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Ciucaș mountains, Prahova County, in the Curvature Carpathians
Ciucaș mountains, Prahova County

The Sub Carpathians of Curvature, Ciucaș, or Curvature Carpathians (Romanian: Carpații de Curbură, Hungarian: Kárpátkanyar), are located between Trotus Valley and Slanicul Buzaului Valley in Romania. They are a range of high hills (800-900 m), with knolls and parallel ridges (Magura Odobești), which separate two geologic depressions.

The Sub Carpathians are one of the three traditional classifications of the Eastern Carpathians in Romania:

  • in the north, the Carpathians of Maramureș and Bucovina (Munții Carpaţi ai Maramureșului și Bucovinei)
  • central, the Carpathians of Moldavia and Transylvania (Munții Carpaţi Moldo-Transilvani)
  • and the south, the Curvature Carpathians (Munții Carpați de Curbură)

They include:

Geologically, based on the divisions of the Carpathians, all of the Sub Carpathians are part of the Outer Eastern Carpathians.

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