The Satin Slipper

The Satin Slipper (Le Soulier de satin) is a long play by the French dramatist and poet Paul Claudel. It was written in 1929, but first performed on stage in 1943. Its run time is roughly eleven hours. Today it is rarely staged because of its extreme length and its challenging production requirements. It was made into a film in 1985 by the Portuguese director Manoel de Oliveira.

The scene is set during the Renaissance at the time of the conquistadors. The play is a love story dominated by the ideas of sin and redemption and the various characters, some divine and some comic, frequently engage in a dialogue as though between Heaven and Earth.

Full-length productions were staged in Paris and the Avignon Festival and most recently by Olivier Py at the Théâtre de l'Odéon in Paris in 2009.

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