The Verona Trial

Il processo di Verona (internationally released as The Verona Trial) is a 1963 Italian historical drama film directed by Carlo Lizzani. The film tells of the final phases of the Italian fascist regime, in particular the affair of the 1944 Verona trial, in which Galeazzo Ciano, Emilio De Bono, Giovanni Marinelli and other eminent Fascist officials (Carlo Pareschi and Luciano Gottardi) were sentenced to death and almost immediately executed by a shooting detachment, while Tullio Cianetti was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment.[1]

The Verona Trial
The Verona Trial.jpg
Directed byCarlo Lizzani
Produced byDino De Laurentiis
Written bySergio Amidei
Ugo Pirro
StarringSilvana Mangano
Music byMario Nascimbene
CinematographyLeonida Barboni
Release date
March 2, 1963
Running time
120 minutes

For her portrayal of Edda Mussolini-Ciano, Silvana Mangano won the two major Italian film awards, the David di Donatello for Best Actress and the Silver Ribbon in the same category.[2]



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  • Carlo Lizzani, Ugo Pirro, Il Processo di Verona, Capelli, 1963

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