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The Smurfs is an animated television series that originally aired on NBC from September 12, 1981 to December 2, 1989.[1] Created by Pierre "Peyo" Culliford and based on his comic series of the same name, it was composed by 256 episodes with 417 stories, but also of three cliffhanger episodes and seven specials.[2] The series was produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions with SEPP International S.A. and Lafig S.A. (on Seasons from 1 to 7 for the first and on Seasons 8 and 9 for the second, respectively).

Series overview

SeasonSegmentsEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
13926September 12, 1981 (1981-09-12)December 5, 1981 (1981-12-05)
24636September 18, 1982 (1982-09-18)December 4, 1982 (1982-12-04)[3]
35532September 17, 1983 (1983-09-17)November 26, 1983 (1983-11-26)
44826September 15, 1984 (1984-09-15)November 17, 1984 (1984-11-17)[3]
54024September 21, 1985 (1985-09-21)November 9, 1985 (1985-11-09)[3]
66136September 13, 1986 (1986-09-13)November 29, 1986 (1986-11-29)
76536September 19, 1987 (1987-09-19)December 5, 1987 (1987-12-05)
82416September 10, 1988 (1988-09-10)October 29, 1988 (1988-10-29)
93924September 9, 1989 (1989-09-09)December 2, 1989 (1989-12-02)
SpecialsN/A71980 (1980)December 13, 1987 (1987-12-13)



Season 1 (1981)

No. in
TitleWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
code [4]
U.S. households (millions)
11"The Astrosmurf"Len Janson (based on a concept by Peyo and Yvan Delporte)September 12, 1981 (1981-09-12)0128–81044.81[5]
Dreamy makes a birthday wish that he could fly to another planet before blowing out the candles and finds himself on another planet.
22"Jokey's Medicine"David VillaireSeptember 12, 1981 (1981-09-12)0128–8103B6.85[5]
"Vanity Fare"Gene Aryes0128–8101B
Greedy, Lazy, and Smurfette decide to punish Jokey after so many "surprises". They prank him, but find Azrael and end up captured by Gargamel.
Gargamel creates a magical mirror that serves as a portal to a parallel dimension. Vanity, after having his mirror broken in a smurfball match, goes to the forest and finds the mirror, getting trapped inside it.
33"St. Smurf and the Dragon"J. Michael ReavesSeptember 19, 1981 (1981-09-19)0128–81054.56[6]
Smurfette brings a baby dragon to the village and takes care of it.
44"Sorcerer Smurf"J.M. ReavesSeptember 19, 1981 (1981-09-19)0128–8107B6.52[6]
"The Magical Meanie"N/A0128–8107A
The Smurfs travel up a mountain to find Sorcerer Smurf, but of course, Sorcerer Smurf is Gargamel.
Brainy and Clumsy find a genie.
55"Bewitched, Bothered and Be-smurfed"N/ASeptember 26, 1981 (1981-09-26)0128–81083.67[6]
Hogatha loses her locket and goes to Gargamel for help. Meanwhile, Smurfette finds the locket.
66"King Smurf"Chuck Menville (based on a concept by Peyo and Yvan Delporte)September 26, 1981 (1981-09-26)0128–8103A5.54[6]
"The Smurfs and the Howlibird"J. Michael Reaves (based on a concept by Peyo and Yvan Delporte)0128–8106
Brainy takes advantage of Papa Smurf's absence and proclaims himself dictator of the village. Smurfette leads a resistance and the Smurfs begin a civil war, which only ends after Papa returns to the village.
The Smurfs are threatened by a howlibird and have to find a way to defeat it.
77"Soup a La Smurf"N/AOctober 3, 1981 (1981-10-03)0128–81104.89[7]
Big Mouth wants Soup a La Smurf, thanks to Gargamel.
88"All That Glitters Isn't Smurf"N/AOctober 3, 1981 (1981-10-03)0128–8111B6.44[7]
"Dreamy's Nightmare"0128–8109B
Gargamel captures Smurfs to make gold. Papa Smurf then cuts pieces of Smurfette's hair to make gold coins.
Dreamy goes on a trip around the world, but gets captured by Gargamel.
99"Romeo and Smurfette"N/AOctober 10, 1981 (1981-10-10)0128–81124.40[7]
Spring arrives, and the Smurfs ask for Smurfette in marriage (even Papa Smurf gets in the match). But Gargamel uses a hypnotic flower and Smurfette becomes “Evil” again, urging Handy and Hefty to fight violently for her love. Papa Smurf then deceives Gargamel with a hypnotic look. Thus, Papa Smurf, once inside the body of Gargamel, "attacks" the village of Smurfs, making everyone back together.
1010"The Magic Egg"N/AOctober 10, 1981 (1981-10-10)0128–8124A5.87[7]
"Smurphony in 'C'"0128–8113B
The Smurfs find an egg that grants wishes. They quickly succumb to their greed, and their accidental wishes cause chaos.
Gargamel tricks Harmony into putting the other Smurfs into a deep sleep.
1111"Sideshow Smurfs"N/AOctober 17, 1981 (1981-10-17)0128–81194.48[8]
A man kidnaps Smurfette and Clumsy and the other Smurfs come to their rescue.
1212"Supersmurf"Len JansonOctober 17, 1981 (1981-10-17)0128–8115A6.11[8]
"Paradise Smurfed"N/A0128–8116B
Brainy gains superpowers to protect the village from Bigmouth.
Lazy, Greedy and Brainy find a place that is like paradise, but it was all just a bad dream.
1313"Sir Hefty"N/AOctober 24, 1981 (1981-10-24)0128–81175.13[8]
Hefty becomes a knight to protect the village from a dragon.
1414"The Fake Smurf"N/AOctober 24, 1981 (1981-10-24)0128–8116A6.52[8]
"The Baby Smurf"Gene Ayres (based on a concept by Peyo and Yvan Delporte)0128–8115A
Hogatha turns herself into a Smurf to get back at them for destroying her locket.
Gargamel turns himself into a baby Smurf and Smurfette finds him takes him to the village.
1515"Painter and Poet"N/AOctober 31, 1981 (1981-10-31)0128–81215.30[9]
Painter and Poet run away due to them not being appreciated by the others, and Gargamel follows them.
1616"Haunted Smurf"N/AOctober 31, 1981 (1981-10-31)0128–8118B6.93[9]
"Purple Smurfs"0128–8118A
The Smurfs leave to look for food and enter a castle that they think is haunted.
A purple fly bites Lazy and he turns purple, causing him to say "GNAP GNAP!" and bite the other Smurfs, turning them into nasty, evil, angry purple smurfs as well.
1717"The Fountain of Smurf"N/ANovember 7, 1981 (1981-11-07)0128–81234.81[9]
The Smurfs give Papa Smurf a drink from the Fountain of Youth as gift, but he drinks too much and goes back to being a Smurfling. The Smurfs enlist Gargamel's help to get the book that has the spell to return Papa Smurf to his old self from the troll who took it in exchange for the water from the fountain.
1818"The Magnifying Mixture"N/ANovember 7, 1981 (1981-11-07)0128–81206.19[9]
"Foul Weather Smurf"

"The Magnifying Mixture": Brainy trips and accidentally enlarges Hefty.

"Foul Weather Smurf": Handy makes a machine to control the weather.
1919"The Hundredth Smurf"N/ANovember 14, 1981 (1981-11-14)0128–8113A5.30[10]
Vanity creates a new mirror out in the woods. Lightning strikes it and creates a new Smurf, which makes an issue for Vanity.
2020"The Abominable Snowbeast"N/ANovember 14, 1981 (1981-11-14)0128–81227.01[10]
"Gargamel, the Generous"
Some smurfs go to look for snow flower pollen, but Smurfette falls while reaching for it and she finds the Abominable Snowbeast.
Gargamel pretends to be nice to the Smurfs so he can get some diamonds.
2121"The Smurfette"Duane Poole, Tom Swale, Len Janson & Chuck MenvilleNovember 21, 1981 (1981-11-21)0128–81024.65[10]
Gargamel creates Smurfette to lure the Smurfs into his hands. Smurfette proves to be a true Smurf when she saves the others from Gargamel.
2222"Spelunking Smurfs"N/ANovember 21, 1981 (1981-11-21)0128–8125A5.95[10]
"Now You Smurf 'Em, Now You Don't"0128–8124B
Vanity and Clumsy find food for the Smurfs on the hottest day of summer.
Greedy and Vanity get captured by trolls using a crystal ball.
2323"The Smurf's Apprentice"Len JansonNovember 28, 1981 (1981-11-28)0128–8101A4.48[11]
"Smurf-Colored Glasses"N/A0128–8109A
Wanting to be popular, Clumsy steals one of Gargamel's magic spells, but it backfires and turns him into a lizard.
Handy makes Smurfette red-lensed glasses which makes everything and everyone look charming. However, Gargamel kidnaps her to make her evil again.
2424"The Clockwork Smurf"N/ANovember 28, 1981 (1981-11-28)0128–81265.30[11]
Handy makes Clockwork Smurf. Later, Clockwork leaves the village to help prince Gerald into becoming a king.
2525"Fuzzle Trouble"N/ADecember 5, 1981 (1981-12-05)0128–8111A4.81[11]
"Smurfette's Dancing Shoes"0128–8114A
Clumsy finds a Fuzzle, which causes havoc in the village.
Smurfette finds an imp that helps her, but in return he wants her hand in marriage.
2626"The Smurfs and the Money Tree"N/ADecember 5, 1981 (1981-12-05)0128–8125B6.52[11]
Gargamel's abusive mother visits him and helps him do a magic, making a tree of chocolate coins sprout in the backyard of Greedy's house.

Season 2 (1982)

