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The Plot to Kill Hitler is a 1990 television film based on the July 20 plot by German High Command to kill Adolf Hitler in 1944. Brad Davis stars as Colonel Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg, who plants a bomb in the conference room of the Führer's headquarters in East Prussia.

The Plot to Kill Hitler
The Plot to Kill Hitler (1990 TV).png
Title card
Directed byLawrence Schiller
Produced byAlfred R. Kelman
Bernard Sofronski
Written bySteven Elkins
StarringBrad Davis
Ian Richardson
Michael Byrne
Rupert Graves
Helmut Griem
Music byLaurence Rosenthal
CinematographyFreddie Francis
Edited byBernard Gribble
Distributed byWarner Bros.
Release date
  • January 30, 1990 (1990-01-30)
Running time
89 minutes
CountryUnited States


Plot summaryEdit

Led by Army Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, several German High Command officers plan to assassinate Adolf Hitler and take control of the German government, with the ultimate intention of surrendering their country to the Allies. Stauffenberg manages to plant a bomb, hidden in his briefcase, in Hitler's battlefield headquarters. By sheer luck, Heinz Brandt unwittingly moves the briefcase slightly, and Hitler survives the subsequent blast. In the final hours of July 20, 1944, Stauffenberg, Lieutenant Werner von Haeften, General Friedrich Olbricht, Ludwig Beck, and Colonel Albrecht Mertz von Quirnheim are arrested and tried. Beck commits suicide, and the rest are taken to be executed. Stauffenberg declares "Long live the sacred Germany!" before being killed, and the others are also killed beside him within seconds.



The movie was filmed in the United States and Zagreb, Yugoslavia.

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