)
  • Đặng Quỳnh Chi (backstage, 4)
  • Ali Hoàng Dương (backstage-blind audition, 5–6)
Giọng hát Việt nhí[189](1–7)
The Voice Kids of Vietnam
Giọng hát Việt nhí – New Generation (8)
  • Thanh Thảo (1)
  • Trấn Thành (1)
  • Thanh Bạch (2–3)
  • Ngô Kiến Huy (4)
  • Phí Linh (6)
  • Ali Hoàng Dương (6)
  • Khả Ngân (7)
  • Gil Lê (7–8)
  • Thành Trung (5, 8)
  • Thanh Duy (backstage, 2)
  • Jennifer Phạm (backstage, 2)
  • Hoàng Oanh (backstage, 3)
  • Chi Pu (backstage, 4)
  • Đặng Quỳnh Chi (backstage, 5)


  1. ^ The Voice of Albania is also broadcast in Kosovo. People from Kosovo are also allowed to join the show.
  2. ^ The Chinese version allows people who can speak Mandarin to join starting from season 3. In 2016, there was a controversial issue between the producers of Chinese version of the series and Talpa on the copyright of The Voice of China. Therefore, the show was rebranded as Sing! China, and has no longer been part of The Voice franchise.[190]
  3. ^ While La Voix is broadcast all across Canada, people from provinces outside Quebec (excluding those from the Ottawa/Gatineau area and English-speaking communities at New Brunswick) are not allowed to join the show.
  4. ^ The Voice of Greece is also broadcast in Cyprus. Cypriots are also allowed to join the show.
  5. ^ The Voice Angola is also broadcast in Mozambique; people from Mozambique are also allowed to join the show.[53]
  6. ^ In the Australian version of The Voice, Joel Madden served as a solo coach from season 1 to 3. From the season 4 on, he was joined by his brother Benji Madden, and became as a duo coach called "The Madden Brothers". They also have served as the coach of the Australian version of The Voice Kids. Similar in the Turkish version of The Voice, Gökhan Özoğuz also served as a solo coach from season 3 to 4, before he was joined by Hakan Özoğuz for the following 2 seasons. But then, Gökhan goes as solo coach in the later seasons.
  7. ^ The Season 2 of the Turkish version of The Voice Kids was the only season which had four coaches' teams among all versions of The Voice Kids. However, the French, Indian-Hindustani, Dutch, Belgian, Spanish, German, British, Mexican, Thai, Portuguese, Peruvian, Nepalese, and Kazakh versions of The Voice Kids have confirmed to add a fourth coach.
  8. ^ The American version of The Voice is also broadcast in Canada and some Caribbean countries and territories; people from all Canadian provinces (excluding Quebec) are also allowed to join the show, as well as people from select Caribbean countries.
  9. ^ South African network M-Net is not to be confused with South Korean music channel Mnet.
  10. ^ Vocea României is also broadcast in Moldova; Moldovans are also allowed to join the show, provided they have a biometric passport or a visa (which is free for Moldovans).
  11. ^ The Voice of Italy is also broadcast in San Marino and Vatican, but people from Vatican City are not allowed to join the show.
  12. ^ The Voice – la plus belle voix is also broadcast in Luxembourg and Monaco. People from these countries can participates at the show.
  13. ^ La Voz is also broadcast in Andorra. People from Andorra are also allowed to join the show.
  14. ^ Although the Kazakh, Russian, and Ukrainian versions are never broadcast outside of their countries in the CIS area, people from other CIS countries (including Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine) are allowed to join of those shows.
  15. ^ A Supercoach was introduced in the fourth season of La Voz Kids España, wherein the remaining contestants by each coach that was saved from the battle rounds will fight in the fast-paced battle rounds wherein he/she will decide who will proceed in the next round. David Bisbal became a supercoach for season 4, but returned to his original position as a regular coach in season 5.
  16. ^ Voice – Danmarks største stemme is also broadcast in Faroe Islands and Greenland. People from Faroe Islands and Greenland are also allowed to join the show.
  17. ^ The Belgian-Flemish version of The Voice Kids introduced a trio coach which was the first in the whole franchise history. A trio was also featured in the first season of Lietuvos balsas. Kartos.
  18. ^ La Voz Argentina is also broadcast in Uruguay. People from Uruguay are also allowed to join the show.
  19. ^ In the fifteenth season of the U.S (English), the ninth season of the German, the fourth season of the Indonesian, the second season of the U.S (Spanish), the seventh season of the Spanish, the seventh season of the Belgian-Dutch, the tenth season of the Finnish, the third season of the Argentine, the tenth season of the Brazilian version, the twelfth season of Dutch and Ukrainian and the eleventh season of French version of "The Voice", a new round was created, called The Comeback Stage. It features a fifth coach, that's being Ballerini (on season 15) and Rexha (on season 16) for U.S. (English) version, Santos (on season 9), Schulte (on season 10) and Demirezer (on season 11) for German version, Tapiheru (on season 4) for Indonesian version, Mau y Ricky (on season 2) for U.S. (Spanish) version, Rodríguez (on season 7) for Spanish version, Tesoro (on season 7) for Belgian-Dutch version, Kuoppala (on season 10) for Finnish version, Mernes (on season 3) and MYA (on season 4) for Argentine version, Telo (on season 10) for Brazilian version, Typhoon and Steenwinkel (on season 12) for Dutch version, Zaritska and Matsola (on season 12) for Ukrainian version and Leroy (on season 11) for French version.
  20. ^ In season 2 of The Voice Afrique Francophone, A'salfo and Charlotte Dipanda originally signed up to serve as coaches full-time. However, due to a postponement which made the season finished later than planned, A'salfo and Dipanda were not able to resume their duties for the last four live shows because of pre-arranged commitments. Youssoupha and Josey replaced them, respectively, and served as coaches from the Quarterfinals until the end of the season.[191] In the third season, Youssoupha again returned as coach replacing Nayanka Bell for the live shows, due to Bell being unable to return because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  21. ^ The Voice India is also broadcast in Sri Lanka. People from Sri Lanka are also allowed to join the show.
  22. ^ Following the fraud scandal for season 6 of The Voice Kids Russia, the Russian channel closed the investigation by stating that there had been fraud for the winner, and announced that it canceled the results. The producer announced that the 9 finalists are all winners of this season.[192]
  23. ^ The Voice Indonesia is also broadcast in East Timor. People from East Timor are also allowed to join the show.
  24. ^ United Kingdom's ITV is not to be confused with Azerbaijan's itv network.
  25. ^ US Spanish, Malta, and Sri Lanka were the countries not to feature the regular edition as the first and main franchise which had Spanish Kid, Maltese Kid, and Teen versions respectively.
  26. ^ First time in the history of The Voice that a candidate winning the child version wins the adult version few years later in the same country with the same coach.
  27. ^ In the 3rd season of the Turkish version featured a whole and only team that went into the finale which is first worldwide.
  28. ^ Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, The Voice Teens Philippines declared team champions per coach for the first time in the history of the franchise which was Heart Salvador, Cydel Gabutero, Kendra Aguirre and Isang Manlapaz.
  29. ^ For the first-decade anniversary special of The Voice France, this is the first time in the history of The Voice that there will be 5 coaches for 5 seats under the first All-Stars version. The format was then applied in Finland where it only features 3 coaches.
  30. ^ For the first time in the history of The Voice, Australia is the first country to dedicate a The Voice only for members of a family who will come to sing together.


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