No. in
TitleOriginal air date [3]Prod.
code [4]
U.S. households (in millions)
271"The Smurf Who Couldn't Say No"September 18, 1982 (1982-09-18)Smurfs–JP–2B7.25[12]
Pushover Smurf gets tired of doing every other Smurf's chores. Meanwhile, Scaredy Smurf is supposed to travel and get fire from a bog but sends Pushover instead because he is too afraid.
282"The Adventures of Robin Smurf"September 18, 1982 (1982-09-18)Smurfs–JP–199.16[12]
The Smurfs put on a play called Robin Smurf.
293"The Cursed Country"September 18, 1982 (1982-09-18)Smurfs–JP–1D8.66[12]
A dragon and his evil master burns down the Smurfs' village and kidnaps most of the Smurfs. Only Smurfette and Hefty are left and they get aid from squire Johan, jester Peewit, and the king.
304"Sister Smurf"September 25, 1982 (1982-09-25)Smurfs–JP–1C5.58[12]
"S-Shivering S-Smurfs"Smurfs–JP–2C
Smurfette is tired of being ignored by the male Smurfs and befriends a human girl, Laura, who also doesn't get along with her two male siblings. They decide to create a private club, but become prisoners of an old hag and her ferocious dog. So the Smurfs and Laura's brothers go to save them.
Tracker Smurf senses a blizzard coming and the other Smurfs are unprepared.
315"The Black Hellebore"September 25, 1982 (1982-09-25)Smurfs–JP–2D5.75[12]
A wicked potion maker uses black flowers to gain mind control over others.
326"Revenge of the Smurfs"September 25, 1982 (1982-09-25)Smurfs–JP–6C6.08[12]
After Smurfette watches the forest turn into a battlefield by humans, Papa Smurf gets everyone to safety to get away from the humans.
337"The Three Smurfketeers"October 2, 1982 (1982-10-02)Smurfs–JP–20B4.91[13]
The Smurfs put on The Three Smurfketeers.
348"Heavenly Smurf"October 2, 1982 (1982-10-02)Smurfs–JP–20A5.50[13]
"It Came from Outer Smurf"Smurfs–JP–3C
When Gargamel faints while chasing the Smurfs, they make him think that he died, and he can only live by being nice to them.
An alien disguises itself as a Smurf.
359"The Sorcery of Maltrochu"October 2, 1982 (1982-10-02)Smurfs–JP–3D5.58[13]
Peewit and Johan come to the aid of Sir Terry, who has been turned into a dog by a wicked baron out to steal the knights true love.
3610"Squeaky"October 9, 1982 (1982-10-09)Smurfs–JP–3A5.00[13]
"The Kaplowey Scroll"Smurfs–JP–15A
Smurfette finds and nurses an injured mouse and she happily adopts him as a pet. However, after the death of the mouse, she became heartbroken and tearfully leaves the village.
Clumsy finds the Kaplowey Scroll, which can make anything disappear.
3711"The Goblin of Boulder Woods"October 9, 1982 (1982-10-09)Smurfs–JP–4D5.75[13]
Two crooks dress as guards and falsely accuse Peewit of kidnapping the princess.
3812"Gormandizing Greedy"October 9, 1982 (1982-10-09)Smurfs–JP–1A7.16[13]
"Waste Not, Smurf Not"Smurfs–JP–2A
After seeing Greedy gain a few pounds, Hefty helps him get in shape.
Handy builds a machine that picks smurfberries from the bushes the easy way. However, the rest of the Smurfs become wasteful with their food.
3913"Johan's Army"October 16, 1982 (1982-10-16)Smurfs–JP–5D5.00[14]
Perot takes the King's castle.
4014"The Lost City of Yore"October 16, 1982 (1982-10-16)Smurfs–JP–185.91[14]
Two witches capture Nosey, Brainy and Clumsy in order to use them to find a scroll that will lead them to the Lost City of Yore.
4115"The Magic Fountain"October 16, 1982 (1982-10-16)Smurfs–JP–6D6.00[14]
A storm destroys Johan and Peewit's ship.
4216"The Impostor King"October 23, 1982 (1982-10-23)Smurfs–JP–8D4.91[14]
A crook pretends to be the King.
4317"For the Love of Gargamel"October 23, 1982 (1982-10-23)Smurfs–JP–4C5.66[14]
"The A-maze-ing Smurfs"Smurfs–JP–5C
Gargamel and Azrael get turned to stone and the Smurfs are very happy at this.
Malchior the Magnificent is sick and asks Papa Smurf for help. Jokey and a few other Smurfs follow Papa Smurf, much to his dismay.
4418"The Haunted Castle"October 23, 1982 (1982-10-23)Smurfs–JP–10D7.25[14]
Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Brainy, Johan and Peewit goes inside a deserted castle for shelter to get away from a terrible rainstorm.
4519"Smurfs at Sea"October 30, 1982 (1982-10-30)Smurfs–JP–15B5.00[15]
Papa Smurf tells the Smurfs a story about Dreamy going on an adventure at sea.
4620"One Good Smurf Deserves Another"October 30, 1982 (1982-10-30)Smurfs–JP–4A5.33[15]
Clumsy starts doing nice things for Handy after he saves him from Gargamel.
4721"The Blue Plague"October 30, 1982 (1982-10-30)Smurfs–JP–3B6.33[15]
"The Last Laugh"Smurfs–JP–5A
After Brainy takes an elixir from Gargamel's castle and pours it in a soup pot, the other Smurfs turn yellow and start to act like birds.
After Gargamel sprays Jokey and Grouchy with giggle glitter, they start to laugh uncontrollably.
4822"The Raven Wizard"November 6, 1982 (1982-11-06)Smurfs–JP–9D5.41[15]
The Raven Wizard kidnaps Princess Sabina.
4923"The Ring of Castellac"November 6, 1982 (1982-11-06)Smurfs–JP–116.33[15]
A duke escapes from Castellac but loses his ring. The ring is then found by Brainy.
5024"The Sky is Smurfing! The Sky is Smurfing!"November 6, 1982 (1982-11-06)Smurfs–JP–8A7.58[15]
"Turncoat Smurf"Smurfs–JP–7A
Papa Smurf has a strange cold, so Hefty and Scaredy go on a quest to get some ingredients for Papa's cold remedy.
Papa Smurf puts himself to sleep for three days and Brainy gives every Smurf a chore to do.
5125"Return of the Clockwork Smurf"November 13, 1982 (1982-11-13)Smurfs–JP–13D5.25[16]
King Gerard's uncle destroys Clockwork Smurf.
5226"The Littlest Giant"November 13, 1982 (1982-11-13)Smurfs–JP–16A6.33[16]
The Smurfs meet a toddler named Simon.
5327"Bubble, Bubble, Smurfs in Trouble"November 13, 1982 (1982-11-13)Smurfs–JP–17A7.00[16]
"Smurf Van Winkle"Smurfs–JP–6A
Scaredy meets a water sprite.
The Smurfs tricks Lazy that he thinks that he has sleep for many years.
5428"The Prince and the Peewit"November 20, 1982 (1982-11-20)Smurfs–JP–14D6.08[16]
Peewit looks identical to a prince who has escaped.
5529"The Enchanted Baby"November 20, 1982 (1982-11-20)Smurfs–JP–15D7.16[16]
A baby disappears and reappears when he is in danger.
5630"Clumsy Smurfs the Future"November 20, 1982 (1982-11-20)Smurfs–JP–128.91[16]
Clumsy finds a rock that tells the future.
5731"Sleepwalking Smurfs"November 27, 1982 (1982-11-27)Smurfs–JP–16B7.00[17]
"Smurf Me No Flowers"Smurfs–JP–14A
The Smurfs are sleepwalking, thanks to Gargamel's magic flute.
Lazy tries to get rid of his insomnia problem, but due to a misunderstanding by Brainy, the whole village believes that Lazy is about to die. So they organize a party for Lazy, who, however, decides to take a chance on extreme adventures before he dies.
5832"The Good, the Bad and the Smurfy"November 27, 1982 (1982-11-27)Smurfs–JP–1B7.83[17]
Mordain, an evil wizard, captures the Smurfs for his king, Aragon.
5933"A Mere Truffle"November 27, 1982 (1982-11-27)Smurfs–JP–4B9.50[17]
The Smurfs follow Tracker to get truffles but they are captured by pig like Truffle Trolls.
6034"The Stuff Dreams Are Smurfed Of"December 4, 1982 (1982-12-04)Smurfs–JP–13A5.66[17]
"The Box of Dirty Tricks"Smurfs–JP–15C
Every Smurf cannot sleep because they had a terrible nightmare.
The Smurfs find a magic box and wonder if they should open it.
6135"Papa's Wedding Day"December 4, 1982 (1982-12-04)Smurfs–JP–14B6.00[17]
Papa Smurf meets a wood nymph name Flowerbell, but the nymph was sent by Lord Balthazar.
6236"All's Smurfy That Ends Smurfy"December 4, 1982 (1982-12-04)Smurfs–JP–17B7.00[17]
Gargamel steals the fairies’ gold. The fairies accuses the Smurfs for stealing their gold and starts a war against them.

Season 3 (1983)

