The Torch (film)

The Torch (Spanish: Del odio nace el amor, meaning "love is born from hate") is a 1950 Mexican / American film directed by Emilio Fernández. The film is a remake of Enamorada (1946). The film is also known as Bandit General in the United Kingdom.

The Torch
The Torch FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed byEmilio Fernández
Produced byPaulette Goddard (associate producer)
Bert Granet (producer)
Written byEmilio Fernández (original screenplay) and
Íñigo de Martino (original screenplay)
Bert Granet (adaptation)
StarringSee below
Music byAntonio Díaz Conde
CinematographyGabriel Figueroa
Edited byCharles L. Kimball
Bert Granet Productions
Distributed byEagle-Lion Films
Release date
  • June 2, 1950 (1950-06-02) (United States)
  • August 19, 1950 (1950-08-19) (New York City, New York)
Running time
83 minutes
United States


The Mexican revolutionary General Jose Juan Reyes (Pedro Armendáriz) and his men descend upon and take over the small town of Cholula, Puebla, and take the money of the rich men of the zone for the Mexican Revolution. The revolutionary is a Robin Hood type vigilante that forces the local businessmen to bend to his will, while the townspeople admire him for his cause. Jose Juan falls in love with the Señorita Peñafiel, the explosive daughter of the richest man of the zone. Despite her disdain for Jose, he pursues her romantically. She is eventually won over. The original script is based on William Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew.



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