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The Thousand Miles is an upcoming live-action/hand-drawn animated comedy-drama film directed by Sylvain Chomet. The film is based on various works of Federico Fellini including his "unpublished drawings and writings".

The Thousand Miles
Directed bySylvain Chomet
Screenplay byDemian Gregory, Tommaso Rossellini (co-writer)
Based onvarious works of Federico Fellini


In 1950s Italy, a middle-aged Count goes on a magical odyssey through his past whilst he takes part in one of the world's most prestigious car races: le Mille Miglia.[1]


In 2014, it was announced that Sylvain Chomet, director of The Triplets of Belleville and The Illusionist, would be directing The Thousand Miles. Chomet explained "The film will weave live action and hand-drawn animation to portray the count's souvenirs"

When discussing the inspirations for The Thousand Miles and his previous film The Illusionist, Chomet said the following: "My creative vision has been constantly fuelled by two extraordinary filmmakers: Jacques Tati and Federico Fellini. With The Illusionist, I had the opportunity to directly explore my love for the work of Tati. Now, with The Thousand Miles, I can do just that with the magical world of Fellini." The film started production in 2015.


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