No. in
TitleWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
code [4][18]
U.S. households (in millions)
631"Once in a Blue Moon"Story by : Peyo and Yvan Delporte
Teleplay by : Patsy Cameron, Tedd Anasti, and Gerard Baldwin
September 17, 1983 (1983-09-17)83–1C4.94[19]
"All Creatures Great and Smurf"Frances Novier83–16A
Baby Smurf is brought to the village by a stork and everybody, even Grouchy, loves him. But when the stork comes back to the village with a letter, requesting the smurfs to return Baby because the delivery was a mistake, Grouchy runs away with Baby.
Nat’s love nature goes too far when he brings an injured Azrael to the village.
642"The Smurf Fire Brigade"Gerard Baldwin (based on a story by Peyo and Yvan Delporte)September 17, 1983 (1983-09-17)83–1E6.37[19]
"The Winged Wizard"Glenn Leopold83–2C
Handy builds the first fire engine.
Gargamel uses his Great Book of Spells to capture the Smurfs.
653"Every Picture Smurfs a Story"John BatesSeptember 17, 1983 (1983-09-17)83–2E6.96[19]
Magic paint traps Papa Smurf in a painting and the evil Maestro is released.
664"The First Telesmurf"John BradfordSeptember 24, 1983 (1983-09-24)83–2D4.61[19]
"Handy's Kite"Gerard Baldwin83–2B
The Smurfs are introduced to a telephone system.
Lord Balthazar destroys Handy's kite and captures Handy, Dreamy, Brainy and Clumsy.
675"The Magic Earrings"Paul Dini and John BonaccorsiSeptember 24, 1983 (1983-09-24)83–6B5.45[19]
Hogatha uses magic earrings to find the Smurf village.
686"The Last Smurfberry"Gwen Robertshaw and Gerard BaldwinSeptember 24, 1983 (1983-09-24)83–4C6.45[19]
Gargamel destroys all except one smurfberry bush and replants the bush next to his hovel as a trap.
697"A Little Smurf Confidence"John BonaccorsiOctober 1, 1983 (1983-10-01)83–3A4.61[20]
"Hogatha's Heartthrob"John Bates83–4B
The Smurfs use a few ways to give Weakling Smurf some confidence. While trying to save the bridge, Hefty becomes unconscious.
Hogatha wants to meet Harlequin.
708"Born Rotten"Frances NovierOctober 1, 1983 (1983-10-01)83–4A5.61[20]
"The Tear of a Smurf"83–6C
Gargamel uses scent to find the Smurf village.
A hag captures Jokey, Grouchy and Azrael so she can get rid a curse on her..
719"The Miracle Smurfer"John Bates and Patsy CameronOctober 1, 1983 (1983-10-01)83–6D6.70[20]
A fraud tricks the Smurfs into giving their possessions away.
7210"The Smurf Who Would Be King"Chris JenkynsOctober 8, 1983 (1983-10-08)83–17B4.86[20]
After an accident on his ship, Dreamy finds himself among a little bears called Pookeys, who worship him as their king.
7311"How to Smurf a Rainbow"Story by : John Bradford
Teleplay by : Gerard Baldwin
October 8, 1983 (1983-10-08)83–6A6.54[20]
"Smurfette for a Day"Story by : David Wise
Teleplay by : Tedd Anasti
When Mother Nature is too busy on the Rainbow Day, she trusts the Smurfs to create a rainbow.
Hefty poses as Smurfette to trick an imp who fell in love with her.
7412"Peewit Meets Bigmouth"Glenn LeopoldOctober 8, 1983 (1983-10-08)83–8B6.87[20]
"Lumbering Smurfs"Story by : Lou Vipperman
Teleplay by : Jeff Segal and Alan Burnett
Peewit accidentally turns a prince is turned into a chicken and he is captured by Bigmouth, so Peewit has to save him.
The Smurfs encounter lumberjacks who are cutting down the forest.
7513"Handy's Sweetheart"John Bradford and John BonaccorsiOctober 15, 1983 (1983-10-15)83–11C4.86[21]
Handy falls in love with Marina, a mermaid.
7614"A Hovel is Not a Home"Chris JenkynsOctober 15, 1983 (1983-10-15)83–8C6.54[21]
"Speak for Yourself, Farmer Smurf"Glenn Leopold83–9B
Gargamel enlists the Great Book of Spells to fulfil his wish for a bigger home.
Farmer tries to tell Smurfette that he loves her, indirectly.
7715"Forget-Me-Smurfs"Larry ParrOctober 15, 1983 (1983-10-15)83–11B7.21[21]
"The Grumpy Gremlin"Glenn Leopold83–14C
An early blooming flower causes all the Smurfs lose their memory, except for Sickly.
Peewit chops down a gremlin's tree.
7816"Willpower Smurfs"Sandy FriesOctober 22, 1983 (1983-10-22)83–12B3.85[21]
"Clumsy Luck"Story by : Jim Arnold
Teleplay by : John Bonaccorsi
In exchange for Jokey not playing pranks for one year, Vanity agrees to forego his mirror for one day; ditto for Harmony and his horn, Grouchy and his frowning, Lazy and sleep, and Greedy and excessive eating.
After Clumsy annoys all the other Smurfs, they lock him into his house to keep the village quiet. But during a meteor shower, a meteor crashes Clumsy's house, but unbeknownst to the Smurfs, Clumsy was not there.
7917"Baby Smurf is Missing"Chris JenkynsOctober 22, 1983 (1983-10-22)83–12E5.87[21]
"The Smurfs' Time Capsule"Story by : Joe Hartnett, Patsy Cameron, and Tedd Anasti
Teleplay by : Tedd Anasti
Poachers capture Baby.
The Smurfs must solve a riddle to defeat the evil Druids.
8018"Wedding Bells for Gargamel"Jeff Segal and Alan BurnettOctober 29, 1983 (1983-10-29)83–14B4.78[22]
"To Smurf a Thief"Patsy Cameron and Tedd Anasti83–12D
The Smurfs prepare wedding gifts for a princess who is forced to marry Gargamel but, due to a mishap, Poet places a map to the Smurf village in the chest instead of his poem.
Homnibus raises a little boy who's believed to be a thief and Homnibus must prove his innocence.
8119"Greedy and the Porridge Pot"Richard H. Fogel, Jr.October 29, 1983 (1983-10-29)83–13A6.45[22]
"Harmony Steals the Show"Story by : Harriet Belkin and Norman Belkin
Teleplay by : Patsy Cameron
A fairy gives Greedy a magic porridge pot, but when Brainy takes it for himself, the whole village is soon flooded with porridge.
Harmony is trapped by a ghost after performing the ghost's symphony as his own.
8220"The Golden Smurf Award"Patsy CameronOctober 29, 1983 (1983-10-29)83–3E7.12[22]
Brainy comes up with an award show to decide which Smurf is the most popular while Hogatha disguises as his main prize.
8321"The Moor's Baby"Gerard BaldwinNovember 5, 1983 (1983-11-05)83–16C5.11[22]
"Hefty's Heart"Frances Novier83–9A
The Smurfs must solve an algebra problem to free the Tooth Fairy and ease the teething pains of both Baby Smurf and a visiting moor's baby.
Gargamel infects Hefty with a hate disease.
8422"A Hug for Grouchy"Story by : LeRoy Parker
Teleplay by : Patsy Cameron
November 5, 1983 (1983-11-05)83–14D7.04[22]
"The Magic Rattle"Story by : Peyo, Patsy Cameron, and Tedd Anasti
Teleplay by : John Bradford
Chlorhydris indirectly removes emotions from the Smurfs and the only way to overcome this by sunset is for Grouchy to hug a fairy.
Due to an innocent mistake, Baby's rattle is exchanged with a magic rattle.
8523"All Hallows' Eve"
"Smurfs Halloween Special"
N/ANovember 5, 1983 (1983-11-05)83–N/A[a]7.54[22]
"The Littlest Witch"Story by : William Hasley and Gene Ayres
Teleplay by : Gene Ayres and Tedd Anasti
Mother Nature turns Lazy red by mistake. Later, Lazy is captured by Gargamel and Hogatha.
The Smurfs teach a young witch named Brenda to do good.
8624"April Smurf's Day"Tedd Anasti (based on a story by Ron Campbell and Tedd Anasti)November 12, 1983 (1983-11-12)83–1A6.45[23]
"The Magic Stick"Jeff Segal and Alan Burnett83–1B
Gargamel disguises himself as a smurfberry bush to capture the Smurfs.
Bigmouth is gradually consuming the smurfberry crop. Papa creates a magic stick to deal with him. Just when the magic stick is urgently needed, Papa finds out that it has been switched, thanks to Clumsy.
8725"Baby's First Christmas"Patsy Cameron and Tedd AnastiNovember 12, 1983 (1983-11-12)83–12F8.21[23]
"Beauty is Only Smurf Deep"Richard H. Fogel, Jr.83–17A
Chlorhydris gives Mr. Nicholas the kiss of hate, in order to ruin Baby's first Christmas.
Periwinkle, the perfection-minded pixie, finds a kindred spirit in Vanity and tries to kill him.
8826"A Wolf in Peewit's Clothing"Glenn LeopoldNovember 12, 1983 (1983-11-12)83–1D8.30[23]
"A Bell for Azrael"Bill Keenan83–6E
Rattner uses wolf gravy to turn Peewit into a werewolf in order to capture three Smurfs for his spell.
Brainy ties a bell to Azrael's tail. Gargamel uses magic to make it ring only when it is near a Smurf.
8927"The Chief Record Smurf"Tedd AnastiNovember 19, 1983 (1983-11-19)83–3C4.94[23]
"Smurfing in Sign Language"John Bates and Patsy Cameron83–14A
Clumsy gets a photographic memory. Gargamel captures Clumsy and uses a spell to make him give up the formula to an invisibility spell.
Gargamel makes Poet mute, so Papa's friend Laconia helps him.
9028"A Chip Off the Old Smurf"Haskell BarkinNovember 19, 1983 (1983-11-19)83–8A6.79[23]
Every Smurf wants Baby to be like them. Meanwhile, Gargamel has a new plan against the Smurfs.
9129"A Gift for Papa's Day"Sharon Painter and Tedd AnastiNovember 19, 1983 (1983-11-19)83–11A7.96[23]
After the Smurfs give Papa Smurf a new hat he dislikes for Papa's Day, he tries many ways to get rid of it.
9230"Good Neighbor Smurf"Marc Scott Zicree and Michael ReavesNovember 26, 1983 (1983-11-26)83–3D5.03[24]
"The Smurfstone Quest"Gordon Bressack83–15A
Brainy's house is destroyed and he has to stay with another Smurf, but proves himself as the worst roommate.
Papa sends Hefty, Handy, and Lazy on a dangerous mission to find a crystal that will heal his leg.
9331"Hats Off to Smurfs"Frances NovierNovember 26, 1983 (1983-11-26)83–2A6.37[24]
"The Noble Stag"Richard H. Fogel, Jr.83–10
Vanity finds Gargamel's magical yellow Smurf hat, that he cannot get unglued from his head.
After being unintentionally taken by to King Gerard's castle, Harmony discovers that the king's cousin has turned him into a stag.
9432"Smurfy Acres"Bill KeenanNovember 26, 1983 (1983-11-26)83–15B7.29[24]
"No Time for Smurfs"Richard H. Fogel, Jr.83–3B
Gargamel uses the Great Book of Spells to create another village for the Smurfs as a trap.
Handy, Brainy, Clumsy and Smurfette break Father Time’s clock and all time stops.

Season 4 (1984)

No. in
TitleWritten byOriginal air date [3]Prod.
code [4]
U.S. households (in millions)
951"Symbols of Wisdom"Frances NovierSeptember 15, 1984 (1984-09-15)84–2C5.09[25]
"Blue Eyes Returns"Gerald Baldwin84–10D
Gargamel uses a hair tonic to get a beard to look smarter, but his beard doesn’t wat to stop growing and now it’s all over the forest.
Gargamel's rain spell floods the entire forest and Smurfette calls on Blue Eyes, her pegasus friend, to help the Smurfs.
962"Secret of the Village Well"Frances NovierSeptember 15, 1984 (1984-09-15)84–2E6.96[25]
"Stop and Smurf the Roses"Patsy Cameron84–4C
After making a wish, Clumsy refuses to leave the village well.
Chlorhydris destroys all the flowers in the world.
973"The Gingerbread Smurfs"Sandy FriesSeptember 15, 1984 (1984-09-15)84–4A7.22[25]
"Jokey's Shadow"Richard H. Fogel, Jr.84–2D
Brainy and Clumsy make living gingerbread cookies that cause trouble in the village.
Jokey's shadow comes to life.
984"Jokey's Funny Bone"Patsy CameronSeptember 22, 1984 (1984-09-22)84–4D4.67[26]
"Tick Tock Smurfs"Larry Parr84–5A
After Vanity gets hurt and gets a lot of attention, Jokey fakes being hurt.
Brainy creates a schedule that is making the other Smurfs angry.
995"The Master Smurf"Kevin HoppsSeptember 22, 1984 (1984-09-22)84–12B6.79[26]
"Tailor's Magic Needle"Mel Gilden and Patsy Cameron84–8A
Miner finds a magic crown whose dark past they ignore. Brainy wants to put the crown on his head, but Greedy puts it on himself, becoming Evil with absolute power. He proclaims himself King and establishes a dictatorship in the village, mesmerizing all Smurfs (except Brainy, Clumsy and Smurfette).
Brainy and Tailor use Papa's spellbook and create a magic needle to do Tailor's work faster, but Tailor will might lose his job because of that needle.
1006"The Traveler"Tedd Anasti and Mark SeidenbergSeptember 22, 1984 (1984-09-22)84–3D7.22[26]
"A Pet for Baby Smurf"Frances Novier84–3C
A dragon spirit wreaks havoc.
Clumsy and Baby find a cute animal and they take him to the village, but the cute animal is Azrael.
1017"The Incredible Shrinking Wizard"Patsy Cameron and Tedd AnastiSeptember 29, 1984 (1984-09-29)84–2B4.84[26]
Due to falling into its own pollution, Gargamel shrinks everytime he does something bad and enlarges everytime he does something good.
1028"Breakfast at Greedy's"Patsy CameronSeptember 29, 1984 (1984-09-29)84–6E6.45[26]
"The Secret of Shadow Swamp"John Bates84–3A
Greedy makes pancakes that send all Smurfs except for Clumsy, Lazy and Baby up in the air.
It is Grouchy's birthday and Grouchy travels to Shadow Swamp to escape the party.
1039"The Trojan Smurf"Story by : Peyo
Teleplay by : Mark Seidenberg
September 29, 1984 (1984-09-29)84–7D6.96[26]
"Smurf the Other Cheek"Story by : Peyo
Teleplay by : Frances Novier
Gargamel hides in a Trojan horse.
Ignoring Papa Smurf's lecture on fighting, Hefty gives in temptation to kick a troll, and lives to regret it.
10410"A Float Full of Smurfs"Ray ParkerOctober 6, 1984 (1984-10-06)84–4E5.01[27]
"Smurfette's Sweet Tooth"Story by : Patsy Cameron
Teleplay by : John Semper and Cynthia Friedlob
Gargamel and Azrael dress as rabbits, hoping to be selected to pull the float for the Smurf Fall Carnival.
After Smurfette eats her entire year's worth of smurfberry candy, she casts a spell to give her the ability to turn everything she touches into smurfberry candy.
10511"Smurf on Wood"Richard H. Fogel, Jr.October 6, 1984 (1984-10-06)84–6B6.28[27]
Clumsy finds a wishing tree.
10612"The Smurfomatic Smurfolator"Story by : Peyo
Teleplay by : John Bates
October 6, 1984 (1984-10-06)84–9E6.71[27]
"Petrified Smurfs"Mark Seidenberg84–8D
Handy makes a large machine that was seen in his dream.
Peewit travels to the Quarrel Castle to reverse a spell with which Brainy has turned half of the forest, including the Smurfs and their whole village, into stone.
10713"Papa's Worrywarts"Richard H. Fogel, Jr.October 13, 1984 (1984-10-13)84–9A4.92[27]
"Lazy's Slumber Party"Patsy Cameron, John Semper, and Cynthia Friedlob84–8C
Papa gets infected with warts that make him worry about everything.
Lazy has to save the Smurfs from Bigmouth after they play a prank on him while he is sleeping.
10814"The Pussywillow Pixies"Patsy Cameron, Tedd Anasti, and Richard H. Fogel, Jr.October 13, 1984 (1984-10-13)84–1B6.96[27]
The Smurfs journey to help the Pixies from the evil Wartmongers.
10915"The Big Nose Dilemma"Jeff SegalOctober 13, 1984 (1984-10-13)84–9D7.47[27]
"The Smurfbox Derby"Story by : Gerard Baldwin
Teleplay by : Mark Seidenberg
Vanity uses a spellbook and gets a shiny new nose which he finds dissatisfying.
Handy invents karts for the Smurfs and they do a race to determine which kart is the fastest.
11016"A Circus for Baby"John Semper and Cynthia FriedlobOctober 20, 1984 (1984-10-20)84–4B4.84[28]
While trying to save Baby from Lord Balthazar, Hefty falls.
11117"Babes in Wartland"Richard H. Fogel, Jr.October 20, 1984 (1984-10-20)84–10C6.62[28]
"The Smurf-walk Cafe"Story by : Gerard Baldwin
Teleplay by : Patsy Cameron
Baby Smurf ends up at the hollow and gets captured by the Wartmongers. However, the Wartmongers react differently to him, and they make him a jester for their king.
The Smurfs learn that it is better to work together.
11218"The Smurfiest of Friends"Patsy Cameron and Tedd AnastiOctober 20, 1984 (1984-10-20)84–12A7.56[28]
"Never Smurf Off Til Tomorrow"John Bonaccorsi84–3B
When Brainy and Clumsy's friendship dissolves, Brainy runs away and gets kidnapped by an evil imp.
Lazy gets hurt while preparing for a hurricane and he, Handy, Smurfette, Brainy, Hefty and Nat are trapped in a volcano that is about to erupt.
11319"Bigmouth Smurf"Mark SeidenbergOctober 27, 1984 (1984-10-27)84–12D4.16[28]
"Baby's Enchanted Didey"Story by : Mike Keyes
Teleplay by : Richard H. Fogel, Jr.
Gargamel turns Bigmouth into a giant Smurf.
Tailor Smurf makes a golden diaper for Baby Smurf from Gargamel's enchanted dust.
11420"The Man in the Moon"Frances NovierOctober 27, 1984 (1984-10-27)84–1D5.86[28]
"Smurfette's Golden Tresses"Kevin Hopps and John Bates84–6D
The Man in the Moon feels unappreciated and decides to leave the moon and, in doing so, causes the moon to stop shining. He visits the Smurf village and learns about their annual Full Moon Festival.
Hogatha kidnaps Smurfette so she can use Smurfette's hair in a potion to give her beautiful hair to satisfy her new love.
11521"The Whole Smurf and Nothing but the Smurf"Richard H. Fogel, Jr.October 27, 1984 (1984-10-27)84–1C7.56[28]
"Gargamel's Giant"Tedd Anasti and Mark Seidenberg84–1A
Gargamel gives Smurfette a fib formula instead of a truth tonic.
Toughie (Tuffy) fights Azrael and loses. In his latest plot on the Smurfs, Gargamel works on creating a giant. To create it, he needs a great deal of clay, bad apples, rotten eggs, sour choke cherries, a thunderstorm, and a spell to bring it to life. Due to him being unable to find choke cherries, he substitutes them with Smurfberries. When the giant Dufus is created, he does as Gargamel tells him....until he starts to like the taste of Smurfberry pies.
11622"The Patchwork Bear"John BonaccorsiNovember 10, 1984 (1984-11-10)84–7C5.77[29]
"Hefty and the Wheelsmurfer"Sandy Fries84–5D
The Smurfs help a cowardly bear save the Crystal Kingdom and the Emerald Empress from being encased in ice by a vengeful being.
Hefty breaks his leg. Handy helps him by making a wheelsmurfer.
11723"Hopping Cough Smurfs"Story by : LeRoy Parker, Felicia Freeman, and Michael Maliani
Teleplay by : Tedd Anasti and Mark Seidenberg
November 10, 1984 (1984-11-10)84–5B7.47[29]
"The Little Orange Horse with the Gold Shoes"Gerard Baldwin84–9B
Gargamel gives the Smurfs the hopping cough.
Smurfette meets a young pegasus named Blue Eyes that no one besides her and Azrael can see. Blue Eyes loses one of the golden horseshoes given to him by Thor. Gargamel finds the horseshoe.
11824"Monster Smurfs"Story by : Peyo
Teleplay by : Sharon Painter
November 10, 1984 (1984-11-10)84–6A8.32[29]
"The Bad Place"Story by : Gerard Baldwin
Teleplay by : Mark Seidenberg
Brainy uses magic to turn the Smurfs into monsters for one night.
Muddy aliens visit the Smurfs.
11925"Smurfing for Ghosts"Patsy Cameron, Tedd Anasti, and Mark SeidenbergNovember 17, 1984 (1984-11-17)84–13D5.52[30]
"The Gargoyle of Quarrel Castle"Tedd Anasti and Mark Seidenberg84–2A
Brainy and Clumsy become ghostbusters.
The Smurfs play with Tharp.
12026"Smurfiplication"Gordon BressackNovember 17, 1984 (1984-11-17)84–1E7.22[30]
"Gargamel's Miss-Fortune"Felicia Freeman and Michael Maliani84–3E
Gargamel duplicates Brainy, so the Smurfs have to deal with six nerds instead of one.
After Gargamel tricks a fortune teller to help him capture Smurfette and Dreamy, the fortune teller helps Papa Smurf trick Gargamel in order to rescue them.

