The Scroll of the Dead

The Scroll of the Dead is a 1998 adventure mystery pastiche novel written by David Stuart Davies, featuring Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson as they investigate a theft from the British Museum with ties to the Black Arts.

The Scroll of the Dead
First edition
AuthorDavid Stuart Davies
CountryUnited Kingdom
GenreAdventure, Mystery
Published1998 (Calabash Press)
13 November 2009 (Titan Books)
Media typeNovel
ISBN1848564937 (first edition)

Plot edit

After Holmes and Watson attend a bogus seance to unmask a phony psychic, they are called upon to investigate a murder and the theft of a scroll from the British Museum. As it turns out, this is but the first key towards uncovering a mysterious Egyptian tomb, and within it, a papyrus that may hold the power of eternal life.

Reprints edit

Titan Books reprinted the book in 2009, under the title of The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Scroll of the Dead as part of its Further Adventures series, which collects a number of noted Holmesian pastiches.

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