The Sea (2002 film)

The Sea, (Icelandic: Hafið (About this soundpronunciation )), is a 2002 Icelandic film, directed by Baltasar Kormákur. The film tells the story of a wealthy Icelandic family, owners of a fish industry company in a small Icelandic coastal town, and various family issues they have to deal with.

The Sea
The VHS cover
Directed byBaltasar Kormákur
Written byOlafur Haukur Símonarson (play)
Baltasar Kormákur
StarringGunnar Eyjólfsson
Hilmir Snær Guðnason
Hélène de Fougerolles
Edited byValdís Óskarsdóttir
Release date
Running time
109 minutes
CountryIceland / France / Norway
LanguageIcelandic / Norwegian / English


The Sea was filmed almost entirely in and around Neskaupstaður.



The film won eight awards at the Edda Awards, Iceland in 2002 (Best Actor for Gunnar Eyjólfsson, Best Actress for Elva Ósk Ólafsdóttir, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor for Sigurður Skúlason, Best Supporting Actress for Herdís Þorvaldsdóttir, Film of the Year and Professional Category: Sound/Vision), where it was also nominated for 4 more awards. In the same year, it was nominated for the Nordic Council Film Prize and for the Golden Seashell at the San Sebastián International Film Festival. In 2003 it won the FIPRESCI Prize at the Istanbul International Film Festival, where it was also nominated for the Golden Tulip, and the Audience Award at the Tromsø International Film Festival in Norway.

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