Season 5 (1985)

No. in
TitleWritten byOriginal air date [3]Prod.
code [4]
U.S. households (in millions)
1211"Stuck on Smurfs"Richard H. Fogel, Jr.September 21, 1985 (1985-09-21)85–3A5.67[31]
"Puppy"Frances Novier85–2A
All the Smurfs (except the Smurflings) are stuck together.
Homnibus gives the Smurfs Puppy that it as a magic locket.
1222"Papa's Day Off"Glen EgbertSeptember 21, 1985 (1985-09-21)85–5E7.99[31]
"The Smurflings"Peyo, Richard H. Fogel, Jr., and Mark Seidenberg85–1A
The Smurfs give Papa a day off.
Due to an accident, Nat, Snappy, and Slouchy are reverse aged.
1233"He Who Smurfs Last"Gordon BressackSeptember 21, 1985 (1985-09-21)85–1E8.16[31]
"Baby's First Word"Alan Burnett85–11B
Chlorhydris is pranked by Jokey and exacts revenge on the Smurfs.
Baby is going to say his first word, but he gets kidnapped by Gargamel.
1244"The Masked Pie Smurfer"Patsy Cameron and Tedd AnastiSeptember 28, 1985 (1985-09-28)85–2C6.10[31]
A masked Smurf throws pies on the other Smurfs.
The Smurflings creates Sassette as a sister for Smurfette, but Papa punishes them. However, Papa discovers that Sassette is going to explode and kill everyone, thanks to Gargamel. So he creates an antidote to prevent Sassette from exploding, which proved to be successful, and she's officially adopted as part of the village and as Smurfette's sister respectively.
1255"Papa's Puppy Prescription"Tom WallaSeptember 28, 1985 (1985-09-28)85–5A7.47[31]
"Poet's Writers' Block"Therese Naugle85–6D
The Smurflings accidentally turn Papa's nose into a dog's nose.
Poet tries to lift a curse from a princess, but fails.
1266"Smurf a Mile in My Shoes"Patsy Cameron and Tedd AnastiSeptember 28, 1985 (1985-09-28)85–2B7.13[31]
The Smurfs help a cursed imp.
1277"Dreamy's Pen Pals"Mark SeidenbergOctober 5, 1985 (1985-10-05)85–2E5.41[32]
"Papa's Flying Bed"Therese Naugle85–1D
Dreamy visits the Shmoofs again.
Whatever is dreamed by the person sleeping on Papa's bed, the bed flies to it.
1288"Mud Wrestling Smurfs"Kevin HoppsOctober 5, 1985 (1985-10-05)85–1C6.53[32]
"The Sand Witch"John Bradford85–2D
The Wartmongers drain the river to make mud.
A baby monster takes Baby, and Papa has to save him.
1299"Kow-Tow, We Won't Bow"John Bates, Patsy Cameron, and Tedd AnastiOctober 5, 1985 (1985-10-05)85–3B6.70[32]
The Wartmongers capture the Smurflings, so Smurfette has to saves them.
13010"Bigmouth's Friend"Gerard BaldwinOctober 12, 1985 (1985-10-12)85–4D4.47[32]
"Wild and Wooly"Burt Wetanson85–3C
Clockwork Smurf befriends Bigmouth, while Lord Balthazar plans to destroy Clockwork.
Woolly sheares sheep once a year. Papa asks the Smurflings to tag along, but Gargamel influences their help.
13111"The Dark-Ness Monster"Patsy Cameron and Jeff HallOctober 12, 1985 (1985-10-12)85–4B5.84[32]
Brainy loses his glasses.
13212"The Grouchiest Game in Town"Kevin HoppsOctober 12, 1985 (1985-10-12)85–3D6.79[32]
"Queen Smurfette"John Bradford85–4A
Hefty tilts the playing field in Grouchy's favor, but Grouchy still loses. Later, Grouchy must win against the Game Master.
The Smurfs make Smurfette as their queen for her birthday.
13313"Marco Smurf and the Pepper Pirates"Burt WetansonOctober 19, 1985 (1985-10-19)85–4B4.55[33]
The Smurfs rescue Marco.
13414"Educating Bigmouth"Bill MathenyOctober 19, 1985 (1985-10-19)85–3E5.58[33]
"Brainy Smurf, Friend to All the Animals"Patsy Cameron85–3C
Big Nose finds Bigmouth disgusting and leaves him, so the Smurfs has to help him.
Brainy wants to be like Nat.
13515"The Comet is Coming"John Bates, Mark Seidenberg, and Tedd AnastiOctober 19, 1985 (1985-10-19)85–6B7.30[33]
A message from Papa is torn and the Smurfs think that the world is ending.
13616"Happy Unhappiness Day to You"Ray ParkerOctober 26, 1985 (1985-10-26)85–4E5.93[33]
"The Great Slime Crop Failure"Ray Parker and Tedd Anasti85–4C
Once a year, the Smurfs are supposed to be unhappy.
The Wartmongers capture Farmer and the Smurflings in order to save their slime crop.
13717"Papa's Family Album"Tedd AnastiOctober 26, 1985 (1985-10-26)85–9B7.04[33]
Papa shows the Smurflings his family album of how he and the Smurfs when they were younger.
13818"Love Those Smurfs"Bill MathenyOctober 26, 1985 (1985-10-26)85–7A7.99[33]
"Mutiny on the Smurf"John Bradford85–5F
Chlorhydris makes each one of the Smurfs only love themselves except for Vanity, Brainy, and Snappy.
A king overhears the Smurflings’ music and wants them to sing a song for him, but he accidentally captures Brainy’s orchestra.
13919"Things That Go Smurf in the Night"Gordon BressackNovember 2, 1985 (1985-11-02)85–6E5.50[34]
"Alarming Smurfs"Mark Seidenberg85–6C
Gargamel sleepwalks into the Smurf village while Snappy has to find his teddy bear.
The Smurflings run away because nobody wants to play with them. So they get their stuff in order to keep their memories, but the Smurfs think that there is a thief among them.
14020"Smurfette's Rose"Kathleen Naugle and Kevin HoppsNovember 2, 1985 (1985-11-02)85–7C6.44[34]
"The Mr. Smurf Contest"N/A85–8A
Smurfette angrily scolds Sassette for not watering her flowers, leaving Sassette heartbroken. Later, Smurfette asks Mother Nature for a blue rose and gives her a spell, but it backfires after the spell turns Smurfette white, leaving her in tears.
A contest is held to choose Smurfette's escort for a ball, and Gargamel sneak in as a disguised Smurf, while Papa plans something secretly: being Sassette’s escorter for the ball.
14121"Have You Smurfed Your Pet Today?"Burt WetansonNovember 2, 1985 (1985-11-02)85–11A8.07[34]
"Unsound Smurfs"Richard H. Fogel, Jr.85–10A
The Smurflings neglect Puppy due to Handy's new toy.
Brainy makes a mess in the village when he creates a sound barrier. The Smurflings then go to save the village.
14222"All Work and No Smurf"Chris Otsuki and Kevin HoppsNovember 9, 1985 (1985-11-09)85–11D5.24[34]
"They're Smurfing Our Song"Therese Naugle85–8D
The Smurfs are requested to work on their day off and they turn into tools.
Sassette borrows Woody's magic pipe to make Gargamel love others, but it backfires as things do not turn out as intended.
14323"Gargamel's Time Trip"Tedd AnastiNovember 9, 1985 (1985-11-09)85–11E5.84[34]
Gargamel travels back in time to change the past, while Sassette sneaks out of the village to make Gargamel a good wizard.
14424"Brainy's Smarty Party"Glen R. Egbert and Patsy CameronNovember 9, 1985 (1985-11-09)85–6A7.22[34]
Brainy throws a great party and invites everyone except the Smurflings.

