The Rough Guide to the Music of Central America

The Rough Guide to the Music of Central America is a world music compilation album originally released in 2001. Part of the World Music Network Rough Guides series,[1] it has been described as the first comprehensive CD collection of Central American music.[2] The album contains five tracks from Belize, three each from Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica, two from Panama, and one from Guatemala. The compilation was compiled by Daniel Rosenberg, co-ordinated by Duncan Baker and produced by Phil Stanton, co-founder of the World Music Network.[3][2]

The Rough Guide to the Music of Central America
Compilation album by
Various artists
Released25 September 2001
GenreWorld, Central American
LabelWorld Music Network
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The Rough Guide to the Music of Central America
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Thom Jurek of AllMusic gave the album four stars, calling the music a "revelation" and a "stunning wake-up call".[2] Robert Christgau was less enthusiastic, describing the album as leaning more toward Creole cultures than the "subcontinent" warranted.[4]

Track listingEdit

No.TitleArtist (Country)Length
1."Nagúara"Andy Palacio  0:42
2."Luna Llena"Guillermo Anderson  6:00
3."Balandria"Jursino Cayetano  3:57
4."Agosto Azul"Guadalupe Urbina  4:54
5."Lamiselu"Andy Palacio  3:28
6."Bilwi Luhpia Mairen"Philip Montalvan  4:51
7."Lugua Hama Lurudu"Lugua & The Larubeya Drummers  3:26
8."Por Esa Negra"Guillermo Anderson  4:12
9."Retorno"Rómulo Castro Y El Grupo Tuira  3:46
10."El Salvador"Carlos Mejia Godoy  4:42
11."Bihine Mi Bak Dehn Taak"Mr. Peters And His Boom & Chime  3:17
12."Fire"New Revelation  3:42
13."Wabouga"Lincoln Lewis  4:21
14."La Herencia Del Pela'o"Rómulo Castro Y El Grupo Tuira  4:36
15."El Negrito"Afro Caribe  4:11
16."Alaporio"Titiman Flores  4:49
17."Nicaragua Nicaragüita"Carlos Mejia Godoy  3:29
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic     [2]
Robert Christgau[4]**


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