The Terrorist (1994 film)

The Terrorist (Arabic: الإرهابي‎, transliterated: Al-Erhabi) is a popular 1994 Egyptian film starring Adel Emam.

The Terrorist (Al-Erhabi)
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Directed byNader Galal
Written byLenin El-Ramly
StarringAdel Emam, Sherine
Release date
Running time
130 minutes


Adel Imam plays Brother Ali, an Islamic radical scheming against the government and Egyptian society. Hurt after escaping the scene of an assassination, he is taken in by a local modern Muslim family unaware of his radical ties. After living with the family and learning about tolerance and love, he has doubts about his views. He is killed by his former comrades after challenging their leader.[1][2][3]


The film, despite its controversial subject matter and the posting of police at theaters to guard against violence, was reportedly an immediate success in Egypt upon its release in 1994, earning back half of its US$447,000 budget in three days.[1] The Egyptian government was supportive of its message. Minister of Information Safwat El-Sherif stated that the movie "reveals, in a dramatic manner, the internal contradictions within the terrorist movement ... It illustrates that whenever anyone is allowed to see society clearly they give up extremism."[4][5]

After the Egyptian Revolution of 2011, Emam was sued by Islamist Asran Mansur, and sentenced (in absentia) in 2012 to three months in jail by an Egyptian court for allegedly "defaming Islam" for his role in this film and the play al-Zaeem (The Leader).[6][7]

Primary cast includesEdit

  • Adel Emam - Ali Abd-El-Zaher
  • Sherine - Sawsan


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