Season 6 (1986)

No. in
TitleWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
code [4]
U.S. households (in millions)
1451"Smurfquest" (Act 1–4)Alan Burnett, Richard Fogel, Mark Seidenberg, Glenn Leopold, and PeyoSeptember 13, 1986 (1986-09-13)86–14.63[35]
Grandpa Smurf returns to the village from a 500-year voyage around the world to restore the power of the Long Life Force Stone. Papa Smurf and a few other Smurfs help Grandpa Smurf find the purest sources of the four primal elements from around the world (Earth, air, water and fire) while the remaining Smurfs stay behind to search for the Long Life Force Stone.
1473"Gargamel's New Job"John Loy and Alan BurnettSeptember 13, 1986 (1986-09-13)86–7B6.47[35]
Prince Theodore hires Gargamel as his new court magician.
1484"Grouchy Makes a Splash"Burt WetansonSeptember 20, 1986 (1986-09-20)86–2A4.28[36]
The Smurfs try to teach Grouchy to swim.
1495"No Smurf is an Island"John BonaccorsiSeptember 20, 1986 (1986-09-20)86–N/A4.72[36]
"Don Smurfo"Sean Catherine Derek86–N/A
Handy builds a smurfmarine to live with Marina after an argument with Hefty.
Jokey disguises himself as Don Smurfo (a story book character) to charm Smurfette.
1506"The Prince and the Hopper"Story by : Alan Burnett
Teleplay by : John Loy
September 20, 1986 (1986-09-20)86–3B5.42[36]
Prince Theodore is turned into a frog and Smurfette, Sassette, and Poet help him to break the spell.
1517"Smurfette's Gift"Therese NaugleSeptember 27, 1986 (1986-09-27)86–N/A4.89[36]
"The Most Popular Smurf"Sean Catherine Derek86–N/A
The Smurfs hide Smurfette's birthday presents before her birthday. When Smurfette goes snooping, she is captured by an imp.
After Jokey’s latest prank, Scruple enchants Jokey's exploding boxes into real surprise... only for Papa to reverse the spell.
1528"A Loss of Smurf"Story by : James Barmeier and Tedd Anasti
Teleplay by : James Barmeier
September 27, 1986 (1986-09-27)86–4B5.42[36]
Vanity is tricked by an imp and turns into a Wartmonger.
1539"The Last Whippoorwill"Richard Fogel and Sean Catherine DerekSeptember 27, 1986 (1986-09-27)86–N/A5.42[36]
"The Color Smurfy"Therese Naugle86–N/A
Insects invade the village.
The Smurflings break the color wheel, making every colours gone except for the Smurfy blue.
15410"Lazy's Nightmare"Story by : Richard Fogel and Mark Seidenberg
Teleplay by : Bill Matheny
October 4, 1986 (1986-10-04)86–9B4.02[37]
The Smurfs are trapped in Lazy's nightmare.
15511"All the Smurf's a Stage"Kevin Hopps and Mark SeidenbergOctober 4, 1986 (1986-10-04)86–4A3.93[37]
"Smurfs on Wheels"Gordon Bressack86–N/A
Timid pretends to be Poet, Tailor, Painter, Handy, Brainy and Papa.
The Smurfs fells sad that they didn’t go on a hike with Papa, Grandpa, and Nat, so Handy makes a smurfwagon to follow them.
15612"The Littlest Viking"Glenn LeopoldOctober 4, 1986 (1986-10-04)86–12B5.07[37]
Peewit and the Smurfs go to an island where the vikings think that Peewit is an actual Viking.
15713"Baby's New Toy"Bill MathenyOctober 11, 1986 (1986-10-11)86–N/A4.20[37]
"Bringing Up Bigfeet"Gordon Bressack86–N/A
In order to make Baby happy, the Smurfs visit the Toymaker.
The Smurflings babysit Bigmouth’s nephew.
15814"Scarlet Croaker"Richard Fogel and Kevin HoppsOctober 11, 1986 (1986-10-11)86–11B4.89[37]
The Scarlet Croaker helps the Smurfs escape the Wartmongers.
15915"Calling Doctor Smurf"Story by : Alan Burnett and John Bates
Teleplay by : John Bates
October 11, 1986 (1986-10-11)86–5A5.59[37]
"Can't Smurf the Music"Therese Naugle86–N/A
Dabbler keeps switching to another task without finishing the previous task.
Chlorhydris removes all music from the world.
16016"The Royal Drum"John BonaccorsiOctober 18, 1986 (1986-10-18)86–N/A4.72[38]
Other than Nat and Sassette, the Smurfs do not believe Grandpa's story about giraffes, zebras and lions.
16117"It's a Puppy's Life"Story by : Mark Seidenberg and Glenn Leopold
Teleplay by : J.C. Murray
October 18, 1986 (1986-10-18)86–N/A5.51[38]
"Sweepy Smurf"Story by : John Bradford and Glenn Leopold
Teleplay by : Kevin Hopps
Gargamel and Puppy exchange bodies.
In order to make Sweepy popular, the Smurflings make a superstition.
16218"Journey to the Center of the Smurf"Bill Matheny and Kevin HoppsOctober 18, 1986 (1986-10-18)86–N/A6.03[38]
Winter is early and the Smurfs run out of firewood.
16319"The Tallest Smurf"John LoyOctober 25, 1986 (1986-10-25)86–3A4.72[38]
"Essence of Brainy"Burt Wetanson86–9A
Slouchy wishes to be tall, due to being mocked by his fellow Smurflings.
Scruple removes Brainy's essence.
16420"Dr. Evil & Mr. Nice"Kevin HoppsOctober 25, 1986 (1986-10-25)86–8A5.42[38]
"The Root of Evil"Story by : Kevin Hopps
Teleplay by : John Bonaccorsi
Scruple makes a potion to make Gargamel good, but something is wrong with the potion, and this makes Gargamel alternates between being good and evil.
Chlorhydris uses an evil root to make everyone evil except Baby.
16521"Tattle-Tail Smurfs"Story by : Mark Seidenberg and Gordon Bressack
Teleplay by : Gordon Bressack
October 25, 1986 (1986-10-25)86–N/A6.21[38]
"Greedy Goes on Strike"Burt Wetanson86–6B
Brainy uses a spell that makes the Smurflings' tails longer every time they tattle.
Nobody appreciates Greedy so he stops cooking, but he gets captured by the gnomes.
16622"Crying Smurfs"Story by : Mark Seidenberg
Teleplay by : John Bonaccorsi
November 1, 1986 (1986-11-01)86–N/A4.46[39]
"Future Smurfed"Glenn Leopold and Sharon Painter86–12A
Papa's enhancement potion accidentally drips on an onion and this makes all the Smurfs cry.
Lord Balthazar captures Father Time in order to control time, but he accidentally makes a time crack, bringing a little dinosaur to the present.
16723"Gargamel's Dummy"Bill MathenyNovember 1, 1986 (1986-11-01)86–N/A5.33[39]
"Smurf on the Run"Alan Burnett and Bill Matheny86–N/A
Gargamel makes Jokey's puppet come to life.
The Smurfs prepares Sassette's birthday. During the preparations, Sassette argue with Hefty and the Smurflings to think that Gargamel should stop being an evil wizard, but Gargamel chases Sassette. Later, Sassette and Gargamel have to team up in order restore the balance of truth.
16824"A Myna Problem"Sharon Painter and Richard FogelNovember 1, 1986 (1986-11-01)86–N/A6.47[39]
"The Horn of Plenty"Story by : Glenn Leopold
Teleplay by : John Bonaccorsi
Clumsy brings a myna to the village, but the myna overhears Scruple’s spell and the myna turns the Smurfs into ducks.
Mother Nature accidentally destroys all food.
16925"I Smurf to the Trees"Burt WetansonNovember 8, 1986 (1986-11-08)86–N/A4.72[39]
"Clumsy's Cloud"Gordon Bressack, Ernest Contreras, and Mark Seidenberg86–N/A
With Gargamel's magic, the trees uproot themselves, leaving the Smurf village fully exposed. Most of the Smurfs are captured.
A magic cloud above Clumsy gives misfortune to the Smurfs.
17026"Bookworm Smurf"Therese NaugleNovember 8, 1986 (1986-11-08)86–N/A5.68[39]
"Farmer's Genie"Story by : Richard Fogel
Teleplay by : Bill Matheny
Brainy teaches Sassette to read, but fails. Later, Sassette accidentally makes all books disappear.
Farmer finds a genie in his camps.
17127"Master Scruple"Sean Catherine DerekNovember 8, 1986 (1986-11-08)N/A6.64[39]
"Scruple's Sweetheart"Story by : John Bates and Kevin Hopps
Teleplay by : John Bates and Burt Wetanson
Scruple, and later Gargamel, become Gordy's master.
Scruple brings Brenda to the Wizard's Ball to have a chance to take her wand.
17228"The World According to Smurflings"John Loy and Vin Morreale, Jr.November 15, 1986 (1986-11-15)86–N/A5.16[40]
"The Enchanted Quill"Story by : Kevin Hopps, Richard Fogel, and Alan Burnett
Teleplay by : Kevin Hopps and Burt Wetanson
Mother Nature hurts her back and asks Nat to use her wand. However, his fellow Smurflings messes around with the wand.
The Smurflings undergo a survival test against their rival Scruple.
17329"The Most Unsmurfy Game"Kevin HoppsNovember 15, 1986 (1986-11-15)86–13A6.03[40]
"Put Upon Puppy"Sharon Painter86–N/A
Brainy and the Smurflings go on a nature hike but are pursued by the Wartmongers.
The Smurflings train Puppy about not burying everything in the village.
17430"Heart of Gold"Kevin Hopps and Mark SeidenbergNovember 15, 1986 (1986-11-15)86–N/A6.99[40]
"The Village Vandal"Sharon Painter and Glenn Leopold86–N/A
Scruple gives Clockwork Smurf a stone heart after his heart of gold falls out.
Gargamel makes a termite super hungry that causes a mess in the village.
17531"The Gallant Smurf"Kevin Hopps and Mark SeidenbergNovember 22, 1986 (1986-11-22)86–N/A4.89[40]
"Sassette's Tooth"86–N/A
Hogatha plans to capture Grandpa.
The Tooth Fairy visits Sassette, but she is captured by Gargamel.
17632"Snappy's Way"John LoyNovember 22, 1986 (1986-11-22)86–N/A5.24[40]
"Fire-Fighting Smurfs"Story by : John Bonaccorsi and Alan Burnett
Teleplay by : John Bonaccorsi
A troll gives Snappy control over the adult Smurfs.
Snappy unintentionally causes a forest fire.
17733"Handy's Window Vision"Gordon BressackNovember 22, 1986 (1986-11-22)86–N/A6.03[40]
"Papa Smurf, Papa Smurf"Story by : Alan Burnett
Teleplay by : Richard Merwin
The Smurfs are introduced to television.
Both Papa and Gargamel are duplicated.
17834"Jokey's Cloak"Kevin HoppsNovember 29, 1986 (1986-11-29)N/A4.28[41]
"Papa's Last Spell"Bill MathenyN/A
Jokey finds an invisibility cloak.
Gargamel removes Papa's magic touch.
17935"Lure of the Orb"John Loy and Alan BurnettNovember 29, 1986 (1986-11-29)86–10B5.07[41]
"Smurfette's Flower"Sharon Painter and Glenn Leopold86–N/A
Alura gives Poet a magic orb to inspire him.
Smurfette meets Petaluma, a talking flower that stars using Smurfette's kindness.
18036"Reckless Smurfs"Charles M. Howell, IVNovember 29, 1986 (1986-11-29)86–N/A5.51[41]
"Head Over Hogatha"Ernest Contreras86–N/A
Gargamel makes the Smurfs reckless except Snappy and Brainy.
Cupid's arrow hits Hogatha and she falls in love with Gargamel.

