The Sailors of Kronstadt

The Sailors of Kronstadt (Russian: Мы из Кронштадта) is a 1936 Soviet drama war film directed by Efim Dzigan.[2][3][4][5]

The Sailors of Kronstadt
The Sailors of Kronstadt Russian poster.jpg
Russian poster
Russian: Мы из Кронштадта
Directed byEfim Dzigan
Written byVsevolod Vishnevskiy
CinematographyNaum Naumov-Strazh
Release date
20 March 1936[1]
Running time
91 min.
CountrySoviet Union


The film tells about the confrontation of the sailors of the Baltic Fleet and the Yudenich formations, which besiege Petrograd.



Writing for The Spectator in 1937, Graham Greene gave the film a good review, characterizing it as being "in the tradition of boys' stories, full of last charges and fights to the death, heroic sacrifices and narrow escapes, all superbly directed", and summarizing it as an "unusual mixture of poetry and heroics". Identifying moments of humour and pathos, Greene claimed that a Fordian poetic sense (i.e. not melodic arrangement, but moral composition) had thoroughly "impregnated" the film "from the first shot to the last", and that the writing resonated with Chekhov's definition of the novelist's purpose, "life as it is: life as it ought to be".[7] Greene would return several months later to re-review the film for Night and Day where he again claimed that it was "the best film to be seen in London". Describing the film as somewhat propagandistic, Greene noted that "what makes the film immeasurably superior to its rivals is the strain of adult poetry, the sense of human beings longing for peace".[8]


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