The Portrait (upcoming film)

The Portrait is a forthcoming film adaptation of Nikolai Gogol’s short story The Portrait, created by fine artists, directors/screenwriters/producers Anastasia Elena Baranoff and Elena Vladimir Baranoff.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7]

The Portrait
Directed byAnastasia Elena Baranoff
Elena Vladimir Baranoff
Screenplay byAnastasia Elena Baranoff
Elena Vladimir Baranoff
Based onThe Portrait by Nikolai Gogol
Produced byAnastasia Elena Baranoff
Elena Vladimir Baranoff
CinematographyJohn Lee
Music byKuzma Bodrov
Tempera Movement


In 19th century Imperial Saint Petersburg two stories interweave together around a mysterious portrait painting.

Gifted, starving young artist Andrei Chartkov is on the verge of perfecting his talent, only to be seduced by money mystically appearing in his life by the force of a lifelike portrait he accidentally stumbles upon in an art shop.

Beguiled by the luster of gold and the life that comes with it, he forsakes his ideals to become a fashionable painter.

Turning his back on professional integrity, Chartkov does everything he can to rise up in society, gaining great wealth and status, ultimately to suffer from jealous rage, realizing that his talent had been wasted for nothing.

The mysterious portrait is revealed to be the image of a Moneylender. Years before Chartkov, the Moneylender, on a quest for eternal existence, commissions a pious icon writer, to paint his very likeness.

Losing the life he knew, the icon writer goes on an emotional journey to cleanse himself of the influence of the portrait, living a life of a recluse.


The production features a UK and Russian cast and crew.


The film project was initiated in the summer of 2011 in Southern California, where the first pages of the screenplay were composed in the fine art studio of the film’s directors/screenwriters/producers Anastasia Elena Baranoff and Elena Vladimir Baranoff.

Nikolai Gogol’s mystical and emotionally stirring 19th-century short work of fiction The Portrait, with its expressive characters and creative plot, inspired the two fine artists to transform the story into a film.

The two wrote the screenplay, adding new characters and scenes to the story, all the while respectfully staying true to Gogol’s style.


The production has been granted unprecedented access to and shall film the entire feature inside historic interiors of estates, palaces and fine art museums in Russia.

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