Season 7 (1987)



No. in
TitleWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
code [4]
1811"Smurf on the Wild Side" (Act 1–2)Act 1: Story by : Alan Burnett and John Bonaccorsi
Teleplay by : John Bonaccorsi
September 19, 1987 (1987-09-19)87–2B5.74[42]
1822Act 2: John Bonaccorsi, Alan Burnett, and Sean Catherine Derek7.50[42]
The Smurfs meet Wild for the first time.
1833"The Smurflings' Unsmurfy Friend"Marie Quick and Glenn LeopoldSeptember 19, 1987 (1987-09-19)87–5E8.17[42]
"The Smurfstalker"Story by : Bill Matheny and Ernie Contreras
Teleplay by : Ernie Contreras
The Smurflings befriends a wood sprite.
The Smurfs are captured by the Stalker, so Grandpa has to save them.
1844"Poltersmurf"Morgan Flynn AverillSeptember 26, 1987 (1987-09-26)87–8A5.44[43]
"Baby's Marvelous Toy"Richard Fogel and Bill Matheny87–2D
Jokey makes Brainy think that his house is haunted by poltersmurfs.
Baby receives a toy that transforms and uses it to sneak out in the forest.
1855"Sleepless Smurfs"Bill MathenySeptember 26, 1987 (1987-09-26)87–5C7.16[43]
"Cut-Up Smurfs"Reed Robbins87–5D
Morpheo and Gargamel cooperate to capture Smurfs.
Sassette's paper dolls come to life thanks to a magic paper she found.
1866"Gargamel's Sweetheart"Ernie ContrerasSeptember 26, 1987 (1987-09-26)87–10B7.80[43]
Tailor thinks that he's going to lose his job due to Handy's new invention. Meanwhile, Gargamel falls in love with Evelyn.
1877"Wild About Smurfette"Ken Koonce and David WeimersOctober 3, 1987 (1987-10-03)87–9A5.37[44]
"Sing a Song of Smurflings"Story by : Paul Dini and Charles M. Howell, IV
Teleplay by : Paul Dini
Smurfette spends a lot of time with Wild and Brainy, Clumsy, Painter, and Handy become jealous.
The Smurflings gets criticized for their music, so they go to a place where Beastie likes their music and follows them back to the village.
1888"Smurfing for Gold"Story by : Mary Beal and Alan Burnett
Teleplay by : Mary Beal
October 3, 1987 (1987-10-03)87–4C6.91[44]
"Jokey's Joke Book"Reed Robbins87–3D
The Smurfs dig for gold in exchange for Clumsy's freedom, but after they have no more gold, Jokey creates fake gold by painting stones.
The Smurfs refuse to open Jokey's joke boxes, so he switches to other jokes by his Big Book of Laughs, which makes the Smurfs angry, so they punish him by destroying his book, but after the book is destroyed, Jokey leaves the village. Papa Smurf and other Smurfs go looking for him, but when they are captured by Gargamel, Jokey manages to saves them.
1899"Poet's Storybook"Reed RobbinsOctober 3, 1987 (1987-10-03)87–6C7.48[44]
"The Fastest Wizard in the World"John Bonaccorsi87–8C
Everything that Poet writes in a blank book becomes real.
Gargamel uses multiple methods to be faster than the Smurfs, but fails because of Wild being faster than him.
19010"Dancing Bear"Ernie ContrerasOctober 10, 1987 (1987-10-10)87–10E5.22[45]
"Gargamel's Last Will"Reed Robbins and Bill Matheny87–9C
A circus owner captures Wild and the Smurflings.
Scruple makes Gargamel think that he is becoming a dog.
19111"Sassette's Bewitching Friendship"Bill Matheny, Sean Catherine Derek, and Therese NaugleOctober 10, 1987 (1987-10-10)87–13E6.72[45]
"Azrael's Brain"Fred Kron87–2C
Sassette befriends a witch Melina who fumbles.
Azrael becomes very smart for 24 hours.
19212"Castaway Smurfs"Allan Cole, Chris Bunch, and Morgan Flynn AverillOctober 10, 1987 (1987-10-10)87–13D7.21[45]
"Legendary Smurfs"Mark McClellan and Glenn Leopold87–9D
Some Smurfs are enjoying paradise on an island while Dreamy spots danger in there.
Two wizards are looking for the Smurfs.
19313"Smurfing the Unicorns"Sean Catherine Derek and Terrie CollinsOctober 17, 1987 (1987-10-17)87–10C5.24[46]
"Vanity's Closest Friend"Therese Naugle and Bill Matheny87–11C
The Smurfs bring a unicorn from a distant forest to save Puppy.
Vanity befriends Winkie, but he laments of how his new friend is stuck to him.
19414"Peewit's Unscrupulous Adventure"Story by : Alan Burnett, Sean Catherine Derek, and John Bonaccorsi
Teleplay by : John Bonaccorsi
October 17, 1987 (1987-10-17)87–11B6.59[46]
The King invites Papa and the Smurfs to a royal party. Scruple sneaks in to get Peewit's job. Peewit gets fired because he suspect some people who are trying to steals the gold of the castle.
19515"Nobody Smurf"Evelyn A-R GabaiOctober 17, 1987 (1987-10-17)87–11A7.11[46]
Clumsy wants his friend Nobody to find an activity for him, but an evil goblin turns the Smurfs into goblins like himself and Nobody saves them.
19616"Scruple and the Great Book of Spells"Story by : Glenn Leopold
Teleplay by : Reed Robbins
October 24, 1987 (1987-10-24)87–1C5.15[47]
"Bouncing Smurf"Story by : Alan Burnett, Ken Koonce, and David Weimers
Teleplay by : Ernie Contreras
Farmer's crops are ruined, thanks to Scruple.
Clumsy becomes completely rubberized.
19717"Clockwork Smurfette"Story by : Glenn Leopold
Teleplay by : Sean Catherine Derek and John Bonaccorsi
October 24, 1987 (1987-10-24)87–7B6.51[47]
"I Was a Brainy Weresmurf"Evelyn A-R Gabai87–13B
Handy creates Clockwork Smurfette for Clockwork Smurf, but Clockwork Smurfette falls in love with Handy rather than Clockwork.
Due to an accident, Brainy turns into a weresmurf.
19818"The Answer Smurf"Bill MathenyOctober 24, 1987 (1987-10-24)86–N/A7.23[47]
"Vanity's Wild Adventure"Story by : Ernie Contreras
Teleplay by : Evelyn A-R Gabai and Glenn Leopold
Brainy casts a spell that makes all the Smurfs come to him for the answers to everything except Slouchy.
Vanity is forced to stay in the forest with Wild that night, and he isn’t very happy with that.
19919"Soothsayer Smurfette"Story by : Sean Catherine Derek and Frances Novier
Teleplay by : Frances Novier
October 31, 1987 (1987-10-31)87–8B5.35[48]
"Crooner Smurf"Hendrik VanLeuven87–2A
Smurfette is unsatisfied with the new dress made by Tailor, so she buys an enchanted Gypsy dress from Gargamel that can tell the future.
Papa gives Harmony an amulet that greatly improves his singing, but Hogatha captures him.
20020"Papa for a Day"Reed RobbinsOctober 31, 1987 (1987-10-31)87–12A6.69[48]
"Flighty's Plight"Ernie Contreras87–4E
The Smurfs take turns being Papa.
Brainy teaches Flighty about making decisions. However, Lord Balthazar captures Sassette, Brainy, and Hefty. So Flighty has to save them.
20121"To Coin a Smurf"Story by : Charles M. Howell, IV
Teleplay by : Frances Novier
October 31, 1987 (1987-10-31)87–9B7.38[48]
"Smurfette Unmade"Story by : Alan Burnett and Bill Matheny
Teleplay by : Bill Matheny and Reed Robbins
Gargamel turns Sassette, Grandpa, and Brainy into gold coins.
Gargamel makes Smurfette evil again.
20222"Foul Feather Fiend"Reed RobbinsNovember 7, 1987 (1987-11-07)87–12E5.35[49]
"Sassette's Hive"87–6B
Gargamel turns himself into a bird to infiltrate the Smurf village, but the Smurflings think that he is a mother of a bird.
Grandpa and the Smurflings visit the bees in a faraway land, but the evil wasps attacks them. Sassette leads a hive on an operation to save Grandpa, Nat, Slouchy, and the captured bees.
20323"Little Big Smurf"Hendrik VanLeuvenNovember 7, 1987 (1987-11-07)87–6E6.74[49]
"Locomotive Smurfs"Bill Matheny and Mark Seidenberg87–4A
Snappy enlarges himself and becomes bigger.
Handy makes a train.
20424"A Long Tale for Grandpa"Story by : Glenn Leopold and Ernie Contreras
Teleplay by : Ernie Contreras
November 7, 1987 (1987-11-07)87–5B7.47[49]
"Where the Wild Smurfs Are"Story by : Bill Matheny and Evelyn A-R Gabai
Teleplay by : Evelyn A-R Gabai
Insects attacks the village, so Grandpa uses his magic balloon and travels to Thunder Island with some of the Smurfs to find the only thunder tree in the world. But the population of that island isn’t very happy with that.
Hogatha captures squirrels for a special hair formula.
20525"The Magic Sack of Mr. Nicholas"Tom Spath and Alan BurnettNovember 14, 1987 (1987-11-14)87–12B5.48[50]
"Swapping Smurfs"Sean Catherine Derek87–3B
Chlorhydris steals Mr. Nicholas's magic sack to bring sadness in the world. Grouchy gets a little of Christmas spirit when he must rescue the sack after Scruple wants it for himself.
Lazy finds a swapping well than can turn old stuff with better stuff, but a wizard inside the well puts the Smurfs under his spell except for Lazy, Sassette, and Papa.
20626"Predictable Smurfs"Jeff O'Hare and Glenn LeopoldNovember 14, 1987 (1987-11-14)87–6A6.87[50]
"Hefty's Rival"Bill Matheny87–3C
Gargamel sets a time trap for ruining the regatta, but the regatta is delayed by Clumsy.
Hefty gets jealous of how Wild becomes a greater athlete than him.
20727"Snappy's Puppet"Frances NovierNovember 14, 1987 (1987-11-14)87–13A7.65[50]
"Prince Smurf"Story by : David Geffner and Reed Robbins
Teleplay by : David Geffner
Snappy makes his puppet come to life.
Hefty is forced to marry a princess after he rescues her.
20828"Return to Don Smurfo"Sean Catherine DerekNovember 21, 1987 (1987-11-21)87–6D5.51[51]
One of Papa Smurf's spells spill onto a Don Smurfo storybook, bringing him to life.
20929"Skyscraper Smurfs"Sean Catherine DerekNovember 21, 1987 (1987-11-21)87–1D6.85[51]
"Bad Luck Smurfs"Mark McClellan and Frances Novier87–7C
Handy and Architect Smurf build a smurfominium in a tree. All of the Smurfs move in and problems quickly grow. Architech fells guilty of what has he done, and they return to the village.
Gargamel captures Lady Luck and uses the wheel of chance to give the Smurfs bad luck.
21030"Smurfing Out of Time"Story by : Sean Catherine Derek and Bill Matheny
Teleplay by : Reed Robbins
November 21, 1987 (1987-11-21)87–10D7.65[51]
"A Hole in Smurf"Story by : John Bonaccorsi and Tom Spath
Teleplay by : Tom Spath
The Smurflings accidentally pull the plug out of the River of Time, rapidly speeding up time.
The Smurfs invent golfing and forget about repairing the bridge.
21131"Smurf Pet"Story by : Glenn Leopold and Ernie Contreras
Teleplay by : Ernie Contreras
November 28, 1987 (1987-11-28)87–13B5.38[52]
"Timber Smurf"Sean Catherine Derek and Richard Fogel87–1A
The Smurflings sneak a Nebbit into the village for a pet, but after troubles involving Greedy and Painter, they change their mind. Later, Scruple steals the Nebbit to try to win a science fair, but the Smurflings saves the Nebbit.
The Smurfs visit Timber after their bridge is destroyed.
21232"The Smurf Who Could Do No Wrong"Alan Burnett and Fred KronNovember 28, 1987 (1987-11-28)87–12D6.79[52]
"Smurfette's Lucky Star"Ernie Contreras87–3A
Homnibus gives Clumsy the Do No Wrong charm, making him do everything perfectly.
Smurfette's lucky star falls to the ground with only one wish left before her light goes out.
21333"The Smurfy Verdict"Story by : Sean Catherine Derek
Teleplay by : Terrie Collins
November 28, 1987 (1987-11-28)87–11D7.63[52]
"Chlorhydris's Lost Love"John Bonaccorsi and Alan Burnett87–4B
Brainy puts Clumsy on trial for losing Baby during a picnic.
Chlorhydris switches Cupid's arrows with hate arrows, resulting the Smurfs being evil again. Vanity and Sassette must help Chlorhydris of saving her lost love trapped in stone.
21434"Stop & Go Smurfs"Therese NaugleDecember 5, 1987 (1987-12-05)87–4D5.37[53]
"Poet the Know-It-All"N/A87–7E
Upon Painter's request, Papa Smurf enchants Greedy's dinner bell with an immobilizing spell. But the bell is found and taken by a little girl.
Poet receives an amulet that tells the future, but Lord Balthazar is looking after it.
21535"All the News That's Fit to Smurf"Jack HudockDecember 5, 1987 (1987-12-05)87–3E7.33[53]
Reporter Smurf uses Handy's printing press to distribute his newspapers.
21636"Gargamel's Quest"Story by : Alan Burnett, Ron Campbell, and Hendrik VanLeuven
Teleplay by : Hendrik VanLeuven
December 5, 1987 (1987-12-05)87–12C7.66[53]
"Gargamel's Second Childhood"Fred Kron87–7D
Jokey uses a series of pranks to chase Gargamel away from the village. The village is exposed for a short time that night, but Jokey saves the day once again.
Gargamel switches ages with Scruple and befriends the Smurflings.

