The Secret: Suster Ngesot Urban Legend

The Secret: Suster Ngesot Urban Legend is an Indonesian horror film released in 2019.[1] The film was directed by Arie Azis, and stars Nagita Slavina, Marshanda, Kanaya Gleadys, and Raffi Ahmad. The film is a complete and continuing story of the novel of the same name released on February 9, 2018. Utopia's song 'Antara Ada dan Tiada' was chosen as the soundtrack for the film, and was sung by Nagita Slavina and Marshanda.

The Secret: Suster Ngesot Urban Legend
Poster The Secret.png
Poster film
Directed byRaffi Ahmad
Arie Azis
Written byDemas Garin
Talitha Tan
Produced byRaffi Ahmad
StarringNagita Slavina
Kanaya Gleadys
Raffi Ahmad
Roy Marten
Tyas Mirasih
Kartika Putri
Wika Salim
Lia Waode
Gisella Anastasia
CinematographyZeta Alfa Maphilindo
Edited byIlham Adinatha
Music byYusuf Patawari
Zoopry Pebrian
Joseph S Djafar
RA Pictures
Distributed byRA Pictures
Release date
26 April 2018 (Indonesia)

The film was released on April 26, 2018.


Returning from studying in Melbourne, Australia, Kanaya (Nagita Slavina) is surprised to find out that her father (Roy Marten) has married a woman named Sofie (Tyas Mirasih) 2 months prior of her return. Sofie turns out to be the same age as Kanaya as well. She decides to leave, but soon has an accident that results in being taken to a haunted hospital for treatment. From there, Kanaya begins to be terrorized by Suster Ngesot. With the onset of family conflicts and the terror of Suster Ngesot, Kanaya becomes depressed..


Main CharacterEdit

  • Nagita Slavina as Kanaya, a girl who returns home from abroad to find her father has remarried. This brings on a barrage of problems for Kanaya.
  • Raffi Ahmad as Teddy, Kanaya's ex-boyfriend, who still cares about her. After seeing Kanaya in trouble, he tries to help.
  • Kanaya Gleadys as Kemala, an indigo child who is considered strange by others but becomes Kanaya's best friend.
  • Marshanda as Suster Maryam/Marsha, Kemala's home schooling teacher, and Kanaya's close friend.
  • Roy Marten as Ridwan, Kanaya's father.
  • Tyas Mirasih as Sofie, Ridwan's young wife, the same age as Kanaya.
  • Kartika Putri as Putri, Kemala's yoga-trainer mother.
  • Wika Salim as Suster Asih, a beautiful junior nurse at the hospital where Kanaya is treated.
  • Lia Waode as Suster Yoyom, a nurse who works at the hospital where Kanaya is treated.
  • Merry Sadili as Dudung
  • Farida Pasha as Nenek
  • Nisya Ahmad as Mama Kanaya
  • Mikaela Atqia Rosadi as Kemala Kecil
  • Mongol Stres as Mantri Ismet
  • TJ [id] as Dokter Bertha
  • Caisar Putra Aditya as Satpam
  • Dede Sunandar as Paijo
  • Nunung as Ibu Paijo
  • Gisella Anastasia as Nicole

Theme SongEdit


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