The Valhalla Murders

The Valhalla Murders (Icelandic: Brot, literally "violation") is an eight-episode police procedural television series produced in Iceland, originally airing there in 2019, then released worldwide in 2020 on Netflix.

The Valhalla Murders
Also known asBrot
Country of originIceland
Original language(s)
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes8 (list of episodes)
Production location(s)
Running time50 minutes (approx.)
Original networkRÚV
Picture format16:9 (1080i)
Audio formatStereo
Original release26 December 2019 - present
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Several seemingly unrelated people are found brutally murdered in various locations in Iceland. An enigmatic Norwegian detective is called in to help the Icelandic police force find a connection among the victims—besides their having been slain by what appears to be a serial killer who slashes the eyes of his victims post-mortem.

The lead local investigator is a veteran cop who is quietly seething at being passed over for promotion, but she has to find a way to put aside her disappointment and forge connections with both the woman promoted over her and the Norwegian visitor. An old photograph from a boys' school named Valhalla seems to be the link.

This is the first Icelandic series to be featured on Netflix. It is based, with the usual artistic license taken, on a real-life incident. As described in an article on the website MEAWW, "In the late 1940s, an almost similar event took place in remote Iceland. A state-run institution ... housed troubled, young boys, aged between seven and 14, where they were beaten and abused by the staff. Although in reality there was no murder, per se, as shown in the series, it caused quite a noise and the boys were eventually compensated in monetary terms."[1]


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