The System Within

The System Within is a 2006 film directed by Dale Resteghini and starring Chingy, Taimak, Kim Porter, Bryce Wilson, Tariq Alexander, and Hawthorne James.[1]

The System Within
The System Within.jpg
Directed byDale Resteghini
Written byDebora Heflin
Tariq Alexander
Produced byTariq Alexander
Kim Porter
Bryce Wilson
Tariq Alexander
Hawthorne James
Music byTariq Alexander
John Fitzgerald McGill
The System Within Film Production
Distributed byFirst Look International
Release date
  • 2006 (2006)
CountryUnited States


The film is about an internationally famous model, Tony "Wise" Good (who is played by Tariq Alexander), that fought his way out of the inner city and rocketed straight to the top. But his swift rise to the top didn't take him high enough to protect him from the sudden fall he experiences. The corrupt corporate world, the government's support and participation in that corruption, and the jealousy and greed of people he knew best, all leading to a rapid downward spiral into a living hell.[2]



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