The Tunnel (1915 film)

The Tunnel (German:Der Tunnel) is a 1915 German silent drama film directed by William Wauer and starring Friedrich Kayßler, Fritzi Massary and Hermann Vallentin. It is the first of several film adaptations of Bernhard Kellermann's 1913 novel Der Tunnel about the construction of a vast tunnel under the Atlantic Ocean connecting Europe and America.[1] The film was made by Paul Davidson's PAGU production company, with sets designed by art director Hermann Warm.

The Tunnel
Directed byWilliam Wauer
Produced byPaul Davidson
Written byBernhard Kellermann (novel)
William Wauer
StarringFriedrich Kayßler
Fritzi Massary
Hermann Vallentin
Felix Basch
CinematographyAxel Graatkjær
Distributed byImperator-Film
Release date
Running time
97 minutes
German intertitles

It still survives, unlike many films from the era, and was restored in 2010.

Despite the fact that it was a silent film, Adolf Hitler was reported to be affected by both the film and the novel, finding that the power of oratory could influence masses and change the course of human events.[2]



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