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The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe

The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe is a 2015 American made-for-TV drama film on Marilyn Monroe. It stars Kelli Garner, Susan Sarandon, Emily Watson, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Eva Amurri Martino and was first aired on Lifetime on May 30 and May 31, 2015. The (two-hour forty-seven minute) miniseries is based on The New York Times bestseller of the same name by J. Randy Taraborrelli. It has been nominated for 3 Creative Arts Emmy Awards [1]

The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe
Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe Poster.jpg
Genre Drama
Based on The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe book by J. Randy Taraborrelli
Screenplay by Stephen Kronish (teleplay)
Directed by Laurie Collyer
Starring Kelli Garner
Susan Sarandon
Emily Watson
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Composer(s) David Carbonara
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of episodes 2
Executive producer(s) Stephen Kronish
Damien Ganczewski
Keri Selig
Jonathan Koch
Steven Michaels
Producer(s) Joseph Boccia
Don Carmody
David Cormican
Location(s) Ontario, Canada
Cinematography Christopher Manley
Editor(s) Ron Wisman
Ron Wisman Jr.
Running time 84 minutes
Production company(s) Intuition Productions
Asylum Entertainment
Original network Lifetime
Original release May 30 – May 31, 2015 (2015-05-31)
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A chronicle of Marilyn Monroe's family life, her relationship with her mother, Gladys Baker, and how she succeeded in hiding her most intimate secrets from the press and an invasive world.


Main charactersEdit

Supporting charactersEdit

  • Eva Amurri Martino as Young Gladys Monroe Mortenson
  • Gloria Gruber as Ida Bolender, Marilyn's caretaker as a child, also called "aunt"
  • Angela Vint as Pat Newcomb, Marilyn's publicist
  • Vickie Papavs as Mrs. Murray, Marilyn's housekeeper
  • Morgan Kelly as Tom Kelly, photographer
  • Michael Rash as Billy Wilder, Marilyn's director
  • Norm Owen as Richard Sherman
  • Neil Crone as Don Lyon
  • Jeff Kassel as Dr. Ennis, Gladys' doctor
  • Sarah Booth as Mrs. Kelly
  • Carolina Bartczak as Phyllis
  • Lindsay G Merrithew as the Beverly Hill Physician
  • Ella Allan as young Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jeane)
  • Mia Allan as young Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jeane)


The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe garnered mixed reviews. Keith Ulrich of The Hollywood Reporter writes, "There's little that's surprising or inspired in Lifetime's two-part miniseries about iconic Hollywood celebrity Marilyn Monroe."[2] While, Brian Lowry of Variety writes, "What sets this latest rehash of the star's existence apart, marginally, is a knockout performance by Kelli Garner and, to a lesser degree, Susan Sarandon's turn as her mentally disturbed mother."[3] A positive review by Jordan Appugliesi of US Weekly states, "Surprise! It's Actually Good."[4]


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