The Terminator Collectible Card Game

The Terminator is an out-of-print collectible card game by Precedence and is based on the movie from 1984.[1] It was released in October 2000.[1] The first and only set had 349 cards, although others claim 348 for a missing Extrapolate card.[1][2] The game was cancelled one year before Precedence closed as a company.[1]

The Terminator
Players2 or more
Setup time< 5 minutes
Playing time< 60 minutes

The game closely resembles Aliens vs. Predator Collectible Card Game and is compatible.[1] The game was said to have a role-playing feel as characters search for equipment, look for chances to attack, and comb the streets for characters important to the future.[3] Gameplay involves one player assuming the role of Skynet trying to eliminate the other player who plays as the human Resistance.[1] Players take turns by playing Location cards where they play Character cards.[4] A player may win in one of three ways: eliminating all of your opponent's main characters, fulfill 10 Mission Points from Mission cards, or safeguard/eliminate 10 Importance points worth of supporting characters.[1]

The game was criticized because in tournaments players would have to maintain two decks, one for Skynet and one for the Resistance.[1]


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