The Vacant Lot

The Vacant Lot is a short-lived comedy sketch show starring the comedy group of the same name, which CBC Television ran for only six episodes starting in December 1993.[1] The Vacant Lot was originally extended for another 13 episodes, which were scripted but never filmed when CBC phased out edgy comedy programs in favor of lighter fare such as This Hour Has 22 Minutes. The show was primarily directed by Rob Quartly and executive producers were Lorne Michaels, Pam Thomas and Jim Biederman, all of whom were producers of CBC's The Kids in the Hall.

Unlike The Kids in the Hall, The Vacant Lot consists of filmed sketches that were screened to a studio audience.

CBC sold the show to Comedy Central, which did not air the episodes until July 1994.[2] The Vacant Lot was shown as a Fourth of July marathon on that network.

Nick McKinney, a member of The Vacant Lot, is the brother of The Kids in the Hall member and Saturday Night Live veteran Mark McKinney.[3] The show's other cast members were Rob Gfroerer, Vito Viscomi, and Paul Greenberg, where they originally started as a trio until they met McKinney.

The Vacant Lot's opening theme music was "Pretty Vacant" by The Sex Pistols.

Episode listEdit

Episode 1 Blinded By The Light Boxing 1 You May Go...Now Chamber of Horrors Shiatzu Boxing 2 Customs Slept on His Arms Boxing 3
Episode 2 The Time Helmet Five Bucks! 1 Mr. Wiggle's Clubhouse Five Bucks! 2 The Head Five Bucks 3 Pamper Me Mr. Wiggle's Clubhouse 2
Episode 3 Laundry Day Fashions Steamies Burglar and Dog 1 Bonnet Of Mice and Snoopy Burglar and Dog 2 Burglar and Dog 3 The Silent Ventriloquist "We're Gonna Get Lucky Tonight" Song
Episode 4 Chocolate Mousse Nose Clippers Pants! The Musical Bus Stop I'm Bored Trash Can Fight 1 Pizza Delivery Trash Can Fight 2
Episode 5 Police Line-Up Emergency Rescue Jesus in the Classroom 1 Pygmalion Jesus in the Classroom 2 The Thread Jesus in the Classroom 3 Knee Slap
Episode 6 Party Music Killing Your Dad Dance Avant de Tomber Was the Party Too Loud, Mr. Smithers? Eggtown Boy 1 My Music Will Live On (This Song's Gonna Make A) Great Video Eggtown Boy


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