Season 8 (1988)

No. in
TitleWritten byStory byOriginal air dateProd.
code [4]
2171"Lost Smurf"Reed RobbinsGlenn Leopold, Sean Catherine Derek, Kevin Hopps, Bill Matheny, and Ernie ContrerasSeptember 10, 1988 (1988-09-10)88–1B
Grandpa goes to Castle Captor to save Nanny Smurf.
2182"Archives of Evil"Reed Robbins and Ernie ContrerasErnie Contreras, Sean Catherine Derek, and Bill MathenySeptember 10, 1988 (1988-09-10)88–12B
Nemesis breaks into the Archives of Evil and uses its magic to steal the Smurfs' long-life stone.
2193"Bigmouth's Roommate"Charles M. Howell, IVGlenn Leopold and Ernie ContrerasSeptember 17, 1988 (1988-09-17)88–8A
"Bungling Babysitters"Teleplay by : Kristina MazzottiSean Catherine Derek, Ernie Contreras, and Kristina Mazzotti88–6A
Scruple moves in with Bigmouth after Gargamel kicks him out of his house.
Hogatha captures Baby due to the stupidity of Handy, Brainy, and Greedy.
2204"Clockwork's Powerplay"Reed RobbinsGlenn Leopold, Bill Matheny, Sean Catherine Derek, and Reed RobbinsSeptember 17, 1988 (1988-09-17)88–3A
"Clumsy in Command"Teleplay by : Ernie Contreras and Therese NaugleKevin Hopps, Reed Robbins, Sean Catherine Derek, and Patsy Cameron88–13
Clockwork suffers a powerplay after being struck by lightning.
Clumsy and Brainy form hike teams to race to Mt. Majestic and back.
2215"Don Smurfo's Uninvited Guests"Reed RobbinsSean Catherine Derek, Reed Robbins, and Kristina MazzottiSeptember 24, 1988 (1988-09-24)88–11
Brainy, Nanny, and Snappy get sucked into Don Smurfo's storybook, and they will disappear forever after the last page.
2226"Denisa's Greedy Doll"Teleplay by : John BonaccorsiGlenn Leopold and Evelyn A-R GabaiSeptember 24, 1988 (1988-09-24)88–10A
"Denisa's Slumber Party"Teleplay by : Ernie ContrerasBill Matheny, Charles M. Howell, IV, and Evelyn A-R Gabai88–12A
Gargamel steals Greedy's apron and puts it on Denisa's doll and makes it a voodoo doll that controls Greedy.
Sassette tries to act like an adult, but fails. Later, Sassette finds Denisa suffering after her mom invited the Grackle sisters for a slumber party at Balthazar's castle. Sassette consoles Denisa of how she was treated by her fellow Smurfs. Denisa happily invites Sassette to Balthazar's castle for the party, but this was rejected by Papa, so she sneaks away. Gargamel is watching over the castle that night, while Papa, Smurfette, and the Smurflings go to retrieve Sassette back, after she disobeyed him for not going to Denisa’s party.
2237"Grandpa's Nemesis"Ernie ContrerasGlenn Leopold, Sean Catherine Derek, Kevin Hopps, and Bill MathenyOctober 1, 1988 (1988-10-01)88–3A
"Grandpa's Walking Stick"Reed Robbins88–14
Mother Nature's Earth wand breaks, causing quakes throughout the land. The Smurfs don't believe Grandpa when he tells them that he keeps seeing his old enemy Nemesis. But when he reappears, they do believe him and tells them to hide the long-life stone.
While teaching Wild for surviving his fear, Brainy accidentally breaks Grandpa's walking stick and sends the Smurflings to the enchanted forest to find a replacement.
2248"A House for Nanny"Sean Catherine Derek and Glenn LeopoldSean Catherine Derek, Glenn Leopold, and Kevin HoppsOctober 1, 1988 (1988-10-01)88–10B
Smurfette and Nanny go on a quest for a house warming plant while the rest of the Smurfs build her a house.
2259"It's a Smurfy Life"Reed Robbins(uncredited)October 8, 1988 (1988-10-08)88–N/A
"Land of Lost and Found"Glenn Leopold and Kevin HoppsKevin Hopps, Glenn Leopold, and Reed Robbins88–2B
Brainy unintentionally maltfuctions Handy's heater and snow plow machines. Handy runs away after the Smurfs think that it was his fault.
The Lord of Lost and Found gives back Papa Smurf's telescope in exchange for Brainy's memory, Handy's handiness, and Hefty's strength.
22610"Long Live Brainy"Teleplay by : Earl KressKevin Hopps, Reed Robbins, and Earl KressOctober 8, 1988 (1988-10-08)88–4C
Brainy becomes king of the Trockles.
22711"A Maze of Mirrors"Teleplay by : Morgan AverillBill MathenyOctober 15, 1988 (1988-10-15)88–1C
Vanity ventures into the Mansion of Mirrors. Reflection copies of Vanity follow him out of the mansion.
22812"Memory Melons"Teleplay by : John BonaccorsiGlenn Leopold and Scott ShawOctober 15, 1988 (1988-10-15)88–4B
"Nanny's Way"Reed RobbinsGlenn Leopold and Kevin Hopps88–9
Papa Smurf and Homnibus create a memory melon to help Selwyn tell Tallulah how he feels about her, making things even worse.
Nanny tries to help the Smurfs with their duties but only gets in the way, so she runs away.
22913"Pappy's Puppy"Earl Kress, Sharon Painter, and Sean Catherine DerekGlenn Leopold and Sharon PainterOctober 22, 1988 (1988-10-22)88–5A
"Shutterbug Smurfs"Ernie ContrerasKevin Hopps and Ernie Contreras88–1A
Sassette is angry at Snappy, Slouchy, and Nat for not playing with their stuff, so she spends her time with Puppy, making the Smurflings sad. Later, Puppy loses his memory after a fall. Gargamel trains him to be a Smurf catcher, but Puppy's memory returned thanks to Sassette.
Handy invents the first Smurf camera, making Painter jealous that pictures can be created so quickly.
23014"Smoogle Sings the Blues"Therese NaugleGlenn Leopold and Bill MathenyOctober 22, 1988 (1988-10-22)88–N/A
"A Smurf for Denisa"Ernie ContrerasGlenn Leopold, Sean Catherine Derek, Kevin Hopps, Bill Matheny, and Evelyn A-R Gabai88–6B
Chlorhydris captures Smoogle and the bluebird of happiness and turns it into the raven of unhappiness, and it’s up to Grouchy to saves the day.
Sassette and Denisa meet for the first time and become best friends.
23115"Smurf the Presses"Craig Miller and Mark NelsonBill Matheny and Ernie ContrerasOctober 29, 1988 (1988-10-29)88–4A
Reporter tries to find something new about Gargamel to write.
23216"Stealing Grandpa's Thunder"Teleplay by : John BonaccorsiGlenn Leopold and Kevin HoppsOctober 29, 1988 (1988-10-29)88–2A
Grandpa fears Nanny will take his place as storyteller with her better memory. Meanwhile, Wild tries to save the animals for the Stalker, but he and Grandpa get captured by the Stalker.

Season 9 (1989)

