The Robesonian is a newspaper published in Lumberton, North Carolina, Tuesday through Friday afternoon and Saturday and Sunday morning.

The Robesonian
Owner(s)Champion Media
Founder(s)W.S. McDiamid[1]
PublisherDenise Ward
EditorDonnie Douglas
Sports editorJonathan Bym
Founded1870 (1870)[1]
Headquarters2175 N. Roberts Ave., Lumberton, North Carolina, US
OCLC number10467669

The Robesonian traces its heritage back to 1870, when it was established by W.S. McDiamid, a Baptist preacher[2]. The Robesonian was previously owned by Heartland Publications. In 2012 Versa Capital Management merged Heartland Publications, Ohio Community Media, the former Freedom papers it had acquired, and Impressions Media into a new company, Civitas Media.[3] Civitas Media sold its properties in the Carolinas to Champion Media in 2017.[4]

Notable eventsEdit

The newspaper attracted national attention when on February 1, 1988, two Native Americans entered the newspaper's offices and armed[5] took twenty hostages.[6] The stand-off lasted ten hours; Timothy Jacobs and Eddie Hatcher[7] hoped to attract attention to the plight of American Indians, and later, after their arrest, had a local civil rights attorney deliver a letter to Mikhail Gorbachev in anticipation of a summit between Ronald Reagan and Gorbachev.[8]

The newspaper attracted more attention in August, 2018, when it stopped providing its 8-page Sunday color comics section.[9] An editorial on July 28, 2018 entitled "Trump’s newsprint tariffs force not-so-funny decision" blame the cost of newsprint from Canada, a target "in Trump's Tariff Wars."[10]

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