No. in
TitleWritten byStory byOriginal air dateProd.
2331"The Smurfs That Time Forgot" (Act 1–2)Act 1: Reed Robbins, Glenn Leopold, and Sean Catherine DerekGlenn Leopold, Sean Catherine Derek, Ernie Contreras, and Reed RobbinsSeptember 9, 1989 (1989-09-09)901
Act 2: Glenn Leopold and Sean Catherine Derek
A group of Smurfs travel back in time to return a baby dinosaur to his home.
234a2a"Lost in the Ages"Glenn Leopold and Sean Catherine DerekGlenn Leopold, Sean Catherine Derek, Ernie Contreras, and Reed RobbinsSeptember 9, 1989 (1989-09-09)902a
The Smurfs must save Clumsy from Grog the evil caveman.
234b2b"Cave Smurfs"Ernie Contreras, Glenn Leopold, and Sean Catherine DerekGlenn Leopold, Sean Catherine Derek, Ernie Contreras, and Reed RobbinsSeptember 9, 1989 (1989-09-09)902b
A mother bird thinks Greedy is his son while the real baby bird thinks Brainy is his "shmama".
235a3a"Hogapatra's Beauty Sleep"Kristina Mazzotti and Ernie ContrerasGlenn Leopold, Sean Catherine Derek, Ernie Contreras, and Reed RobbinsSeptember 16, 1989 (1989-09-16)903b
Hogapatra steals Lazy's pillow for her beauty sleep.
235b3b"Mummy Dearest"Reed RobbinsGlenn Leopold, Sean Catherine Derek, Ernie Contreras, and Reed RobbinsSeptember 16, 1989 (1989-09-16)904
Pharaon servant Gargotec steals a jewel from a mummy while Brainy gets sun burned.
2364"Shamrock Smurfs"Kristina Mazzotti and Glenn LeopoldGlenn Leopold, Sean Catherine Derek, Ernie Contreras, and Reed RobbinsSeptember 16, 1989 (1989-09-16)903a
Greedy turns into a leprechaun after eating shamrock stew.
237a5a"Karate Clumsy"Dean StefanGlenn Leopold, Sean Catherine Derek, Ernie Contreras, and Reed RobbinsSeptember 23, 1989 (1989-09-23)917b
The Master Mouse teaches Clumsy karate so he can save his friends from the Ninja Rat.
237b5b"Like It or Smurf It"Therese NaugleGlenn Leopold, Sean Catherine Derek, Ernie Contreras, and Reed RobbinsSeptember 23, 1989 (1989-09-23)913a
Brainy invents a new game called "like it or Smurf it" and everyone likes it. But it goes too far when they find dangerous challenges for Hefty.
2386"Papa's Big Snooze"Gordon Bressack and Sean Catherine DerekGlenn Leopold, Sean Catherine Derek, Ernie Contreras, and Reed RobbinsSeptember 23, 1989 (1989-09-23)918
Papa is bitten by a slumber bug and falls into a deep sleep, so the Smurfs go on a expedition to save him.
239a7a"A Fish Called Snappy"Sharon PainterGlenn Leopold, Sean Catherine Derek, Ernie Contreras, and Reed RobbinsSeptember 30, 1989 (1989-09-30)915a
A water sprite turns Snappy into a fish while the ship of hungry fishermen arrives.
239b7b"The Smurf Odyssey"Ernie Contreras and John BonaccorsiGlenn Leopold, Sean Catherine Derek, Ernie Contreras, and Reed RobbinsSeptember 30, 1989 (1989-09-30)906
Sassette leads a quest to help a young boy to become a god.
2408"Trojan Smurfs"Craig Miller, Mark Nelson, and Ernie ContrerasGlenn Leopold, Sean Catherine Derek, Ernie Contreras, and Reed RobbinsSeptember 30, 1989 (1989-09-30)905b
A spoiled princess takes Smurfette as her doll.
241a9a"Fortune Cookie"Therese NaugleGlenn Leopold, Sean Catherine Derek, Ernie Contreras, and Reed RobbinsOctober 7, 1989 (1989-10-07)911b
Brainy attempts to write his own fortune cookies for the Smurfs but Jokey replaces them with his fortunes.
241b9b"Imperial Panda-Monium"Sean Catherine Derek, John Loy, and John LudinGlenn Leopold, Sean Catherine Derek, Ernie Contreras, and Reed RobbinsOctober 7, 1989 (1989-10-07)912
Snappy wanders away from the Smurfs to find a young emperor in danger by his cousins.
24210"Smurfette's Green Thumb"Kristina Mazzotti and Glenn LeopoldGlenn Leopold, Sean Catherine Derek, Ernie Contreras, and Reed RobbinsOctober 7, 1989 (1989-10-07)905a
A talking flower pricks Smurfette’s thumb and everytime she touches something becomes a flower.
24311"Hefty Sees a Serpent"Meg McLaughlin and Sean Catherine DerekGlenn Leopold, Sean Catherine Derek, Ernie Contreras, and Reed RobbinsOctober 14, 1989 (1989-10-14)915b
No one believes Hefty when he has seen a serpent in the Scotland lake except for the evil Angus McGarg.
244a12a"Phantom Bagpiper"Sharon Painter and Sean Catherine DerekGlenn Leopold, Sean Catherine Derek, Ernie Contreras, and Reed RobbinsOctober 14, 1989 (1989-10-14)916
Smurfette helps a bagpipe playing ghost retrieve his stolen pony from his evil neighbor by competing as a horse jockey in a race against the neighbor.
244b12b"Jungle Jitterbug"Kristina Mazzotti and Glenn LeopoldGlenn Leopold, Sean Catherine Derek, Ernie Contreras, and Reed RobbinsOctober 14, 1989 (1989-10-14)921b
Vanity catches the jungle jitterbug and he can't stop dancing.
245a13a"The Clumsy Genie"Fred Kron and Glenn LeopoldGlenn Leopold, Sean Catherine Derek, Ernie Contreras, Reed Robbins, John Loy, and John LudinOctober 21, 1989 (1989-10-21)910
Clumsy falls into a genie lamp, allowing the real genie to flee, so it’s up to Brainy, Smurfette, and Vanity to get the genie back into his lamp.
245b13b"Scary Smurfs"Reed Robbins and Dick RobbinsGlenn Leopold, Sean Catherine Derek, Ernie Contreras, and Reed RobbinsOctober 21, 1989 (1989-10-21)924b
The Smurfs get turned into monsters after nibbling on a gingerbread house in Germany.
24614"Sky High Surprise"Tom Spath and Reed RobbinsGlenn Leopold, Sean Catherine Derek, Ernie Contreras, and Reed RobbinsOctober 21, 1989 (1989-10-21)909b
The time crystals are stolen from a band of babies with flying carpets, so Jokey must retrieve or they will be lost forever.
24715"Gnoman Holiday"Ernie Contreras and John BonaccorsiGlenn Leopold, Sean Catherine Derek, Ernie Contreras, and Reed Robbin’sOctober 28, 1989 (1989-10-28)908
Smurfette is forced to marry a prince in the gnome version of Rome unless Brainy wins a gladiator fight.
248a16a"Greedy's Masterpizza"Teleplay by : Kristina Mazzotti and Ernie ContrerasErnie Contreras and Kelly AumierOctober 28, 1989 (1989-10-28)907b
Greedy helps an Italian cook to bake the greatest pizza ever when his recipe is stolen by Gargensole.
248b16b"The Monumental Grouch"Sean Catherine Derek and Meg McLaughlinGlenn Leopold, Sean Catherine Derek, Ernie Contreras, and Reed RobbinsOctober 28, 1989 (1989-10-28)907a
Painter’s statue of Grouchy comes to life and follows Grouchy around.
24917"Curried Smurfs"Dean Stefan, Glenn Leopold, and Sean Catherine DerekGlenn Leopold, Sean Catherine Derek, Ernie Contreras, and Reed RobbinsNovember 4, 1989 (1989-11-04)926
Wild, Grandpa, and Jokey are captured by Gargapuri and wants to sold them as exotic animals.
250a18a"G'Day Smoogle"Dean Stefan and Ernie ContrerasGlenn Leopold, Sean Catherine Derek, Ernie Contreras, and Reed RobbinsNovember 4, 1989 (1989-11-04)917a
Smoogle finds more of his kind in Australia and now he has to save them with his new power.
250b18b"Grandpa's Fountain of Youth"Teleplay by : Dean StefanGlenn Leopold, Sean Catherine Derek, Ernie Contreras, Reed Robbins, and Dean StefanNovember 4, 1989 (1989-11-04)921a
Grandpa gets affected by the fountain of youth and Sassette must take care of him.
251a19a"Big Shot Smurfs"Kristina Mazzotti and Glenn LeopoldGlenn Leopold, Sean Catherine Derek, Ernie Contreras, and Reed RobbinsNovember 11, 1989 (1989-11-11)919b
Brainy and Greedy find themselves on the opposite sides of a island of mini vikings.
251b19b"No Reflection on Vanity"Sharon Painter and Reed RobbinsGlenn Leopold, Sean Catherine Derek, Ernie Contreras, and Reed RobbinsNovember 11, 1989 (1989-11-11)925a
In Antarctica, a penguin takes Vanity’s mirror, so Vanity tries to find his reflection in everything.
252a20a"Papa Loses His Patience"Tom Spath and Sean Catherine DerekGlenn Leopold, Sean Catherine Derek, Ernie Contreras, and Reed RobbinsNovember 11, 1989 (1989-11-11)919a
Papa’s patience ends up on El Gargo, thanks to Brainy.
252b20b"Swashbuckling Smurfs"Teleplay by : Gordon BressackGlenn Leopold, Sean Catherine Derek, Ernie Contreras, and Reed RobbinsNovember 11, 1989 (1989-11-11)920
A parrot pirate unearths the clamulet and puts some Smurfs under his spell.
253a21a"Painter's Egg-Cellent Adventure"Fred Kron and Glenn LeopoldGlenn LeopoldNovember 18, 1989 (1989-11-18)922
Painter must get a magic chicken in Russia to start laying painted eggs again.
253b21b"Small Minded Smurfs"Fred KronGlenn Leopold, Sean Catherine Derek, Ernie Contreras, and Reed RobbinsNovember 18, 1989 (1989-11-18)909a
A jungle man shrinks the Smurfs’ heads, so Clumsy and his new friend monkey Chimpy must find the antidote.
254a22a"Bananas Over Hefty"Glenn Leopold, Reed Robbins, and Ernie ContrerasGlenn Leopold, Sean Catherine Derek, Ernie Contreras, and Reed RobbinsNovember 18, 1989 (1989-11-18)913b
An orangutan falls in love with Hefty and takes him along with the time crystals.
254b22b"The Smurfs of the Round Table"Reed Robbins and Sean Catherine DerekGlenn Leopold, Sean Catherine Derek, Ernie Contreras, and Reed RobbinsNovember 18, 1989 (1989-11-18)914
Evil witch Morgan le Fay attacks Camelot, steals Excalibur, and makes a real destruction there, so it’s up to the Smurfs to defeat her.
255a23a"Wild Goes Cuckoo"Kristina Mazzotti and Ernie ContrerasKristina Mazzotti, Glenn Leopold, Ernie Contreras, and Reed RobbinsDecember 2, 1989 (1989-12-02)925b
After Wild releases a cuckoo from a cuckoo clock that stops time, the man that owns the clock uses Wild as a replacement.
255b23b"Brainy's Beastly Boo-Boo"Dean Stefan and Sean Catherine DerekReed Robbins and Sean Catherine DerekDecember 2, 1989 (1989-12-02)924a
Brainy steals a magic powder and accidentally turns himself, Snappy, Sassette, Baby and two kids from Africa into animals.
256a24a"The Golden Rhino"Glenn Leopold, Sean Catherine Derek, and Reed Robbins(uncredited)December 2, 1989 (1989-12-02)923
Handy and Clumsy help a young boy rescue his golden horned rhino from a greedy trader.
256b24b"Hearts 'N' Smurfs"Teleplay by : Fred KronReed Robbins, Glenn Leopold, Ernie Contreras, Bill Matheny, and Sean Catherine DerekDecember 2, 1989 (1989-12-02)911a
Hefty, Clumsy, and Brainy try to help Cupid spread love, but Brainy is captured by Van Garg and starts spread nastiness instead.


No.TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
S01"Here Comes the Smurfs"TBDTBD1980 (1980)000
An hour-long special that aired the episodes "The Smurfette", "Supersmurf", and "The Baby Smurf", with new wrap-arounds featuring Papa Smurf telling the stories.[54]
S02"The Smurfs Springtime Special"Gerard BaldwinStory by : Peyo and Yvan Delporte; Teleplay by: Len Janson and Chuck MenvilleApril 8, 1982 (1982-04-08)127
Gargamel plots to capture six of the Smurfs for making gold by putting a spell on Mother Nature and freezing their forest.[54]
S03"The Smurfs Christmas
Gerard BaldwinStory by : Gerard Baldwin, Peyo, and Yvan Delporte
Teleplay by : Len Janson and Chuck Menville
December 12, 1982 (1982-12-12)223
Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year for everyone on Earth to celebrate, including humans and Smurfs alike. But when a more dangerous enemy than Gargamel arrives, the only thing that can defeat this evil power is a power greater than any power: the power of love.[54]
S04"My Smurfy Valentine"Gerard BaldwinStory by : Peyo, Yvan Delporte, Len Janson, Chuck Menville, and Gerard Baldwin
Teleplay by : Len Janson and Chuck Menville
February 13, 1983 (1983-02-13)224
On Valentine's Day, Smurfette's letter to Cupid to ask him for her very own Prince Smurfing is intercepted by wizards Gargamel and Chlorhydris, who Cupid accidentally made them madly falling in love with one another.[55]
S05"The Smurfic Games"Gerard BaldwinStory by : Peyo and Yvan Delporte; Teleplay by: Patsy Cameron and Tedd AnastiMay 20, 1984 (1984-05-20)331
The Smurfs engage in athletic competition to settle a dispute between both ends of the village over misquoted compound words, which turns deadly when the medal Clumsy is awarded actually causes an earthquake.[54]
S06"Smurfily Ever After"Gerard BaldwinPatsy Cameron and Tedd Anasti (story + teleplay)February 13, 1985 (1985-02-13)429
Smurfette contemplates who she would like to marry someday while the Smurfs help prepare for the wedding of Laconia and Woody. However, one of the invites’s letters (Mother Nature’s one) ends up on Gargamel, who plots on ruining the wedding.[54]
S07"'Tis the Season to Be
Ray PattersonGlenn LeopoldDecember 13, 1987 (1987-12-13)729
Wild is going to celebrate his first Christmas with the Smurfs, but Grandpa Smurf and Sassette want to make this the most beautiful Christmas ever by helping a old couple while tracking down a thief in the process.[56]


  1. ^ This episode is labeled in-between #83–6F ("Harmony Steals the Show") and #83–7 ("Lumbering Smurfs").


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